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DAVID 3D Scanner

DAVID 3D Scanner
I'd like to see some results before buying or building anything! You will find some amazing results in our gallery. For laser scanning, you can download DAVID and use a test video file (choose Video Grabber) instead of a real camera, so you will have 3D data within a minute. More Questions? See FAQ (frequently asked questions) Gallery and User Gallery (with amazing 3D results) Downloads (software, example scans and test video) Shop (DAVID Scanner packages, cameras, lasers, and more) Manual (how to build and/or use your 3D scanner) Forum (exchange experiences with others) Wiki (tutorials and user impressions)

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3D printers price Notes: The above list is sorted by price. Forgot your printer? Printrbot jr assembly part 1 Finally got some time to work on assembling the actual printer. Started out with going through the LC parts to check if they were all there. Also snapped some photos of other components: printrbot Screws, nuts, etc. Nicely packed in sealed plastic bag. Bundler - Toolkit V3DSfMToolkit ETH-V3D Structure-and-Motion software was created by Christopher Zach. The original source code with dataset is available at Christopher Zach Open-Source page (GPL license). I have created a windows port of V3DSfMToolkit with scripting wich is available as both binary ( and source (github). I’ve tested this toolkit with the dataset given by Christopher Zach (see above screenshot) the reconstruction looks good but I only managed to get partial reconstruction from my own dataset. MissStereo

DirectShow Logo of the DirectX Media SDK – the first time DirectShow was distributed under its current name.[citation needed] Microsoft plans to completely replace DirectShow gradually with Media Foundation in future Windows versions.[why?] Open Book on "Low-cost 3D Printing for Science, Education and Sustainable Development" Low-cost, three-dimensional (3D) desktop printing, although still in its infancy, is rapidly maturing, with seemingly unlimited potential. The hope is that this cutting-edge 3D technology will open new dimensions to science and education, and will make a marked impact in developing countries. This book gives a reasonable, first overview of current research on 3D printing. It aims to inspire curiosity and understanding in young scholars and new generations of scientists to motivate them to start building up their own 3D printing experiences and to explore the huge potential this technology provides –with the final goal of putting learning literally in their hands.

Using the GoPro Hero 3 for 3D Photogrammetry Modeling and Measuring Posted on Monday, September 23rd, 2013 Introduction The GoPro Hero 3 is a small, lightweight, robust, low cost, and high definition video and still camera used primarily for capturing action. The GoPro Hero 3 Black is the highest resolution version of the GoPro lineup and the one best suited to photogrammetry – the science of measurement, modeling and scanning using photographs. Due to the GoPro’s small size, low weight, wifi, and good image quality it is an interesting platform to consider for photogrammetry.

Pi 3D scanner: a DIY body scanner The blog’s rather late today but definitely worth the wait we think. It’s an jaw-droppingly brilliant Raspberry Pi-driven 3D scanner by Richard Garsthagen . He used it recently to scan over 200 people at the Groningen Makerfaire with spectacular results: Richard’s site has details on recent events (including the best party ever: a scanning party) and instructions on how to build your own. It uses 40 Raspberry Pis and cameras but Richard says that he has had impressive results with 12 Pis. Setting up the scanner.

orG is a simple, open source 3D printing program - ReplicatorG This is the software that will drive your MakerBot Replicator, Thing-O-Matic, CupCake CNC, RepRap machine, or generic CNC machine. You can give it a GCode or STL file to process, and it takes it from there. It's cross platform, easily installed, and is based on the familiar Arduino / Processing environments.

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