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History of the World Part 0

Dynamic Earth . Earth's Structure. Eco108 GFX Final. Dinosaur Interactive. Book History Timeline Outline : From Cave Paintings to the Internet. The Forbidden Book - History of The English Bible. Forbidden Knowledge. From TimeTravelResearchCenter Website Spanish version The False Front. Pre-Adamic man: were there human beings on Earth before Adam? Stock.xchng: hisks & Flickr: wayfaring stranger by Russell Grigg Could there have been human creatures, commonly called ‘pre-Adamites’, living on Earth before God created Adam? Many readers, no doubt, will think this a foolish question, but it is, in fact, the belief of many evangelicals. Facts about Human Evolution. Evolution versus Creationism by Brig Klyce. A modern imagination predisposed to a belief in science... will generally find that neither creation nor evolution overcomes its profound conviction of ignorance. — Jacques Barzun, 1964 (0) The big bang theory presents an interesting meeting place for modern science and established western religion.

Both groups seem happy to agree that the universe originated out of nothing in an explosion at a definite time very long ago. A few scientists may go on to assert that no further explanation of the universe is necessary, because before the big bang there was no time, so there was no "before the big bang. " All mythologies. Stonehenge Rebuilt. How They Rebuilt Stonehenge For decades the official Stonehenge guidebooks have been full of fascinating facts and figures and theories surrounding the world's greatest prehistoric monument.

Stonehenge Rebuilt

What the glossy brochures do not mention, however, is the systematic rebuilding of the 4,000 year old stone circle throughout the 20th Century. The restoration has been kept elusive and a large percentage of vacationers sitting in their hotels in London, planning a trip to the monument, have no idea that they aren't getting the full story. " Myth, Legend, Folklore, Ghosts. Apollo and the Greek Muses Updated July 2010 COMPREHENSIVE SITES ON MYTHOLOGY ***** The Encyclopedia Mythica - SEARCH - Areas - Image Gallery - Genealogy tables - Mythic Heroes Probert Encyclopaedia - Mythology Gods, Heroes, and MythDictionary of Mythology What is Myth?

Myth, Legend, Folklore, Ghosts

Mythical Creatures List, Mythical Creatures A-Z. Family tree of the Greek gods. Philosophy Timeline. Western Philosophy. Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Allegory of the Cave. Plato realizes that the general run of humankind can think, and speak, etc., without (so far as they acknowledge) any awareness of his realm of Forms. The allegory of the cave is supposed to explain this. In the allegory, Plato likens people untutored in the Theory of Forms to prisoners chained in a cave, unable to turn their heads. All they can see is the wall of the cave.

Behind them burns a fire. A Brief History of Santa. Evolution of Humans: Developed world and Developing world « Exploring the Endeavors of Human Civilization ……. Recently a British genetics expert, Steve Jones stated that humans in developed world have stopped evolving, because people there in western countries need not struggle for there survival and the famous theory of Darvin “survival for the fittest” doesn’t come into picture. And he didn’t miss saying that the evolution hasn’t stopped in the developing world, because people there have to struggle for survival. I am no expert in the evolution theory of genetics, nor have I studied biology beyond matriculation, nor I want to challenge the British expert because I am not qualified enough, but I cant suppress something in me which tend to disagree. This seems to be a loose statement and I differ and would like to raise some points He says that humans in developing countries stopped evolving because they need to struggle for survival.

Humans Change the World. Modern humans evolve in Africa.

Humans Change the World

Image courtesy of Karen Carr Studio.For millions of years all humans, early and modern alike, had to find their own food. They spent a large part of each day gathering plants and hunting or scavenging animals. Then, within just the past 12,000 years, our species, Homo sapiens, made the transition to producing food and changing our surroundings. We have been so successful that we have inadvertently created a turning point in the history of life on Earth. 200,000 Years Ago. This Day in History — History.com — What Happened Today in History. On this day in 1895, physicist Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen (1845-1923) becomes the first person to observe X-rays, a significant scientific advancement that would ultimately benefit a variety of fields, most of all medicine, by making the invisible visible.

This Day in History — History.com — What Happened Today in History

Rontgen's discovery occurred accidentally in his Wurzburg, Germany, lab, where he was testing whether cathode rays could pass through glass when he noticed a glow coming from a nearby chemically coated screen. He dubbed the rays that caused this glow X-rays because of their unknown nature. Comminfo.rutgers.edu/~lesk/spring06/lis556/P-paper.pdf. History. The Agricultural Revolution: Crash Course World History #1. Mansa Musa and Islam in Africa: Crash Course World History #16. 10 Fascinating Facts About Slavery. Facts [WARNING: Some images may disturb.]

10 Fascinating Facts About Slavery

Slavery has been a part of human society since its beginning – and it continues to thrive today. This list looks at some facts about slavery that should (for the most part) be unknown to most of our readers. MALCOLM X: "I Am Not a Racist" (May 21, 1964) Ancient Greece - The British Museum. Taman Sari Water Palace, Yogyakarta: Sultan wants a wife. Sultan wants a wife This is the website of travel writer, Michael Turtle.

Taman Sari Water Palace, Yogyakarta: Sultan wants a wife

After working in broadcast journalism for a decade in Australia, Michael left Sydney to travel the world indefinitely and write about his discoveries. Ancient Rome. One of the most ancient cities in Europe, ancient Rome has lived through 2,700 years. Since then it has been continously inhabited, and, as headquaters first of the Roman Empire and then of the Roman Catholic Church, it has had a gigantic impact on the world. Many European languages are based on Latin, many political and legal systems follow the ancient Roman model; and buildings all round the world utilize styles and techniques perfected in ancient Rome.

Today's Rome has become the world's most famous open-air museum. The city itself retains layers of buildings spanning over two millenia. » Find out more about the History of Rome. The True Cost of the Royal Family Explained. History: British History in-depth. Liz Gets Around at Kontraband. Tea, Taxes, and The American Revolution: Crash Course World History #28. USA vs USSR Fight! The Cold War: Crash Course World History #39.

Medical Aid

Imperialism: Crash Course World History #35. Archdukes, Cynicism, and World War I: Crash Course World History #36. Capitalism and Socialism: Crash Course World History #33. World War II: Crash Course World History #38. 5 Nazi Plans That Prove They Were Dumber Than You Think. Other websites like to tiptoe around the issue, but we've never hesitated to come out and just say it: The Nazis were bad.

5 Nazi Plans That Prove They Were Dumber Than You Think

And the thing is, the Nazis weren't strictly about tearing Europe down brick by brick and the Holocaust. They actually had tons of other horrible and, quite frankly, stupid ideas. Not all of them were brought to fruition, fortunately, but at one time or another, Hitler was all about ... #5. History Of Balloons (1944) Dr. Seuss World War II Cartoons Reflect Author's Politics And Imagination (PHOTOS) Communists, Nationalists, and China's Revolutions: Crash Course World History #37.

North Korea Rocket Launch: Long-Range Missile Fired, South Korean Defense Ministry Confirms. By Jack Kim and Mayumi Negishi SEOUL/TOKYO, Dec 12 (Reuters) - North Korea successfully launched a rocket on Wednesday, boosting the credentials of its new leader and stepping up the threat the isolated and impoverished state poses to its opponents. The rocket, which North Korea says put a weather satellite into orbit, has been labelled by the United States, South Korea and Japan as a test of technology that could one day deliver a nuclear warhead capable of hitting targets as far as the continental United States.

"The satellite has entered the planned orbit," a North Korean television news-reader clad in traditional Korean garb triumphantly announced, after which the station played patriotic songs with the lyrics "Chosun (Korea) does what it says". The rocket was launched just before 10 a.m. Korea time (0100 GMT), according to defence officials in South Korea and Japan, and easily surpassed a failed April launch that flew for less than two minutes. Kim Jong Un voted Time’s Person of the Year by readers. (Time) Kim Jong Un is Time's 2012 Person of the Year.

Kim Jong Un voted Time’s Person of the Year by readers

That is, according to the magazine's online readers, who chose the North Korean leader over the likes of President Barack Obama, Olympic gold medalist Gabrielle Douglas, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart in an online vote. It doesn't mean Kim will be named Time's official Person of the Year when the choice is revealed on the "Today" show on Dec. 19—that honor is decided by the editors. It just means the son of the late Kim Jong Il received 5.6 million votes in Time's admittedly "completely unscientific" reader poll. S. Korea Prepares to Evacuate DMZ Citizens After Threat. London Bridge Was Sold to the US!? Canada Gets Rid of the Penny (Huzzah!)

Taxes & Retirement

The presidents by Jonathan Coulton. Globalization I - The Upside: Crash Course World History #41. The year 2000 as envisioned in the year 1910. Computer History Museum - Timeline of Computer History. Welcome to info.cern.ch. Globalization II - Good or Bad?: Crash Course World History #42. YFW americans clap after they make pig noises. World Reaction To 2012 Election: Barack Obama's Re-Election Elicits Strong Feelings Around The Globe (PHOTOS) Bill would give president emergency control of Internet. Benedict XVI (Pontifex) Pope to resign Feb. 28, says he's too infirm. What Happens to Your Facebook Account When You Die? Amendment 64 Passes: Colorado Legalizes Marijuana For Recreational Use. Tony Newman: The Beginning of the End of the Drug War: Top Stories of 2012.

Election 2012: Gay marriage and recreational use of marijuana voted in tonight. Avenue Q Gay Puppets Get Married. State petitions to secede from US: Are they just helping liberals? Can Texas Secede from the Union? Supreme Court to decide if human genes can be patented. Greg Rutter's Definitive List of The 99 Things You Should Have Already Experienced On The Internet Unless You're a Loser or Old or Something. Thinking the Unthinkable. TedTalks: Christopher "moot" Poole: The case for anonymity online. Anonymous: Revolution 2012. Instagram Boycott Now Includes National Geographic And Anonymous. Time's End. Pony Thread Simulator v1.0.

Facts about U.S. Presidents. America's Flag Proportions. The Most Mathematical Flag - Numberphile. Perplexing Pictures from the Past. How Scotland Joined Great Britain. History of the Union Jack. The Amazing Life and Strange Death of Captain Cook: Crash Course World History #27. 5 Historical Misconceptions Rundown. BibleGateway.com: A searchable online Bible in over 100 versions and 50 languages.

Ancient Greece - History, mythology, art, war, culture, society, and architecture. On-This-Day.com - The best source for daily historical events, famous birthdays, and United States and world history. The Easter Island “Heads” Have Bodies. 5 Whores Who Changed The Course of History. The 8 Most Badass Make-A-Wish Foundation Wishes. Did the CIA test LSD in the New York City subway system? OPERATION NORTHWOODS: US PLANNED FAKE TERROR ATTACKS ON CITIZENS TO CREATE SUPPORT FOR CUBAN WAR.

Magic: the Science of Illusion. Edu : Occult. Western Astrologie. Illuminati Training Video Leaked. David Icke ... Illuminati Bloodlines & The DNA Database. Homeschooling Basics (101) - The Basics for Getting Started in Homeschool. Archaeologists date world's oldest timber constructions.