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A Bad Day for the Environment, with Many More to Come. Tuesday began with news that the Trump Administration had imposed a comprehensive gag order on employees of the Environmental Protection Agency.

A Bad Day for the Environment, with Many More to Come

Oxytocin Changes Everything. What does petting a cat, hugging a friend, deep breathing, a walk in the woods, and giving away money to someone have in common?

Oxytocin Changes Everything

These are but a few ways to release the hormone of love and connection, Oxytocin. We humans are like puppets on strings. The puppet-masters are our brain chemicals, the hormones that color our perceptions as well as the way we interact with the world around us. Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth and Happiness - Cass R Sunstein, Richard H Thaler. The importance of empathy. I know it is absurdly early in the year to be choosing the top book of the year, but here goes.

The importance of empathy

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This electronic document is based on an Internet site design, in so much as the navigation through the site is provided by the use of navigation buttons and hyperlinks. Although not essential, advanced features of this document require your computer to be connected to the Internet while this document is being used. Social Segregation in Australia.

I am becoming increasingly alarmed at our government’s attitude to multiculturalism and social harmony.

Social Segregation in Australia

Yesterday afternoon the Department of Parliamentary Services announced new security measures on Capital Hill. From today “persons with facial coverings entering the galleries of the House of Representatives and Senate will be seated in the enclosed galleries”. In essence, Islamic women who choose to wear the niqāb when visiting our national parliament will be required to sit separately in the public galleries – behind glass – and away from the rest of “Team Australia”. This is despite them having passed through the very same stringent security measures that every other visitor must pass through in order to gain access to Parliament House. Social Norms (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy) How Do Different Types of Social Support Work? The Value of All Types of Social Support Every time you reach for the phone when you’ve had a bad day, accept help when you’re overwhelmed, or even search online to get information from someone on how to handle a stressor, you’re demonstrating that you know what research has repeatedly shown: that different types of social support can really help with stress!

How Do Different Types of Social Support Work?

However, all types of social support don’t affect us the same—a long talk with an empathic friend feels different from a talk with someone who has plenty of advice to offer, and those types of social support feel different from the type of support a coach or therapist might offer. Is there a best type of social support? And how do the different types of social support affect us? Four Types of Social Support. Social Determinants of Health. The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines the social determinants of health as the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age.

Social Determinants of Health

These circumstances are shaped by the distribution of money, power and resources at global, national and local levels. The social determinants of health are mostly responsible for health inequities - the unfair and avoidable differences in health status seen within and between countries. In Australia country people are subject to the same types of social disadvantage as can occur in cities (such as lower educational attainment, job uncertainties and unemployment, poor access to appropriate housing etc). However, in rural and remote communities the health effects of this disadvantage are compounded by poor access to communications (such as high speed broadband, mobile phone coverage, public transport) and environmental challenges (such as drought, floods and bushfire).

A Snapshot of Poverty.. Fact Sheet on Determinants of Health. Happy Planet Index. Why we shouldn’t judge a country by its GDP. Analysts, reporters and big thinkers love to talk about Gross Domestic Product.

Why we shouldn’t judge a country by its GDP

Put simply, GDP, which tallies the value of all the goods and services produced by a country each year, has become the yardstick by which we measure a country’s success. New Sources Of Cohesion. Series of publications Trends in social cohesion. My Footprint / Slavery Footprint. FashionReport. Green Maps connect communities with green living resources worldwide.

ANTaR. Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples » Life Without Barriers. Our Reconciliation Statement Life Without Barriers believes that reconciliation must live in the hearts and minds of all Australians.

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples » Life Without Barriers

As a nation we need to work together to close the gap in life expectancy by improving the cultural, spiritual and emotional well-being of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Our commitment to raising awarenessLife Without Barriers also acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the original custodians of the land and strongly believes in recognising, respecting and advancing the inherent rights, cultures and traditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities.

We also acknowledge the importance of family, cultural and community ties for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Dunbar's number. Police and fear stalk the streets of Dhaka as clothes workers fight for more than £54 a month. Fewer workers than usual have been gathering for cup of chai near the guarded, grey towers of Ashulia, a hub for garment factories on the outskirts of Dhaka.

Police and fear stalk the streets of Dhaka as clothes workers fight for more than £54 a month

“Everyone seems scared of being harassed by the police,” says one tea seller, frowning from his stall. Ashulia’s garment factories, which produce clothing for ranges on sale across the developed world, are alive with activity but the tension brimming in the air – and the lines of armed guards posted outside some gates – echo the anger that has swept the area. Last month, tens of thousands of workers clocked in then immediately returned to the streets, joining the largest protests since those that followed the collapse in 2013 of the Rana Plaza clothing factory, causing more than 1,100 deaths. UNICEF finds dramatic inequality among world's poorest and richest children. Posted The number of children who do not attend school is rising, child marriage has not dropped in decades, and millions of young children will die mostly preventable deaths by 2030 if global poverty is not addressed, UNICEF says.

Key points: Poor children are twice as likely as rich children to die before age 5More than 120 million children do not attend primary or middle school15 million girls are married as children every year Poor children are twice as likely as rich children to die before age five, and poor girls are more than twice as likely to become child brides, said the annual report by the United Nations' children's agency.

Noting some progress in halving global mortality rates for children under five since 1990, and boys and girls attending primary school in equal numbers in 129 countries, the report said such developments had been neither even nor fair, with repercussions for global turmoil. Reuters. Lifestyle Choices? Here's a Few More — Quadrant Online. We spent $30.3 billion on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in the 2013 financial year, more than what is currently spent on defence. How did we get to this sorry pass? Aboriginal tribes wandered around the continent for millennia.

Occasionally they were joined by others. Belle Gibson faces penalty for “most, but not all” allegations. A Federal Court has found 'most' claims made against disgraced health personality Belle Gibson are proved. Former wellness blogger Belle Gibson is about to have her day in court. DISGRACED wellness blogger Belle Gibson will face a penalty handed down by the Victorian Federal Court for a majority of claims against her of defrauding clients and profiting from false cancer claims.

Justice Debbie Mortimer handed down her judgment on Wednesday morning in Melbourne, saying Ms Gibson had contravened the law in “most, but not all” allegations against the 25-year-old who faked brain cancer. 2015 World Economic Freedom Levels: Heat Map for Continents and Countries. Australia. These before-and-afters will make you question everything about how our economy works. The health impacts of globalisation: a conceptual framework.

Figure 3 shows that the impact of globalisation on each proximal health determinant is mediated by changes in several distal factors (Figure 3; arrows 5–12). Index. - pages - home. Exxon knew of climate change in 1981, email says – but it funded deniers for 27 more years. Unilever: Corporate Crimes. Renew Economy - News and analysis for the clean energy economy : Renew Economy.

Renew Economy Widget - NEM-Watch (v10 - LIVE) The end of capitalism has begun. The Australian dollar is 'smashed' and teetering over the US 70c precipice. Unemployment rate, jobs both record surprise jumps. The latest official figures from the ABS show a jump of employment of 38,500 in July Photo: Virginia Star. Financial Review - Business, Finance and Investment News. World Bank won’t fund coal-related projects in India. Debjoy Sengupta, ET Bureau Jul 31, 2015, 05.15AM IST. Nestle CEO declares water "food that should be privatized, and not a human right" Help us produce a film to change the story on Nestle!

Greenpeace USA sur Twitter : "Wow. Turns out Exxon has known about #climatechange for at least 27 years. And it's still funding #climatedenial. The truth behind why Daraprim can cost whatever its CEO wants it to. Theconversation. In debt, out of luck: why Generation K fell in love with The Hunger Games. No more new cars or furniture, says king as oil slump forces cuts on Saudi Arabia. 213. The Federal Reserve Stores $1 Billion In Dollar Coins That No One Wants. Full employment. The Planet - Growth - soderbergtv. Can we eat, tax and subsidise our way to a healthier future? Here’s a FeastOfIdeas to consider, including a sugar tax.

Wolfgang Streeck: ‘Look at London – it’s a second Rome. This is what an empire looks like’ Do 8 men really control the same wealth as the poorest half of the global population? An economy for the 99% Hazelwood owners facing unprecedented $743 million rehab bill. The Big Short (film) - Wikipedia. Addressing the political determinants of global health governance.

The Paradox of Wealth: Capitalism and Ecological Destruction. Trump Orders Massive Rollback of Environmental Protections. Australia's political rollercoaster: 13 years, 66 changes. It's over! Twitter reacts to Tony Abbott's ousting as prime minister. Peter Dutton apologises for 'water lapping at your door' jibe. 50 Centuries in 10 Minutes. Five Political Systems as postulated by Jean Blondel. Liberal senator wants windfarm inquiry to recognise 'adverse health effects' Tony Abbott agrees windfarms may have 'potential health impacts' Coalition bans government's clean energy bank from financing wind power. Greek government-debt crisis. Tuvalu Prime Minister Enele Sopoaga says climate change 'like a weapon of mass destruction' - Australia Network News. Tuvalu climate refugees granted residency in New Zealand.

Bjørn Lomborg consensus centre could be set up at Flinders University. Australia worst carbon emitter per capita among major western nations. Tony Abbott defends 2030 emissions target criticised as 'pathetically' low. Joint Press Conference, Parliament House, Canberra. Don't swear at me, Greg Hunt tells BBC, when asked about Abbott's climate 'crap' comment. Bernie Fraser quits as chairman of Climate Change Authority. Obama unveils major climate change proposal - Saudi Arabia may go broke before the US oil industry buckles. Target Tokyo. Brandis' changes to environmental laws will defang the watchdogs.

Protect your right to speak out. Gleydson Carvalho, Brazilian radio host killed live on air. Climate change policies: it's how you sell it that matters. Paris climate talks: Bishop hails 'historic' day as nearly 200 countries sign deal. Paris climate deal: key points at a glance. Trump, COP22 and the Tipping Point for Climate Change Mitigation. TPP Transparency for Healthcare Annex.

Analysis by Dr Deborah Gleeson (Australia) on TPP Transparency for Healthcare Annex. Secret TPP Propels in Congress Without Public Knowledge. From The Wilderness: Information on Peak Oil, Sustainablility, and the events surrounding 9/11.