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Astrolabe report (inventory number 35146) There are two different styles of script on this astrolabe.

Astrolabe report (inventory number 35146)

The older is found on the tympans and the rete. It is a cruder script consisting entirely of square capitals, often created with a punch, and it uses older number shapes. Projects, Articles, DIY Guides and How-To's. Projects, Articles, DIY Guides and How-To's DIY Projects and How-To guides for getting the most out of your astronomy equipment and experience.

Projects, Articles, DIY Guides and How-To's

Some of these guides are written by me as mods done to my Dob, and others are user-contributed articles to share their knowledge and experience with others. I encourage and welcome your contributions.

Variable star observing

Encoder - a program for digital setting circles using a PC mouse. Encoder – A Program for Digital Setting Circles Using a PC Mouse.

Encoder - a program for digital setting circles using a PC mouse

Introduction: The purpose of the Encoder program is to provide the amateur telescope builder an inexpensive means of interfacing between optical encoders on a telescope and a computer running some planetarium or sky position software. This program is free to all amateur telescope builders and is not intended for sale.

Description: Making a Sturdy Wood Tripod - How To. Making a Sturdy Wood tripod out of a (flimsy / cheap / shaky) aluminium tripod.

Making a Sturdy Wood Tripod - How To

I tried to make this article as comprehensive as possible, for the newbiest of beginners I could think of, so I made it out into paragraphs so you can figure out which parts you need to read and which you can skip. Most of the time I used metric measurements; remember that 25mm ~ 1”, and that anyway most measures I gave were for indicative purposes – you will adapt your dimensions to your particular needs.

Introduction I’ve been an astronomer all my life. I’ve been a member of the CN forums for a couple years, and seemingly every week, veteran observers and beginners alike come in and complain about how shaky their scope’s mount is. International Collaboration in Meteor Science. SAAF:S. The Andromeda Project. Arduino Bluetooth Digital Setting Circles for Telescope. I decided to build an Arduino digital setting circle for my mount because it's really hard to buy Tangent Instruments boxes cheaply, and the Argo Navis (the Lexus of telescope digital setting circles) is quite expensive.

Arduino Bluetooth Digital Setting Circles for Telescope

Besides it seemed like a cool project. I used an Arduino Uno, which cost $32 (Singapore dollars) an Arduino Proto Shield ($5), as well as some headers ($2) I got an RJ-45 jack from Sim Lim Tower and soldered it to the Proto Shield. Obviously four (4) digital pins from the Arduino are needed to read the two encoder channels. Gary's Motorized Big Binocular Chair - by Gary Honis - Detailed Construction Procedure - Page 1 of 7. Gary's Motorized Big Bino Chair by Gary Honis Animation - Taking the chair for a spin: Detailed Construction Procedure Page 1: This page - Introduction, Design Objectives & Main Components Page 2: Construction of Ground Board Page 3: Construction of Chair Base Page 4: Construction of Binocular Mount Page 5: Setting Up For Field Use Page 6: Finishing and Painting Page 7: Peltier Beverage Cooler and Warmer Page 8: Version II - with Speed Reducer.

Another DIY Parallelogram Binocular Mount. Another DIY Parallelogram Binocular Mount Submitted: Wednesday, 28th March 2007 by Dennis Simmons Introduction At the Queensland Astrofest in 2003 I stood mesmerised by the sight of a fellow astronomer, gliding effortlessly around the cosmos on his commercial, motorised, binocular chair, replete with GoTo capability.

Another DIY Parallelogram Binocular Mount

The whole two-eyed, recline-in-comfort, “drive-me-there” observing experience looked simply awesome. At the time, I had with me my Vixen giant binocular (30x125), supported by the very nice Vixen Alt-Az fork mount, all fitted on a home made wooden tripod. My Comet Couch! - Article. My Comet Couch!

My Comet Couch! - Article

By Eugene Artemyeff I recently I purchased a new pair of Apogee 25x100's. Pleasing optical performance, great light gathering, but their ten pounds made my existing light weight parallelogram mount flex like a diving board once I put the required amount of counterweights on it. Lists and Plots: Comets. Processing (Info) Lists and Plots: Comets This page contains lists and plots related to comets.

Lists and Plots: Comets

If you use information from any of the lists in the preparation of any publication, please acknowledge the relevant URL and either CBAT or MPC. Space Situational Awareness, services provided by PROBA2. PolHors. Toward the end of the fourteenth century there lived in England a man named Geoffrey Chaucer. He was a customs officer of the king and, because of his position, he was able to travel in England and Europe. He met people who owned books (that was not a very common thing then!) And he read as many books as he could get his hands on. He may have read, or at least skimmed thru, a great number of the books that were then in existence. In the Middle Ages very few people could read. The Planetary Society. .. The Astrophysical Journal Letters. This site uses cookies.

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