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BBC Trending Image copyright Anadolu Agency/Getty Live video stream apps, like Facebook Live and Periscope, seemed to be the medium of choice for a new digital generation in Turkey this week, as they spread the news of recent political turbulence to the world. In January 1991, Peter Arnett reported live on CNN from the Al-Rashid hotel as the first air strikes of the Gulf war hit the Iraqi capital of Baghdad. This was the moment of CNN's pioneering 24-hour news channel, changing the information sharing landscape permanently. Twenty years later, at Tahrir Square in Cairo, a new form of information sharing came into fruition. Egypt's citizen journalists flooded social media with still images of the toppling of government, communicating directly to a global audience.

6 Movie Formulas That Must Be Stopped Dear Hollywood, Hi, it's us! The people who spend money on your movies. Please stop making the same ones over and over again. We've seen the same recycled formulas year after year after year-and frankly, we're tired of it. Comixed - 4 panel comic strip (yonkoma or 4koma) Most Upvoted 985 votes Your Sweet Sweet Tears Will Give Me Strength in Battle 732 votes The loneliest ponies 679 votes Gadgets SOOOOooo…yes I know that is all grammatically incorrect and yes I am a TEACHER! AHHHhhhh! Anyways, usually most people don’t worry too much about grammar when we are communicating what we might say in person to someone else in writing on the internet, not a term paper. Have you read a published book with dialog in it?

Hashtagify Popular Hashtags: Global Top 30 Get daily, weekly or monthly updates about the top hashtags for: any language. Just type your email address, choose your frequency and click "Get Free Updates". This chart shows the top 30 hashtags by popularity on Twitter during last week, for tweets in any language. Period Popularity is a 1-100 rating to compare the popularity of the hashtags. The rating is relative to the most popular hashtag of the week, that always gets a value of 100.

50 Photos Of Basset Hounds Running You know the drill: E-mail this to your Mom so that she can spam her co-workers with the link Our “Basset Hounds Running On The Beach” post was such a success that we had a crazy thought. There are probably hundreds of dozens of photos capturing the brilliance of basset hounds running. So we present 50 Photos Of Basset Hounds Running The Life of Python – 20 Greatest Monty Python Sketches The Holy Grail of Python’s 20 most hilarious sketches, celebrating their 40th anniversary. This Anniversary Special marks the day that Monty Python made its sparkling debut on television when the very first episode of Monty Python’s Flying Circus was aired on the BBC on 5 October 1969. The irresistible Oxbridge partnership of John Cleese , Eric Idle , Graham Chapman , Michael Palin and Terry Jones , mixed with the dazzlingly surreal artworks of American Terry Gilliam , celebrates four decades and 45 episodes of risqué silliness.

The 25 Best High-Tech Pranks Everyone loves a good laugh, and in the age of electronics, high-tech hijinks are just waiting to be pulled off. So snuggle up to your screen and get ready to unleash all sorts of shenanigans as we present the 25 best high-tech pranks known to man. Our apologies in advance to your friends and co-workers. 1. The Six WTFiest Rage Cartoons WTF Rage Cartoons: Fine Dining For The Homeless WTF Rage Cartoons: The Scariest Night Of His Life Using The Bathroom At The Special Olympics Rage Cartoon Pranking The Roommate Backfires Adventures In Public Transportation Rage Comic

memes 1148 featured, 129572 upcoming 580 featured, 257549 upcoming 548 featured, 277752 upcoming seen on Afterall, we're a melting pot of immigrants. Literally the foundation our nation has built itself upon.

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Regroupe un nombre important de mèmes en tout genre, repris à foison sur différentes plateformes communautaires. by licenceatcstic Apr 29

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