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8tracks internet radio

8tracks internet radio
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RadioFy, una web para escuchar todas las radios online españolas Hay quienes prefieren apps como Spotify, hay quienes prefieren descargar la música, y hasta quienes prefieren seguir comprando discos. Pero a muchos aún nos gusta escuchar la radio, y online existen bastantes opciones. Una de ellas es el pequeño proyecto de un desarrollador español llamado Pablo Cirre Gómez y bautizado como RadioFy, una web que recoge 50 radios online de las más populares en España para escuchar en un mismo lugar de forma sencilla. RadioFy es extremadamente simple, la web es bastante minimalista y no tiene ningún tipo de publicidad, solo una lista de las estaciones disponibles con sus logos y descripciones. Eliges una, vas a su página y le das play. Eso es todo. También puedes escuchar las estaciones disponibles en RadioFy desde tu navegador móvil La lista de radios incluyen desde emisoras como Cadena SER, Europa FM y Marca, hasta la Radio Nacional de España, Melodia FM, Cadena 100 y más. - Крупнейший музыкальный каталог в интернете - слушайте музыку и смотрите видео бесплатно. 100 legal sites to stream and download free music | MerryCode Music is life, I never found anyone who’s life isn’t influenced by Music. Why the best things in life like Music are not free? Actually, there is more legally available for free Music than you think. image by nothingatall Here is a list of 100 sites that let you stream or download music for free legally! This super list has sites where you can find most of your favorite songs and other awesome music that you will enjoy listening to. DeezerDeezer is the French-based service which is one of the largest and very popular music recommendation search engine. 8Tracks awesome site, with integration! Mog The Most Sophisticated, User-Friendly Music Player on the Web. Clown Basket ClownBasket is the songwriter’s forum to share their own original music with the world. so here is a way for you to get your original music out there! My Band Stock My Band Stock is a type of fan funding tools, where artists raise money from their fan base to record music. ReverbnationReverbnation is huge site.

Artists The Best Fan Experience Fans want to support the artists they love, you just have to give them direct and compelling ways to do so. On Bandcamp, fans can listen to your music, decide if they like it, and if so, pay you directly for it. They then get unlimited streaming access via the free Bandcamp app for Android, iOS and Sonos, plus an optional high-quality download. Total Artist Control, Total Flexibility Charge whatever price for your music you choose, and change it whenever you like. Reach a Whole New Fan Community Bandcamp is much more than a storefront; it’s a vast and quickly growing community of fans who get that paying artists directly is the best way to support the ongoing creation of music. Gorgeous, Clean Players Bandcamp gives you, your fans and the press a bevy of sharp, customizable music players to embed across the web. Sell in (Just About) Any Currency Price your goods in U.S. Real-time Statistics Physical and Digital, Side-by-Side Breeze Through Order Fulfillment Bandcamp Pro

Banco de Imágenes y Sonidos Condiciones de uso El Banco de imgenes y sonidos es una iniciativa del Ministerio de Educación, llevada a cabo a travs del Instituto de Tecnologías Educativas, que tiene como objetivo fundamental poner a disposicin de todo el conjunto de la comunidad educativa recursos audiovisuales que faciliten y estimulen el desarrollo de contenidos educativos. Los recursos incluidos en el Banco de imágenes y sonidos están sujetos a una licencia Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (Reconocimiento-NoComercial-CompartirIgual)(CC BY-NC-SA 3.0), en consecuencia, las acciones, productos y utilidades derivadas de su utilización no podrán generar ningún tipo de lucro y la obra generada sólo podrá distribuirse bajo esta misma licencia. En las obras derivadas deberá, asimismo, hacerse referencia expresa a la fuente y al autor del recurso utilizado. El disfrute de los contenidos del Banco de imgenes y sonidos supone la aceptacin de estas condiciones de uso.

Tabletop Audio - Ambiences and Music for Tabletop Role Playing Games Software Developer – Blender 2.8 — We are looking for an end-user focused software developer to join the team in Amsterdam! You will be working as part of the Blender Animation Studio team, a group of 9+ people who are currently working on a short film to help getting Blender 2.8 production ready. Work includes opportunities to grow your experience and skills, a unique opportunity to work directly with the best Blender developers and artists. How your day will look like Collaborate with the current core development team on a broad range of Blender 2.8 development topics, with as focus usability and daily usage in production.Execute on all aspects of software engineering including testing, debugging, documentation and optimizationWork with artists on evaluation of workflow bottlenecks and come with design proposals and implementation to solve these. As a Software Developer you will need We offer A year contract with option of extensionHelp relocating to Amsterdam, finding you a (shared) apartement and a free bicycle!

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