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How the Media Failed Women in 2013

How the Media Failed Women in 2013
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Gulabi Gang : en Inde, féminisme et lutte des classes arme au poing | Crystal Kids Radio Alors qu’il ne se passe pas une semaine sans que ne soit évoqué le terrifiant problème du viol en Inde, la justice indienne, d’ordinaire bien connue pour sa pesanteur pachidermique, vient enfin de trancher une affaire : Akshay Kumar, Pawan Gupta, Vinay Sharma et Mukesh Singh, accusés du viol – prémédité et en réunion – d’une jeune Indienne de vingt-trois ans (décédée des suites de ses blessures depuis), viennent d’être tous les quatre condamnés à mort. Hop, tous pendus, et on passe à autre chose… tout du moins dans les médias. Parce que sur le terrain, le quotidien des femmes indiennes ne saurait être plus inquiétant. Si les cas de viols phagocytent l’actualité médiatique, les femmes sont victimes de nombreuses autres violations de leurs droits fondamentaux : passage à tabac, harcèlement, expulsion, agression sexuelle, et donc viol et meurtre. Un groupe de femmes, de l’État de l’Uttar Pradesh, a décidé de ne pas attendre que l’État indien agisse pour faire respecter leurs droits.

Women and leadership in universities: a case study of women academic managers Author(s): Louise Kloot (School of Business, Swinburne University of Technology, Hawthorn, Australia) Citation: Louise Kloot, (2004) "Women and leadership in universities: a case study of women academic managers", , Vol. 17 Iss: 6, pp.470 - 485 Downloads: The fulltext of this document has been downloaded 2276 times since 2006 Acknowledgements: The author wishes to thank an anonymous reviewer for his/her very helpful suggestions, and also thanks participants at a seminar at Griffith University and at the 31st Annual Meeting of the Western Decision Sciences Institute, Las Vegas for their insightful comments. Abstract: Gender inequity at senior ranks in Australian public sector universities has long been recognised as a major problem. Keywords: Women, Managers, Universities, Gender issues, Australia Type: Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing Limited

How Mens Magazines Display Women As Ornaments Esquire's editor has admitted: We show ornamental women in same way as cars. This article titled “Esquire editor: We show ‘ornamental’ women in same way as cars” was written by Mark Sweney, for on Tuesday 19th March 2013 18.41 UTC Esquire editor Alex Bilmes has admitted that the magazine uses pictures of “ornamental” women for male readers “in the same way we provide pictures of cool cars”. Bilmes, who moved from rival men’s title GQ to edit Esquire in 2010, said that his magazine’s policy was “more honest” than that of the women’s magazine industry, which he claimed perpetuate negative images of women. “The women we feature in the magazine are ornamental,” he said, speaking on a panel at the Advertising Week Europe conference in London on Tuesday. Bilmes, speaking on a panel hosted by Cosmopolitan editor Louise Court about feminism in the media and advertising, added that men “see women in 3D” in many different roles in life “but at certain times we like to see them sexy”.

Choosing a Pronoun - He, She or Other - After Curfew Fabrizio Costantini for The New York Times Katy Butler, 16, likes being offered gender choices such as “male, female or other.” Katy, a high school junior in Ann Arbor, Mich., first encountered “other” as a gender option at a meeting of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning and Allies (LGBTQQA) in seventh grade. Though Google created the “other” option for privacy reasons rather than as a transgender choice, young supporters of preferred gender pronouns (or P.G.P.’s as they are called) could not help but rejoice. “You have to understand, this has nothing to do with your sexuality and everything to do with who you feel like inside,” Katy said, explaining that at the start of every LGBTQQA meeting, participants are first asked if they would like to share their P.G.P.’s. P.G.P.’s can change as often as one likes. Dr. Australia last month issued new passport guidelines allowing citizens to give their official gender as male, female or indeterminate.

Our Bodies Ourselves- Information on Women's Health & Sexuality Women: The Leaders of Tomorrow “Feminine traits and values are a new form of innovation. They are an untapped form of competitive advantage” says John Gerzema, author of The Athena Doctrine. From the beginning of time men have been declared as the born, ultimate leaders. They are believed to possess the necessary skills and traits to effectively lead and organize. On the contrary women are often considered too soft to lead an organization. However, recent studies being conducted across the globe and several in Pakistan indicate a shift in attitude about leadership effectiveness in men. A recent, detailed study Pew Center conducted reveals astounding results, declaring women as natural and able leaders. To take the study one step further, Michael D’Antonio & John Gerzema decided to investigate the various feminine characteristics that can make one an effective leader. A study conducted by Prof. Empathy: This is the key characteristic in every woman and a great motivator at the workplace!

4chan threatens to leak Emma Watson nudes after UN speech Over the weekend, Emma Watson lit up the internet with a pretty amazing speech to the UN about women's rights. She called herself a feminist. She called for men to join in the fight for gender equality. She even said that feminism wasn't about hating men. All pretty reasonable stuff. Unfortunately, a 4chan user doesn't feel the same way – in fact, he or she is threatening to release nude images of Emma Watson as revenge. "It is real and going to happen this weekend. "She makes stupid feminist speeches at UN, and now her nudes will be online, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH," wrote a second commenter. A site counting down to the leak, Emma You Are Next, has been set up. People already called for 4chan to be shut down for its part in the celebrity photo leak that saw hundreds of private and intimate images released on the internet – and this only adds more fuel to the fire. SJW, by the way, is 4chan's word of choice for someone who campaigns online for LGBT rights, anti-racism and... oh yeah, feminism.

Gender Is Key to the Bullying Culture Category: Education, Girls, Violence against Women By Jessie Klein | March 27, 2012 To reduce bullying and its deadly consequences, argues Jessie Klein, author of the "Bully Society," schools must make the gender connection. In recent weeks, two events—T.J. Lane’s Ohio school shooting and the trial that follows Tyler Clementi’s cyber-bullying-related suicide—once again highlight the role sexuality often plays in acts of youthful despair. Since 1979, there have been at least 191 school shootings across the country—and they’ve increased at an alarming rate. New evidence suggests that T.J. In about 50 percent of the shootings, boys responded to different forms of masculinity challenges. Almost 10 percent of the shootings related to gay-bashing. Gay-bashing obviously afflicts gay-identified students too. Dating or domestic violence figured in approximately 15 percent of the shootings—unsurprisingly, since the current code of masculinity demands that boys bully and sexually harass girls.

La Brigade rose, des femmes indiennes combattantes Le Bundelkhand est l’un des endroits les plus pauvres de la région de l’Uttar Pradesh, dans le nord de l’Inde. C’est aussi l’un des territoires les plus denses d’un pays déjà largement surpeuplé. Confrontés à des terres infertiles, à une justice corrompue et au système de caste indien, oppressif et archaïque, les habitants du Bundelkhand doivent lutter quotidiennement pour leur survie. Bref, on ne s’y amuse pas beaucoup. Et ce n’est peut-être pas très surprenant, mais annonçons-le d’emblée : les violences domestiques et la relégation des femmes au rang de citoyens de seconde zone font que l’Inde n’est pas exactement la terre des droits de la femme. Fondé il y a deux ans à peine, le gang est déjà sous le coup de nombreuses accusations pour rassemblements illégaux, émeutes, agression d’un représentant de l’État et obstruction à la justice. « Le mot ‘gang’ ne veut pas forcément dire ‘criminel’, affirme-t-elle, ça peut aussi désigner une équipe. La cheffe et des membres de la Brigade rose

Virginia slims ad The woman used in this ad is young, sweet and pretty, matching the description below and visually appealing to women. Her makeup, jewelry and perfectly manicured nails imply that this is a brand that is smoked by young and classy and relatively wealthy women. The shirt that she is wearing shows her skin from her neck down, and the cigarette packets are placed right in the area where her cleavage would otherwise show. The contrast of her black clothes and the white background give a sense of classiness. Her head carelessly rests in her hand, her eyes are lazy and seductive and her lips are parted slightly. Every Curve Art Installation | Zoe Buckman Buckman’s ongoing body of work, Every Curve, explores the contradictory and complimentary influences of Feminism and Hip-Hop in her upbringing. The installation of hanging vintage lingerie reveals the artist’s fascination with femininity throughout time. The antique undergarments — relics from our past and windows into cultural ideas of female objectification — are reworked using musical text from a very specific time and place. Buckman hand-embroiders the lingerie with lyrics that refer to women from the iconic rappers Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. The text spans from the violent and misogynistic to the wholly sympathetic and pro-choice. This juxtaposition is witty in its provocation and empowered awareness while comparing the Janus-faced relationship between feminism and Hip-Hop both in the 90’s and today. Buckman grew up in a feminist and activist household in East London. The garments tell us what ideas of objectification were like at the time of their creation.