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Hey! Look what I Made!: DIY Asos Bleach Heart Tee

Tutorial: peter pan collar and open-back bow shirt Whenever I have somewhere to go and I can't find anything in my closet that I feel like wearing, my solution is usually to diy something (assuming I have the time to do so). Although I practically never finish it in time. But the other day I wanted a new outfit and this is what I came up with! So let's get started! 1. 4.The pictures pretty much speak for themselves. 5. For the rest... The rest is pretty simple! Since I was originally planning on doing something else, the tutorial might be a bit confusing.. Oh and I'm not really sure but wouldn't this make a good maternity shirt? Linky parties: Homemaker on a Dime; Serendipity and Spice; Alderberry Hill; Lines Across; Sumo's Sweet Stuff; Craft-O-Mania

how to-sday . vivid ombré - Shrimp Salad Circus I ombré dyed our duvet cover ages ago, and then I had about ten ladies over for an ombré dyeing party, yet I'm somehow only just now managing to scrape together a tutorial! I'll be sure to show you the duvet cover sometime soon, along with tips and tricks for dyeing such a large piece. In the meantime, you should try this. If you have questions after you read through everything, leave 'em in the comments, and I'll reply as soon as I can. What You Need: White or light-colored natural-fiber garment (cotton, rayon, hemp, silk, etc.)Fiber reactive dye (Dharma Trading has an insane range of colors!) 1. 2. 3. I use this particular dye because I've heard awful things about the quality and staying power of the grocery store stuff, and plus, it's surprisingly cheap. P.S. 4. 5. 6. 7. Oh, and don't worry about it if you have some dye leftover. Note - for a more subtle look, add less dye to each new level.

Easy T-Shirt DIY: Cut Out Back I love a great t-shirt DIY and this one is extremely simple! As shown above, you can wear it two different ways… the first is simply sliced {and reminds me of one of my favorite artists, Lucio Fontana} and the second style, by creating pseudo-bows out of each sliced section. You can choose to wear nothing underneath or wear an alternating colored t-shirt or tank top to show through. A lace tank would be really pretty as well… and a little 80′s Madonna-esque. What You’ll Need… * A crew neck t-shirt. Steps… * Carefully cut out your “crew neck”. * Flip your shirt over and lay it flat. * You can measure it out, or if you have a steady hand, carefully cut 4 straight and parallel lines or slits down your back. NOTE: To get your cut edges to curl a little, use your hands to carefully stretch out your slits. Wear it like this… or create “bows” down the back… * Depending on the number of sections you have, cut 1-1/2″ sections of your lace or trim. And wear it like this… Have Fun!

DIY Denim + Lace Shirt This season we've been loving demin mixed with lace! We decided to give this trend a try with a cute DIY top! Here's how... 1. Supplies: Denim or chambray button up shirt, lace, scissors, sewing machine, sewing pins. 2. First, cut out the back of the shirt. Do you think you'll try this project? michael ann made.: ombre dip dye diy! it took me a lot longer than i had planned to recuperate from california and harry potter, but between sleeping in till noon on friday and a three hour nap on saturday i am so ready for this week! the best part about california was thrifting and crafting with my sister, glenn mae. our main goal for the weekend - ombre dye everything! i think we succeeded. a trip to the thrift store provided glenn with two cream grandma shirts, each 100% silk and me with two grandma shirts, one white and one blue, each 100% polyester. i had also brought a couple cheapy white 100% cotton tees from home. we did the project on our back deck, using plastic shoe boxes filled with almost boiling water from the stove. the colors we used were yellow, a lighter royal blue, and a darker navy blue, all rit dye that you can find at now for the fun part! we let them dry a bit outside, then ran them under hot water in the sink until the water ran clear and threw them in the dryer.

$5 Refashion: The Ruffled Tuxedo Working in the same building as DownEast’s warehouse store can be a problem at times. A problem because there are so many inexpensive basics. DownEast’s basic tops fit fabulously, so I thought I’d use a couple of tops for a refashion. Ruffles are in vogue these days. The shirt that I bought had a neckline that was uncomfortably high, so I chopped it off and sewed my own collar from the coordinating t-shirt. After I finished the collar (which surprisingly took about 10-15 minutes), I cut out the fabric for the ruffles and started gathering my fabric. I laid the ruffles in the desired order, making sure the ruffles covered up any wonky sewing. Side note: I wore this to work on Friday. Ruffled Heart Valentine Dress (Made from recycled Tshirts) My kids had such fun last fall with a holiday EVERY MONTH…….they’re going through withdrawal this month. They keep asking me when the next holiday is going to be. Well little munchkins, Valentine’s Day is on its way. No worries, more excitement/treats/traditions are coming right up. So let’s celebrate with a little Valentine’s attire. First up, my 5 year old girl. EDITED: In case you need a couple other Valentine’s Day Clothing ideas…….here are a few. (Click on each image to visit tutorial.) She loves dresses and skirts. (**And nope, I didn’t even use my serger once. And since this dress is made completely from thrifted women’s Tshirts…….this dress only cost me a few dollars. Once I sewed up the last seam and told her that I just finished her ‘Valentine’s Day Dress‘…….she shrieked. This girl loves purple and pink equally. I know we don’t need a new outfit for every holiday……but for some reason, it makes the whole day a lot more fun. Would you like to make a ruffled heart dress of your own?