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Earth's Interior REVIEW + ASSESSMENT flashcards. Design of Physical Layer for Magnetic Field Area Network. Why did we change time in 1976. Dark Energy. Dark Universe | Transient Universe | Outer Solar System | Near Earth Objects | Milky Way | LSST Tour Dark Matter | Dark Energy | 3D mass Dark energy is a mysterious force that is accelerating the expansion of the universe.

Dark Energy

The expansion has slowed the clustering of dark matter, one of the universe's main building blocks. If we could measure the precise history of the Hubble expansion, and chart the development of mass structure, we could test theories of the physics of dark energy. Diffrent theories predict different scenarios. The LSST will enable scientists to study the dark energy in four different and complementary ways: Worldtruth. This may be old news to some, but for many it wont be.


A study published in the Journal of Archaeological Science in December of 2013 found that the earliest known (according to the study) iron artifacts that date back to circa 3200 BC, from two burials in northern Egypt were made from meteoritic iron, and shaped by careful hammering of the metal.(1) After hammering pieces into thin sheets before being rolled into tubes, the nine beads that were found were originally strung into a necklace with other materials like gold and gemstones.

Record Breaking Meteor Shower Could Light Up All of North America This Weekend. Beauty is directly intertwined with our biology.

Record Breaking Meteor Shower Could Light Up All of North America This Weekend

When looking at something beautiful, like the sunset or the ocean, our body releases various chemicals and we feel uplifted, we feel well, we are totally immersed in that particular moment and as a result we experience true joy. The great thing about looking at something beautiful, again, is that it puts you in all there really ever is, the now. Ask yourself, how many times a day do you live in the present moment? New Meteor Shower Friday Night: How to See It. Editor's Update (May 23): The live webcasts on for the new meteor shower from Comet 209P/LINEAR can be found here: Watch Live: Camelopardalid Meteor Shower Webcasts Meteor observation doesn't have to be rocket science: All you have to do is lie back in a comfortable place and look up at the sky with the naked eye.

New Meteor Shower Friday Night: How to See It

Every so often, a meteor will flit across the stars. You simply make a note on a clipboard or speak into a tape recorder. On Friday night and early Saturday morning (May 23-24), Earth will plow through debris shed over the years by Comet 209P/LINEAR. NASA Discovers Hidden Portals In Earth’s Magnetic Field. Our planet has come a long way in scientific breakthroughs and discoveries.

NASA Discovers Hidden Portals In Earth’s Magnetic Field

Mainstream science is beginning to discover new concepts of reality that have the potential to change our perception about our planet and the extraterrestrial environment that surrounds it forever. Star gates, wormholes, and portals have been the subject of conspiracy theories and theoretical physics for decades, but that is all coming to an end as we continue to grow in our understanding about the true nature of our reality.

Saturn’s collapsing magnetic tail causes aurorae. University of Leicester and other researchers have captured stunning images of Saturn’s aurorae as the planet’s magnetic field is battered by charged particles from the Sun.

Saturn’s collapsing magnetic tail causes aurorae

The team’s findings provide a “smoking gun” for the theory that Saturn’s auroral displays are often caused by the dramatic collapse of its “magnetic tail.” Just like comets, planets such as Saturn and Earth have a “tail” — known as the magnetotail — that is made up of electrified gas from the Sun and flows out in the planet’s wake. When a particularly strong burst of particles from the Sun hits Saturn, it can cause the magnetotail to collapse, with the ensuing disturbance of the planet’s magnetic field resulting in spectacular auroral displays.

A very similar process happens on Earth. 10 Mind-Bending Implications of the Many Worlds Theory. In quantum physics—the scientific study of the nature of physical reality—there is plenty of room for interpretation within the realm of what is known.

10 Mind-Bending Implications of the Many Worlds Theory

Another word for Mars is dust, says rover camera operator. ( —There's a four-letter word to describe conditions on Mars, and it's not pretty: Dust.

Another word for Mars is dust, says rover camera operator

It is everywhere and anywhere on Mars, and dust is a key component of Martian weather, says a Texas A&M University researcher who has spent much of the past nine years observing the Red Planet. Mark Lemmon, associate professor of atmospheric sciences, has served as a camera operator on numerous Mars missions, especially those involving the Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity. Spirit landed in 2004 and transmitted thousands of images back to Earth before it quietly expired in 2010, but its sister rover Opportunity is alive and well and still taking short trips and sending back plenty of photos, Lemmon says. He has published his findings describing 9 years of dusty weather in the current issue of Icarus, a planetary science journal. Ground breaking technique offers DNA 'Sat Nav' direct to your ancestor's home 1,000 years ago. Tracing where your DNA was formed over 1,000 years ago is now possible due to a revolutionary technique developed by a team of international scientists led by experts from the University of Sheffield.

Ground breaking technique offers DNA 'Sat Nav' direct to your ancestor's home 1,000 years ago

The ground breaking Geographic Population Structure (GPS) tool, created by Dr Eran Elhaik from the University of Sheffield's Department of Animal and Plant Sciences and Dr Tatiana Tatarinova from the University of Southern California, works similarly to a satellite navigation system as it helps you to find your way home, but not the one you currently live in – but rather your actual ancestor's home from 1,000 years ago. Previously, scientists have only been able to locate where your DNA was formed to within 700kms, which in Europe could be two countries away; however this pioneering technique has been 98 per cent successful in locating worldwide populations to their right geographic regions, and down to their village and island of origin.

Ask a Physicist Answers. -Asked by Heidi H. from Tacoma, Washington The CMS detector at the LHC during construction in 2007.Image Credit: µµ via flickr Here are three possible answers to your question:

Ask a Physicist Answers

Entire star cluster thrown out of its galaxy. ( —The galaxy known as M87 has a fastball that would be the envy of any baseball pitcher. It has thrown an entire star cluster toward us at more than two million miles per hour. The newly discovered cluster, which astronomers named HVGC-1, is now on a fast journey to nowhere. Its fate: to drift through the void between the galaxies for all time. "Astronomers have found runaway stars before, but this is the first time we've found a runaway star cluster," says Nelson Caldwell of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

Caldwell is lead author on the study, which will be published in The Astrophysical Journal Letters and is available online. Turbulent black holes grow fractal skins as they feed - physics-math - 28 April 2014. Feeding black holes develop a fractal skin as they grow. That's the conclusion of simulations that take advantage of a correlation between fluid dynamics and gravity. Researchers find young galaxies not behaving as expected. ( —New Herschel Space Observatory findings have given scientists a remarkable insight into the internal dynamics of two young galaxies. John Glenn's space capsule built at McDonnell Aircraft Corporation.

By Casey Nolen St. Louis (KSDK) - There's a local piece of history that made John Glenn's historic flight possible. The Mercury space capsule that Glenn piloted around the earth was built right here in St. How to Get to Space: Training for the International Space Station. On Christmas Eve, two NASA astronauts ventured outside the International Space Station to replace a pump and fix the station’s ailing coolant system.

Vous quittez Facebook. Carl Sagan Quotes (Author of Contact) Carl Sagan Quotes (Author of Contact) Nobel Prize Winners Hate School (Learn in Freedom) Copyright © 2013 Karl M. Bunday, all rights reserved. Nobel Prize Winners' Achievements Don't Prove School Is Good for Learners. Amazing Maya Facade Exposed in Guatemala. Port America Readies to Welcome Space Tourists. TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES, N.M. — Spread across 18,000 acres, Spaceport America continues to preen itself here in anticipation of booming business as the world's first purpose-built, commercial spaceport.

Israeli Scientists Develop Crystals to Transmit Signals to Venus. JERUSALEM (Jul. 10) An Israeli scientist disclosed today that Hebrew University laboratories have developed special crystals of a type which have been used to transmit and receive radar signals to and from the planet Venus. Scientists Finally Explain How Acupuncture Works... And It's Related To Marijuana.

Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman. The Layers of the Earth. What is quantum entanglement. Untitled. Codus Operandi. Check out my latest project, AnyFu, a site that makes it easy to hire proven technology experts for short-term screen-share sessions. Tablet Magazine. The Most Astounding Fact - Neil deGrasse Tyson. A hidden population of exotic neutron stars. Magnetars – the dense remains of dead stars that erupt sporadically with bursts of high-energy radiation – are some of the most extreme objects known in the Universe. A major campaign using NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory and several other satellites shows magnetars may be more diverse – and common – than previously thought. When a massive star runs out of fuel, its core collapses to form a neutron star, an ultradense object about 10 to 15 miles wide. The gravitational energy released in this process blows the outer layers away in a supernova explosion and leaves the neutron star behind.

Video: New ring discovered in Earth's radiation belts. Axis Mundi. Exploring the UVG Grid with Google Earth. What is a Dyson sphere? Alien Life Unlikely Around White and Brown Dwarfs, Study Finds. Constellations Memory Game. Astrology: Invented 10,000 Years Ago In Egypt? Constellations: Memory Game:Amazon:Toys & Games. 6. Ancient Astronomy - Mystic Order of Noble Knowledge.

This date in science: Baily's Beads discovered. Time Is Right for Arab Astronomy Renaissance, Scientist Says. NASA - Home. Astronomy Clubs bringing the wonders of the universe to you - Night Sky Network. What Happens Inside a Black Hole ? NASA's Alien Anomalies caught on film - A compilation of stunning UFO footage from NASA's archives. CROP CIRCLES AND ALIEN TECHNOLOGY RELATED SITES. In the Center of the Trifid Nebula. 78,000 apply to leave Earth forever to live on Mars. Hubble Goes to the eXtreme to Assemble Farthest-Ever View of the Universe. Astronomy. Astronomy. Sun Will Flip Its Magnetic Field Soon.

Orion's hidden fiery ribbon. Is it true that Jupiter protects Earth? June 2013 guide to the five visible planets. How to see the brightest planet Venus in a blue daytime sky. The most astounding fact about the universe, according to Neil DeGrasse Tyson. EarthSky - Science News, Great Photos, Sky Alerts. What's the difference between comets and asteroids? Weightless Flames: How Fires Burn in Space.