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The Representation Project

The Representation Project

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New Superhero T-Shirts Latest in a Long Line of Sexist Licensed Products from DC AND Marvel I’m not entirely sure who is making the decisions when it comes to licensing at DC Entertainment, but recently two somewhat controversial shirts have appeared at retail outlets, and it’s safe to say most people aren’t very happy with them. The first shirt was revealed on the DC Women Kicking Ass page, which features an image of Superman and his now-girlfriend Wonder Woman locked in a mid-air kiss from the cover of Justice League #12, with art by Jim Lee. It’s already an older image, so why all the hubbub now? Well, you can thank a couple of modifications made to the original image just for this t- shirt that take the whole thing to a new, sexist level.

Feminist Movement in Art Women’s Artistic Liberation The Feminist Art Movement began with the idea that women’s experiences must be expressed through art, where they had previously been ignored or trivialized. Early proponents of Feminist Art in the United States envisioned a revolution. Wonder Woman and Superman get new costumes in the comics This year, both major comic houses summer events are going to reboot their continuities. Marvel is going all in and throwing out their “616” universe and years of continuity in an event called Secret Wars and DC is doing a minor reboot in an event called Convergence. Where as Secret Wars is ending a large swath of Marvel continuity, DC’s mini reboot is notable for ending the so called “New 52,” their experiment in a complete reboot of their line undertaken in 2011.

European Women's Lobby Européen des femmes : Home Time to gear up ahead of the European elections! You can vote for gender equality and make sure that women’s rights are a priority on the European agenda! [Brussels, 23 April 2014] In four weeks European voters will elect a new European Parliament (EP) and will give a sign what kind of Europe they wish.

Yvonne Brill and the Beef-Stroganoff Illusion The most grating phrase in the opening paragraph of the Times’s obituary of Yvonne Brill, a rocket scientist whose inventions satellites still depend on, is not the one the newspaper changed after a burst of outrage—the one about beef Stroganoff. The Stroganoff, if anything, is a clue, one ignored in the obituary, whose greater flaws, like Brill’s achievements, are hidden in plain sight. Here is how it originally began:

Women in development Women in development (WID) is an approach to development projects that emerged in the 1970s, calling for treatment of women's issues in development projects. Later, the Gender and development (GAD) approach proposed more emphasis on gender relations rather than seeing women's issues in isolation. Concepts[edit] In Africa, one of the first to recognise the importance of women in farming was Baumann in 1928, with his classic article The Division of Work According to Sex in African Hoe Culture. Kaberry published a much-quoted study of women in the Cameroon in 1952, and empirical data on male and female activities was documented in Nigerian Cocoa Farmers published in 1956 by Galletti, Baldwin and Dina. Ester Boserup's pioneering Women's Role in Economic Development brought greater attention to the importance of women's role in agricultural economies and the lack of alignment of development projects with this reality.

Brenda Milner: A scientific pioneer and a reluctant role model In the early 1950s, Wilder Penfield, one of the world’s leading neurosurgeons at the time, performed what should have been a straightforward elective surgery. The patient, an engineer who headed his department, had come to the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital, affiliated with McGill University, with epileptic seizures. The results of the surgery were catastrophic. Lessons on feminism – news and teaching resources round up A move to replace social reformer Elizabeth Fry with Sir Winston Churchill on the £5 banknote, leaving the Queen as the only female face on our currency, was met with widespread protest. An online petition was signed by 35,000 people and pressure was increased with the threat of legal action when the campaign raised more than £13,000 in donations. At the end of July the Bank of England announced that Jane Austen would appear on the new £10 note. To help you explore feminist debate and gender issues, we have collated stories from the Guardian, infographics on inequality and lesson ideas from the web.

Lisa Randall: Warped view of the universe Two years after her climbing accident, Lisa Randall shakes her head, still not quite able to accept the reality of the laws of physics. "It just shouldn't have happened," she says. "I was climbing safely, the conditions were good, the route wasn't that difficult and I was properly roped up. But somehow, I managed to fall and smash my heel." Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" degrades women July 26, 2013|By Timothy Villareal Robin Thicke, right, takes offense to the charge that “Blurred Lines” is “rapey,” but the rationale for that accusation is difficult to miss. (HANDOUT) If you have not heard it by now, a catchy tune with grotesque, misogynist lyrics has conquered the nation this summer.

The Finkbeiner Test - DoubleXScience What matters in stories about women scientists? By Christie Aschwanden Men dominate most fields of science. This is not news, and countless projects have sprung up to address the disparity. What No One Else Will Tell You About Feminism But this is the problem you bring up a contentious issue, ask if you a feminist if you believe differently and say you don't want to talk about the issue. A little too cute no? I think you can clearly be a feminist and think abortion is wrong, a bad choice, perhaps even immoral. You can try to persuade women not to get them and refuse to get one yourself even if you know your baby is going to die within weeks of birth. You can do all that and be a feminist.

Center for WorkLife Law (UC Hastings) The Gender Revolution has Stalled Women’s workforce participation leveled off in the 1990s, as did men’s household contributions. Only 4% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women and the face of American poverty is still a mother. Women's Network What is the Women’s Network? How is it run? How can I get involved? What’s On

"Feminism" is really just neo Marxist class struggle ideology. Oppressor class vs oppressed class. It's not feminism, sadly it's communist in origin. by johnw777 Dec 20