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Véto Malin. Stop à la souffrance animale grâce à la fausse fourrure imprimée en 3D. Nortt’s Dark Metal Feels Like It’s Coming From a Dripping, Unlit Cave. The Question of Sumerian " Determinatives " : Inventory, Classifier Analysis, and Comparison to Egyptian Classifiers from the Linguistic Perspective of Noun Classification. How your brain works in 11 dimensions. Deficiency of tumor suppressor NDRG2 leads to attention deficit and hyperactive behavior. Planète Sciences : Bienvenue ! Siam Circus Edible Undies Female Sexy Edible Panty Sensuous With Taste Forbidden Fruit Taste: Health & Personal Care. Accueil. Why be conscious: The improbable origins of our unique mind. By Bob Holmes.

Why be conscious: The improbable origins of our unique mind

Shhh - Masque. Why Do Human Beings Speak So Many Languages? BIU Santé - Les monstres de la Renaissance à l'Age classique: métamorphoses des images, anamorphoses des discours. Key Einstein principle survives quantum test. Particles with mind-bending quantum properties still follow a standard gravitational rule, at least as far as scientists can tell.

Key Einstein principle survives quantum test

The equivalence principle — one of the central tenets of Einstein’s theory of gravity — survived a quantum test, scientists report online April 7 at In Einstein’s gravity theory — the general theory of relativity — gravity and acceleration are two sides of the same coin. According to the equivalence principle, the gravitational mass of an object, which determines the strength of gravity’s pull, is the same as its inertial mass, which determines how much an object accelerates when given a push (SN: 10/17/15, p. 16).

As a result, two objects dropped on Earth’s surface should accelerate at the same rate (neglecting air resistance), even if they have different masses or are made of different materials. The scientists then compared the result of this test to one where both clouds were in a normal energy state. Quand la science se remet en question - THEMA : Le temps des ruptures. Scientists Find There Is A Distortion In SPACE And TIME - Cosmos. NASA has confirmed that there is a distortion in space and time, and this news has been interpreted as proof that we do not understand our universe as well as we thought.

Scientists Find There Is A Distortion In SPACE And TIME - Cosmos

According to physicist Francis Everitt from the Stanford University; “The space-time around Earth is being distorted exactly as predicted by the theory of general relativity,” There is indeed a vortex in space and time around Earth, and its shape precisely matches the predictions of the theory of gravitation postulated by Albert Einstein. Even though it appears to look like something that should only matter to the scientific community, this extraordinarily important finding confirms the possibility of distorting time and space, using the distortion to make possible all the incredible things proposed in science fiction movies, making star-ships disappear to later appear somewhere entirely different in the universe.

The results were confirmed by scientists thanks to the results of the satellite Gravity Probe B aka GP-B. Des virus doués de parole - Science & Vie. Incroyables virus !

Des virus doués de parole - Science & Vie

Pour parvenir à leurs fins, les bactériophages communiquent entre eux, via un langage... moléculaire. Des échanges secrets qui les aident à coordonner leur stratégie d'infection, en se cachant dans les cellules. Ce n'est pas tous les jours que l'on identifie par hasard un nouveau langage. Encore moins entre des entités qui ne sont pas censées savoir communiquer ! Comportement Sexuel - Sexe Psychologique - Déterminisme Sexuel. Le sexe biologique et le sexe psychologique, les deux déterminants du comportement sexuel Expliquer simplement, clairement et brièvement ce déterminisme biologique très complexe n’est pas une tâche facile !!

Comportement Sexuel - Sexe Psychologique - Déterminisme Sexuel

Scientists Discover That Our Brains Can Process The World In 11 Dimensions - Cosmos. Neuro-scientists have used a classic branch of maths in a totally new way to peer into the structure of our brains.

Scientists Discover That Our Brains Can Process The World In 11 Dimensions - Cosmos

What they’ve discovered is that the brain is full of multi-dimensional geometrical structures operating in as many as 11 dimensions. We’re used to thinking of the world from a 3-D perspective, so this may sound a bit tricky, but the results of this new study could be the next major step in understanding the fabric of the human brain – the most complex structure we know of. Une expérience quantique pourrait nous aider à comprendre le fonctionnement de la conscience. Un physicien théoricien souhaite repousser les limites de la physique quantique en effectuant un test de Bell, en utilisant des êtres humains comme liens.

Une expérience quantique pourrait nous aider à comprendre le fonctionnement de la conscience

Les résultats pourraient mettre en lumière l’existence physique de la conscience humaine et de sa composition. Les scientifiques ont une expérience pour déterminer si l’esprit humain est lié au monde physique. Great Literature Is Surprisingly Arithmetic. A good book evokes a variety of emotions as you read.

Great Literature Is Surprisingly Arithmetic

Turns out, though, that almost all novels and plays provide one of only six “emotional experiences” from beginning to end—a rags-to-riches exuberance, say, or a rise and fall of hope (below, top). Researchers at the University of Vermont graphed the happiness and sadness of words that occurred across the pages of more than 1,300 fiction works to reveal the emotional arcs and discovered relatively few variations. A different study coordinated by Poland's Institute of Nuclear Physics found that sentence lengths in books frequently form a fractal pattern—a set of objects that repeat on a small and large scale, the way small, triangular leaflets make up larger, triangular leaves that make up a larger, triangular palm frond (below, bottom).

Why analyze the mathematics of literature? Alphabet glagolitique. U.S. to Fund Advanced Brain-Computer Interfaces - MIT Technology Review. Beautiful Brain: The Stunning Drawings of Neuroscience Founding Father Santiago Ramón y Cajal. Quirks of the arXiv. Why the "You" in an Afterlife Wouldn't Really Be You. The Discovery is a 2017 Netflix film in which Robert Redford plays a scientist who proves that the afterlife is real.

Why the "You" in an Afterlife Wouldn't Really Be You

“Once the body dies, some part of our consciousness leaves us and travels to a new plane,” the scientist explains, evidenced by his machine that measures, as another character puts it, “brain wavelengths on a subatomic level leaving the body after death.” La quête du noir absolu - Science & Vie. A physicist explained why the Large Hadron Collider disproves the existence of ghosts. Recent polls have found that 42 percent of Americans and 52 percent of people in the UK believe in ghosts - a huge percentage when you consider that no one has ever come up with irrefutable proof that they even exist.

A physicist explained why the Large Hadron Collider disproves the existence of ghosts

But we might have had proof that they don't exist all along, because as British theoretical physicist Brian Cox recently pointed out, there's no room in the Standard Model of Physics for a substance or medium that can carry on our information after death, and yet go undetected in the Large Hadron Collider. "If we want some sort of pattern that carries information about our living cells to persist, then we must specify precisely what medium carries that pattern, and how it interacts with the matter particles out of which our bodies are made," Cox, from the University of Manchester, explained in an episode of BBC's The Infinite Monkey Cage.

"Yes," said Cox. L'érotisme (2/4) : Philosophie du sexe. Il y a toujours, comme le disait Diderot, "un peu de testicule au fond de nos sentiments les plus purs" ; l'érotisme se déploie dans cette dualité entre humanité et bestialité par laquelle l'érotisme est le propre de l'homme. Medical Xpress: Better memory makes people tire of experiences more quickly. We're fickle creatures. At least if we can remember to be, according to a new study led by a University of Kansas researcher of marketing and consumer behavior. "People with larger working memory capacities actually encode information more deeply," said Noelle Nelson, lead author of the research published in the Journal of Consumer Research. "They remember more details about the things they've experienced, and that leads them to feel like they've had it more. Man Missing Most Of His Brain Challenges Everything We Thought We Knew About Consciousness.

Yet miraculously, the man was not only fully conscious, but lived a rich and unhindered life, working as a civil servant and living with his wife and two kids, blissfully unaware of the gaping hole in his brain. His ability to function without so many of the key brain regions previously considered vital for consciousness raises some major questions about existing theories regarding how the brain works and the mechanisms underlying our awareness. For example, neuroscientists have often asserted that a brain region called the thalamus, which relays sensory signals to the cerebral cortex, is indispensable for consciousness. This is because research has indicated that damage to the thalamus often causes people to fall into a coma, while one team of scientists were even able to manually “switch off” an epileptic patient’s consciousness by electrically stimulating this brain region.

Image: A brain region called the thalamus has been shown to be vital for consciousness to exist. "Origin of the Universe Riddle Solved- and,er, It Wasn't God" Claim Canadian Physicists. A Group of researchers have made what may turn out to be the most significant discovery in HISTORY – how the cosmos came into being from nothing. The immense question has concerned religions, philosophers and researchers since the dawn of time but now a Canadian group of scientists consider that they have finally solved this riddle. And the results are so convincing they even challenge the need for religion, or in any case an omnipotent creator – the foundation of all world religions. A group of scientists led by Prof Mir Faizal, at the Dept of Physics and Astronomy, at the University Of Waterloo, Canada, has positively applied the theory to the very creation of existence itself.

Medical Xpress: Neurons' faulty wiring leads to serotonin imbalance, depression-like behavior in mice. Columbia scientists have identified a gene that allows neurons that release serotonin—a neurotransmitter that regulates mood and emotions—to evenly spread their branches throughout the brain. Without this gene, these neuronal branches become entangled, leading to haphazard distribution of serotonin, and signs of depression in mice. These observations shed light on how precise neuronal wiring is critical to overall brain health, while also revealing a promising new area of focus for studying psychiatric disorders associated with serotonin imbalance—such as depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and autism. The findings were published today in Science. "By pinpointing the genes that guide the organization of neurons, we can draw a line between changes to those genes, and the cellular, circuitry and behavioral deficiencies that can occur as a result," said Tom Maniatis, PhD, a principal investigator at Columbia's Mortimer B.

Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute, the Isidore S. Le cerveau humain depuis le paléolithique- Hominidés. This new gene map could force a rethink of how vertebrate brains evolved. As complex as the human brain is, it more or less has the same fundamental structure as most other backboned animals - which means it can be divided into three general regions: forebrain, midbrain, and hindbrain. Researchers have long thought that these three sections all evolved from three simpler versions in our vertebrate ancestors. Reached Via a Mind-Reading Device, Deeply Paralyzed Patients Say They Want to Live - MIT Technology Review.

In 1995, Jean-Dominique Bauby suffered a massive stroke that left him paralyzed and speechless, with only the ability to blink his left eyelid. Using just that eye, he silently dictated his memoir, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, later adapted into a film. Bauby suffered from “locked-in syndrome,” in which patients are completely paralyzed except for some eye movement. Some patients eventually lose even the ability to blink, cutting off all contact with the world and raising questions of whether they are still fully conscious and, if so, whether they still wish to live. The Brain Has Its Own "Autofill" Function for Speech. The world is an unpredictable place. But the brain has evolved a way to cope with the everyday uncertainties it encounters—it doesn’t present us with many of them, but instead resolves them as a realistic model of the world.

The body’s central controller predicts every contingency, using its stored database of past experiences, to minimize the element of surprise. Here's what Cassini heard as it made its daring dive between Saturn and its rings - ImaGeo. A Simon and Garfunkel song comes to mind—and that has scientists scratching their heads as the spacecraft heads today for a second dive. In this illustration, the Cassini spacecraft is shown diving between Saturn and the planet’s innermost ring. (Source: NASA/JPL-Caltech) As the Cassini spacecraft swooped between Saturn and its innermost ring on April 26th, one of its instruments listened for the sounds of its passage through the heretofore unexplored region.

What it heard was of great interest to engineers planning for the second dive, as well as to scientists who study Saturn’s rings. The engineers were hoping to hear the sound of silence, specifically nothing indicative of lots of dust hitting the spacecraft. We Have Weird New Details On The Strangest Symbiotic Relationship Ever Found. How dark matter became a particle. It took decades for dark matter to enter the lexicon of particle physics. Today, explaining the nature and abundance of dark matter is one of the most pressing problems in the field. Un rite mystérieux chez les chimpanzés. En Afrique de l'ouest, et seulement là, des chimpanzés ont une drôle d'habitude : ils jettent de lourdes pierres contre un arbre, toujours le même.

La signification de ce comportement est énigmatique. Les découvreurs, qui l'ont décrit en 2016, pensent qu'il est peut-être de la même nature que les rituels humains. WATCH: There's a genetic reason why some people sneeze in the sunshine - ScienceAlert. New Research Suggests Dark Energy Might be the Reason Time Runs Forward. Medical Xpress: Brain 'relay' also key to holding thoughts in mind. Est-ce folie de croire qu'on est une réincarnation ? -

Quantum Physics: Are Entangled Particles Connected Via An Undetected Dimension? This physicist says consciousness could be a new state of matter. What is energy? Computer solves a major time travel problem. Another study just linked chronic fatigue syndrome to gut bacteria. The discovery of alien life may be close. How will religion survive it? Picatrix: An ancient manuscript that teaches how to obtain energy from the cosmos.

No long, twisted tail trails the solar system. Pour la première fois, un implant cérébral sans fil a permis à des primates paralysés de marcher à nouveau ! The Secret Life of Trees: The Astonishing Science of What Trees Feel and How They Communicate. Is Another Universe Sitting Too Close To Us On The Multiverse Bus? - Universe Today. Le syndrome de la tête qui explose, un trouble méconnu.

Scientists think they've finally identified the trigger for solar eruptions. Sir David Attenborough has admitted he's "coming to terms" with memory loss. NASA's Unexplained Files. Freud : "La conscience est la conséquence du renoncement aux pulsions" The Dark Truth About Adélie Penguins Was Kept Secret For More Than A Hundred Years. Astronomers Have Discovered the First Star with an Almost Pure Oxygen Atmosphere. Dopo la “morte” l’energia della coscienza andrà a materializzarsi in altra forma di vita in un altro Universo. Functional Connectivity Between Surgically Disconnected Brain Regions? - Neuroskeptic. Reportages acoustiques. Ancient stone carvings show a comet swarm hitting Earth around 10,950 BCE. Forget black holes, WHITE HOLES are weirder and 'SPEWING matter from another universe'

Cette étude pense avoir découvert le "E = MC²" du cerveau. Medical Xpress: First evidence for higher state of consciousness found. Research unlocks molecular key to animal evolution and disease. Physique non linéaire : Fermi voyait juste. Intrication quantique : un nouveau record avec 500.000 atomes. Students may forget relevant information in order to protect their own psyches. The Universe Is as Spooky as Einstein Thought - The Atlantic.

Astronomers Observe Strange Quantum Distortion in Empty Space for the First Time Ever. Can we see a singularity, the most extreme object in the universe? Is the multiverse physics, philosophy, or something else entirely? Physics-Astronomy. Immune cells play surprising role in steady heartbeat. Brain scans of one-handed people are completely changing our understanding of the brain. Your true self: How your personality changes throughout life. An inflamed brain may be a hidden cause of depression. Sait-on à quoi ressemble l'ultime instant ? - There’s still a lot we don’t know about the proton. Huge New Study Reveals The Impact Of Spanking On Children. What are "Neural Correlates" Correlates Of? - Neuroskeptic. Fixing broken brains: a new understanding of depression. New Quantum Equation Suggests The Big Bang Never Happened And Our Universe Has No Beginning - Sci-Tech Universe.

Creative people physically see and process the world differently. Adapting ideas from neuroscience for AI. Science fiction horror wriggles into reality with discovery of giant sulfur-powered shipworm. Neural networks explained. Giant atoms could help unveil ‘dark matter’ and other cosmic. Physicists in Australia Just Proved Reality Doesn't Exist - Sci-Tech Universe. Le cerveau actif après la mort ? Pourquoi cette info est fausse. -

Des physiciens affirment avoir créé un fluide possédant une "masse négative" Elephants' 'body awareness' adds to increasing evidence of their intelligence. Un super pouvoir des tardigrades élucidé. Quantum dots that emit infrared light open new window for biological imaging.