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Leather + Cut Metal Necklace

Leather + Cut Metal Necklace
Try This: Leather + Cut Metal Necklace Not only is this little guy super easy to make, he might just be one of my favorite projects that I've created lately. Materials: 2 - 24" Leather Laces, 7 Metal Shapes, 6 large Jump Rings, PliersWithout any particular project in mind, I ordered these cut metal triangles from Etsy seller Geometric Land. You could order your own, or skim the jewelry supply aisle at the craft store for something similar. I bet you could also find something really interesting to use at the hardware store. Begin by folding one of your leather laces in half and creating a girth hitch knot (yes, I Googled that) through one of the shapes. Repeat the girth hitch knot with the other lace and one of the other metal shapes. Join the remaining metal shapes with the jump rings, separating and rejoining the rings with a set of pliers -- one in each hand. Join the string of shapes with each of the other pieces using jump rings, as shown. And that's it. find me elsewhere

DIY Braided Hex Nut Bracelet We’re nuts for nuts. Is there a more versatile and inexpensive DIY component than a hex nut from the hardware store? You can imagine our excitement when we first discovered Philip Crangi’s Giles & Brother Hex Collection. You’ll need:3 strands of cotton butcher’s twine cut into one yard pieces18 small brass hex nutsa bit of dexterity! Gather the 3 strands of twine and tie a knot at the top, leaving about 2 inches of slack. Keep your thumb at the base of the braid, holding the nut in its place. Repeat the steps, by threading the rest of the nuts to the outer pieces of twine before they are crossed over. The bracelet should wrap around your wrist at least two or three times. Good luck!! (top image from here, rest of images by Honestly…WTF)

Try This [Redux]: Leather and Cut Metal Necklace I never really know which of my tutorials will strike a cord with people, but for whatever reason, my leather and cut metal necklace tutorial from back in July has been one of my most popular tutorials ever. I can definitely appreciate that because it's also one of the easiest. It's always fun to see variations on a project, so I'm sharing a few more of these that I've made over the last few months. Have you given this one a try? If so, visit the site and use the "Share Your Projects" function at the top to share photos! find me elsewhere

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