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Chan Luu Single Wrap Macrame Bracelet

Chan Luu Single Wrap Macrame Bracelet
Chan Luu bracelets are just so cool! What's great about them is that they use simple macrame techniques to produce different results, this time with the addition of beads! This tutorial adds on to my previous Square Knot Friendship Bracelets, but utilizes the beads in a different way; on the outside of the knots as opposed to the inside. What you get is a totally different result! Step 1: Gather materials. Step 2: Start the knots. Once you have a couple of square knots, take either side of the thread and add beads to these threads. Take two beads right up to the last knot. Make a square knot, making sure the beads are caught in the knot and lie right on either side of the center thread. Step 2: Continue this method. Once you have gotten one square knot set, continue to knot in this way, until your bracelet is as long as you need. You're finished! If you share/use/post this tutorial, please link back to me.

DIY Ribbon + Chain Bracelets from #MAGICLV Here’s the second DIY I led with with BurdaStyle direct from the MAGIC floor. We did these bracelets on Wednesday, the final day of the show. It was a perfect project to wrap-up with because it was fast and easy. I think we were all feeling a little bit like the walking dead after spending the 4 days running around Las Vegas 20 hours a day. Photo courtesy BurdaStyle The supplies are simple: chain + ribbon. For each bracelet you’ll need about 6″ of chain and 16″ of ribbon. Sidenote: Do you guys know about Fray Check? The last step it to clip off the (fraying) ends of ribbon at an angle and apply Fray Check. One more MAGIC DIY to come next Tuesday: Faux turban fabric headbands! Tagged as: bracelets, burdastyle, chain, diy, magic, wwdmagic

El Matchbook: DEMO: moldeables Sellos Espuma I decided to participate in NaBloPoMo 2007 - it's not a new Polish Dance Craze, nor is it a traditional Italian noodle dish. Heck, it's not even a neighborhood in New York. No, it's just my comittment to post on this here blog once a day during the month of November. It is possible that I will end up resorting to recitations of what I ate during the day, but I am starting with a bang - my first on-line DEMO! A NaBloPoMo Demo! We'll see. But now, you get a DEMO! 1. 2. 4. 5. 6. You can make a stamp from almost anything . . . Rubber Bands Even Corn Cobs! Here are some sample prints that I turned into ATCs.

DIY Orange Bracelets Because I’m thinking orange this week I thought I’d share a couple DIYs that pre-date this blog. The bracelet above is one I did over a year ago and it’s really simple to make. The chain was from Michaels and I used embroidery floss to wrap two lengths of it together…. that’s it! It also reminds me of the project Honestly WTF posted a few months ago – they’re both takes on the same general trend. This one is made from Indian glass beads wire-wrapped to a chain. Tagged as: bracelets, diy, jewelry, orange

Japan couture addicts DIY Chan Luu-Style Wrap Bracelet Like this: Like Loading... Filed under Accessories, Bracelets, Jewelry Tagged as Accessories, bracelets, Chan Luu, DIY, DIY Jewelry, do it yourself, Fashion, Fashion DIY, jewelry, Runway, Runway DIY, Wrap Bracelets Creativity is in the Bag: Preppy Wave Tucked Handbag Wave tucks are a fun and unique way to add a textural focal point to any size bag. Before you start to panic, this technique does not require a bathing suit or a surfboard; all you need is your sewing machine... and a desire for style! First, check out our amazing step-by-step Wave Tuck Tutortial. Then, come back and try out your cool new skills on this very cute, very preppy handbag with its gorgeous contrasting wave tucks on both the front and back. We chose Michael Miller Fabric's Cotton Couture collection for this project, which features 90 solids in 100% quality cotton. Our friends at Fat Quarter Shop have a lovely selection of Cotton Couture. The bag finishes at approximately 10" wide by 8" tall (excluding the handles) with a 3" wide base and sides. Any Sewing Machine (we recommend the Janome Horizon Memory Craft 8200 QC) Walking Foot (optional, but helpful with the top accent band finishing) The cuts below are listed by the fabrics within our sample. Find all the 10" pieces.

Better instructor; MOI! I am a very visual person, I don't know if it comes with being creative, but give me an image of something and I'll figure out how to do it. Give me a text on the other hand, PuhH it will not be solved. I have recieved some feed-back from readers not quite getting how I made the Wrap bracelet from this post. So for one; I promise to do my best explaining the DIYs more thoroughly, second; here back by popular demand (hahaha): detailed descriptions as to how to make the wrap bracelet. 1. 2. Ok, I will admit the start is a bit tricky. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. I hope this makes it easier ;)

Мастер-класс - Сегодня я хочу Вам предложить мастер-класс по пошиву вот такого платья. Для работы нам понадобится плотный трикотаж,достаточно эластичный.Материала нам понадобится больше желаемой длины платья на 30см.Берем подходящую выкройку платья .На основе переда до талии рисуем моделирующие линии(выделенные у меня красной линией).Линию плеча удлинила на 3 см,чтобы было слегка спущенным. Закрываем нагрудные вытачки. Вырезаем детали по моделирующим линиям,разрезаем вот таким образом для раздвижки деталей,чтобы получить свободу на ткани для создания драпировки. Выкраиваем детали переда,спинки . Обметывае все срезы(боковые,плечевые,горловину). Обметываем плечевые,боковые и средний шов спинки.Сшиваем и разутюживаем средний шов спинки. Скалываем и сшиваем подетально детали переда,припуски разутюживаем.Штрихами с двумя,тремя и четырьмя линиями показано,что с чем соединять.Одной полосочкой до какого уровня сшивать. Выкраиваем обтачку спинки. Дублируем тонким трикотажным дублерином. Обметываем. Приутюживаем. Изнанка.

How to make wrapped leather bracelets « Rings and Things Triple-wrap leather bracelet with blue tigereye beads Let me begin by stating the obvious – this style of wrapped leather bracelet is EVERYWHERE this season. Everywhere! Even my athletic clothing catalogs – which only have maybe three pieces of jewelry – are featuring this style. Why? Five different leather wrapped gemstone bracelets designs: green opal, mookaite, African turquoise, hematite and rhodonite The supply list is pretty short: 4-6mm round beads We used gemstone beads, but glass, crystal beads or pearls would also be lovely. Wrapped bracelet made with green opal gemstone beads and natural Greek leather. The technique: Choose your bracelet length and cut your leather. If your button has a small loop, you might need to miter (angle) the leather end and pull it through with pliers. Other design options: Have fun creating your own wrapped bracelets! Need supplies? Other how-to’s: Q: “How do you start a new thread in the middle of the bracelet?”