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Berlin Coquette: Prostitution and the New German Woman, 1890–1933 on JSTOR. Berlin Coquette Book Description: During the late nineteenth century the city of Berlin developed such a reputation for lawlessness and sexual licentiousness that it came to be known as the "Whore of Babylon.

Berlin Coquette: Prostitution and the New German Woman, 1890–1933 on JSTOR

" Out of this reputation for debauchery grew an unusually rich discourse around prostitution. InBerlin Coquette, Jill Suzanne Smith shows how this discourse transcended the usual clichés about prostitutes and actually explored complex visions of alternative moralities or sexual countercultures including the "New Morality" articulated by feminist radicals, lesbian love, and the "New Woman. " Why real men do hit women. Recently, a video was released by TMZ (who else?)

Why real men do hit women

, apparently showing an American sports star knocking his female partner unconscious. I’m not going to be specific here – the woman involved doesn’t need any more Google hits to her name and, besides, even if you don’t know who I’m talking about, the situation could easily be a carbon copy of thousands of others, as far as domestic violence is concerned. As the news broke, social media duly erupted and everyone seemed to be having their say. Reactions were, inevitably, mixed: once again, we were given unnecessary proof that victim-blaming and abuser-apologetics are still many people’s default response to such a story. Social Dominance Orientation and the Legitimization of Inequality Across Cultures. Peter Hegarty.

Social Dominance Orientation and the Legitimization of Inequality Across Cultures

Women's Network. What is the Women’s Network?

Women's Network

How is it run? How can I get involved? Feminist Movement in Art. Women’s Artistic Liberation The Feminist Art Movement began with the idea that women’s experiences must be expressed through art, where they had previously been ignored or trivialized.

Feminist Movement in Art

Early proponents of Feminist Art in the United States envisioned a revolution. The Representation Project. European Women's Lobby Européen des femmes : Home. Time to gear up ahead of the European elections!

European Women's Lobby Européen des femmes : Home

You can vote for gender equality and make sure that women’s rights are a priority on the European agenda! [Brussels, 23 April 2014] In four weeks European voters will elect a new European Parliament (EP) and will give a sign what kind of Europe they wish. Women in development. Women in development (WID) is an approach to development projects that emerged in the 1970s, calling for treatment of women's issues in development projects.

Women in development

Later, the Gender and development (GAD) approach proposed more emphasis on gender relations rather than seeing women's issues in isolation. Concepts[edit] In Africa, one of the first to recognise the importance of women in farming was Baumann in 1928, with his classic article The Division of Work According to Sex in African Hoe Culture. Kaberry published a much-quoted study of women in the Cameroon in 1952, and empirical data on male and female activities was documented in Nigerian Cocoa Farmers published in 1956 by Galletti, Baldwin and Dina. Ester Boserup's pioneering Women's Role in Economic Development brought greater attention to the importance of women's role in agricultural economies and the lack of alignment of development projects with this reality. In other countries, women were severely underemployed. Activities[edit]

Files/2013/05/130520-Women-Economic-Development-Paper-for-HLP.pdf. Files/2013/05/130520-Women-Economic-Development-Paper-for-HLP.pdf. Lessons on feminism – news and teaching resources round up. A move to replace social reformer Elizabeth Fry with Sir Winston Churchill on the £5 banknote, leaving the Queen as the only female face on our currency, was met with widespread protest.

Lessons on feminism – news and teaching resources round up

An online petition was signed by 35,000 people and pressure was increased with the threat of legal action when the campaign raised more than £13,000 in donations. At the end of July the Bank of England announced that Jane Austen would appear on the new £10 note. To help you explore feminist debate and gender issues, we have collated stories from the Guardian, infographics on inequality and lesson ideas from the web. You'll find a photo campaign on why feminism belongs in schools, a street art project against harassment and a performer who's created a heroine to fight female stereotypes. From the Guardian The global gender gapEducation and healthcare are improving for women across the world, but men continue to do better when it comes to jobs and wages, according to data from the World Economic Forum.


The Feminist Wire. Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" degrades women. July 26, 2013|By Timothy Villareal Robin Thicke, right, takes offense to the charge that “Blurred Lines” is “rapey,” but the rationale for that accusation is difficult to miss.

Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" degrades women

(HANDOUT) If you have not heard it by now, a catchy tune with grotesque, misogynist lyrics has conquered the nation this summer. The song has even been called the summer anthem of 2013. Robin Thicke, a 36-year-old R&B singer who has had a handful of hit singles in recent years, has hit the jackpot with the song and video "Blurred Lines," which is nothing more than a montage of wholesale female sexual degradation, complete with hair-pulling by the singer and his rapping buddies.

The female director of the video, Diane Martel, rationalizes the visual degradation by arguing that the women, as they are being actively degraded on film, look into the camera, instead of away from the camera. OTHER WRITINGS – EVE ENSLER. V-Day: A Global Movement to End Violence Against Women and Girls Worldwide. What No One Else Will Tell You About Feminism. But this is the problem you bring up a contentious issue, ask if you a feminist if you believe differently and say you don't want to talk about the issue.

What No One Else Will Tell You About Feminism

A little too cute no? I think you can clearly be a feminist and think abortion is wrong, a bad choice, perhaps even immoral. You can try to persuade women not to get them and refuse to get one yourself even if you know your baby is going to die within weeks of birth. You can do all that and be a feminist. Lean In.