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Sustainable Web Hosting - 10 Sensational Homes Built from Straw

Sustainable Web Hosting - 10 Sensational Homes Built from Straw
Written by Ryan Hollitz | 19 December 2009 Posted in Blog - Green Building New building materials could really make your house green from the ground up! Straw! :) via [] In the classic story of the Three Little Pigs‚ a naive piglet decides to build his home out of straw, which soon gets the huff and puff treatment by a big bad wolf, resulting in the poor little pig's untimely end. Many may wonder why a person would want to build a home made out of straw, but apart from providing a place to hide from the big bad wolf, they have some substantial benefits. Read on to discover just how right that first little pig was to build his home out of straw. Photos: Brett Weinstein/Realty Advocates 1. This unique, beautiful straw bale home in Oakland, California recently carried a $1.1 million price tag. Photo: JD Peterson 2. This gorgeous home, perched on owner Henry Siegel's 2 1/2-acre leafy lot, offers panoramic views and cozy comfort. Photo: University of Bath 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

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A tiny straw bale home for £10,000 in Poland The tiny cottage is load-bearing straw bale house with a sleeping loft under the straw thatched roof and earthen plastered walls. It stands on a stone footing, which in turn stands on a drained gravel trench. The walls were made of tightly packed bales of straw stacked and sandwiched between hazel branches for stability. A 'ladder' wall plate was placed on top of the wall and the structure was compressed with straps which are tied to anchor points in the foundation. The timbers for the roof structure were taken from the local forest. The roof covering was made by the local crafts-man, Henryk Romanowski using wheat straw thatch.

The Case for Green Building in a Maturing Market The motivations and factors leading to the implementation of green building practices can be quite diverse relative to a client’s overall facility and organization objectives. In the recently completed Opening the Door to Green Building study (a market perception study conducted by the Northeast Ohio Chapter of the USGBC and Sustainable Rhythm), participants were asked “How well do you think the case for green building is being made around the following concepts?” The concepts focused on the market, competitive advantage, energy costs/return on investment and environmental concern. The strongest resonating arguments in the market were for energy efficiency by a wide margin Interestingly though, this has not yet translated to a strength in the case for long-term return on investment (ROI).

Building A Straw Bale Home Take a look at the picture on the right. It looks like a cozy, Spanish-inspired home that you’d enjoy spending time in right? Photo courtesy of Sure it does. Straw Bale House - Charity Builds - Moab Utah Posted by Jeffrey | Posted in Community Rebuilds - Straw Bale Home | Posted on 14-03-2013 Project led by: Eric Plourde of Community Rebuilds Location: Moab, UT Date: August – December 2012 Community Rebuilds is a non-profit, building straw bale houses for low income families in Moab, Utah. This house was completed, start to finish in 4 months, by a team of 10. The house is a 1000sq ft, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom straw bale home.

Footprint, The National Trust’s first straw bale building It's a beautiful and inspirational space. The low environmental impact development used local timber floors and walkways; an oak shake roof; clay and lime plasters; highly efficient glazing and sheep’s wool insulation. Hundreds of people lent a hand in its construction and hundreds more visited the building site on an organised event to learn about natural building. Eco Friendly Living Tips from Green House Wind turbines sit atop new houses that utilize 20% renewable energy on Nov. 25, 2009, in Croydon, England. The United Kingdom ranked first among 12 large economies for energy efficiency, according to a scorecard released Thursday by the private American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. The United States ranked ninth, right behind China.

» The Green Building Resource Center Looking for local builders, plasterers, architects, contractors, and designers who specialize in straw bale and other natural building techniques? Search our resource center by clicking one of the links on the right or below. If you don’t find what you are looking for please click on one of the Google Ads, which are located on each page. $6,260 Strawbale House In Scotland $6,260 strawbale house in Scotland Steve built a £4000 ($6,260) unpermitted house in Scotland a few years back with local materials. (He hopes to build it for less next time.) The results are marvelous as you can see. His websites are packed with wonderful photos and drawings that show the details.

Beautiful Strawbale Home Cost Only 5000 Euros To Build! The page this came from is not in English, but construction is a universal language, and I speak strawbale :) Here we see cool dude cutting board... Then we see what he's making... woah! And that roofing pattern is simply stunning! Soo... you think that loft will work? Accelerators Data Centers Designed to demonstrate best energy management strategies and cost effective infrastructure improvements in small, medium and large sized data centers Energy Data Designed to demonstrate low-cost, standardized approaches for providing energy data for the purpose of whole building energy performance benchmarking. Energy Savings Performance Contracting

Sun-Inspired Passive Solar House Plans Forest View 2 features abundance of arches inside and out just like the older, original Forest View, but this client wanted the master bedroom on the cool northeast side of the house. They also desired the sunroom to be on the southeast corner. The shallow porch on the south creates a nice place for sitting without blocking winter sun and the arched columns make the south view even more attractive than the front of the house! The dominant feature of the house is still the central great room with high ceilings surrounded by arches. When you enter this room from the foyer or family entry side, your eyes are immediately drawn to the south French doors with large arched windows above. The extra high ceilings in the foyer, great room, and dining create grandeur, but the floor plan is still comfortable and practical.

Toby And Liz's Strawbale Abode Toby and Liz's strawbale abode I thought I would put up a few pictures from the past. A couple years ago some friends of mine, Toby and Liz, decided to hold a "straw raising" party to get some help putting up the walls of their soon to be guest house out in the Arizona Desert. They needed to build the guest house first in order to have a place to stay while they built their main house out of tires. They did all of the tedious prep work and all the finish work. A straw bale cabin by AATA Arquitectos This small cabin in a rural area of central Chile uses little energy and has a low carbon footprint. AATA Arquitectos designed the cabin, opting for a two level floor plan to minimize the site impact. The cabin takes the shape of a cube that is 5.4 m (17’9″) on each side. The walls were wood-framed and then insulated on the outside with straw bales coated with mud. Straw bales are a readily available local material and provide a very high level of insulation.