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Yumpu - Publishing digital magazines worldwide

Yumpu - Publishing digital magazines worldwide

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Create & Find Free Multimedia Lessons Make mobile learning awesome! Student creation Share materials Free! Get our new app! Save time by using free lessons & activities created by educators worldwide! Be inspired! The Forgotten Virtue of Not Caring — Life Learning The Forgotten Virtue of Not Caring Our journey from courageous children to meek adults. The Legend of Steven Faulkner Upgrade your account How do I contact Calaméo customer service? For customer support, you can post a new topic, or email us at What kind of payment methods do you accept?

The 20 best tools for online collaboration A team of designers does not always work in the same office; you work in distributed groups, some of you may be working from home, and clients can be based all over the world. This is where collaboration tools come in – they make it easier and faster for designers to get feedback and approve artwork in a professional manner, and they come in all sort of forms, from free Android apps to Chrome extensions. Some are created specifically for designers, some serve as a concept crafting whiteboard often with tools to make simple annotations, and some are all-in-one web apps that include an element of project management. A Neuroscientist Explains How He Found Out Meth Is Almost Identical to Adderall This piece was published in partnership with The Influence. The long subway ride from DC's airport to Silver Spring was unusually pleasant. It had been about an hour since I had taken a low dose of methamphetamine. It was my 40th birthday—October 30, 2006—and I was headed to a National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)-sponsored meeting. A friend, who had a prescription for the drug, had given me a couple of pills as a gift, knowing that I was an expert on amphetamines but had never actually taken any myself. I sat on the train feeling alert, mentally stimulated, and euphorically serene.

Corporate app publishing, epub creation Sign Up & get digital publishing tools | Login Overview Digital Publishing System Books Magazines Corporate The 49 best free websites and apps to learn something new — The Mission The 49 best free websites and apps to learn something new Once upon a time, if you wanted to learn something, you had to a) pay a bunch of money, and b) go to a school or classroom, a place specifically dedicated to learning. Those days are over. Now, a profusion of apps, websites and institutions offer us a wider variety of (often superior) educational experiences than ever before- and we can access them from anywhere in the world, often for free. Digital Publishing - Create Content for Any Platform, Media, or Device The rapid introduction and popularity of full-colour, interactive smartphones, tablets, and other digital devices make Digital Publishing 2.0 the newest channel that professional publishers and corporations must reach. But how can you expand your publishing capabilities to meet new digital requirements, show leadership by publishing to digital devices early in the Digital Publishing 2.0 revolution, and satisfy your customers' growing expectations — without incurring significant time and expense? The Digital Publishing 2.0 Revolution The first generation of digital publishing delivered the electronic equivalent of a book. But not all books. It was for books with layouts and content that were simple enough for the small black–and–white screens of e–readers.