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See The 5 Kick-Ass Women This Mom Dressed Her Daughter As Instead Of A Disney Princess

See The 5 Kick-Ass Women This Mom Dressed Her Daughter As Instead Of A Disney Princess
Photographer and mother Jaime Moore searched high and low for creative inspiration to take photos of her 5-year-old daughter Emma but found most of the ideas were how to dress your little girl like a Disney princess. It got her thinking about some real women for her daughter to look up to, whether that be a pilot, a doctor, or even an astronaut. Then she did what I can only describe as kick-ass. Below are the five inspirational women she dressed her daughter as. Then scroll down to see the bonus sixth photo because it made me smile so much. Susan B. Click image to Zoom Coco Chanel Amelia Earhart Helen Keller Jane Goodall The photographer's daughter, Emma. Related:  Beauty and self-imagegender

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Mom channels iconic heroines in daughter’s photo shoot  Jaime C. Moore Emma dressed up as Amelia Earhart. You're more than a girl. That was the message one Texas mom had for her daughter when she dressed the 5-year-old up last month as iconic heroines like Amelia Earhart and Helen Keller. Jaime C. Photographer Jaime Moore has nothing against princesses, she said, but eschewed the popular Disney-themed photo shoots to encourage her daughter, Emma, to look up to real, strong women. Jaime C. “My daughter wasn’t born into royalty, but she was born into a country where she can now vote, become a doctor, a pilot, an astronaut, or even president if she wants and that’s what really matters,” the Austin-based shutterbug wrote on her website. Jaime C. “I wanted her to know the value of these amazing women who had gone against everything so she can now have everything.” Jaime C. Among the captivating shots are Emma dressed up in strings of pearls and a black hat as she channels Coco Chanel. Jaime C. In another, her hair is wrapped in a chignon like Susan B.

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