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eMotion Tech - Reprap-France - Reprap-France - eMotion Tech

eMotion Tech - Reprap-France - Reprap-France - eMotion Tech

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Zim, the Zeepro 3D printer with dual head-3D printer Zim is the first personal 3D printer to feature a dual extruders printing head with Ethernet & WiFi connectivity, an onboard micro-camera, smartphone and tablet control, and an exclusive refillable cartridge system. With Zim, 3D printing is about to go mainstream, as everyone from hobbyists to children will now be able to print high quality 3D objects quickly and safely using various materials and colors, at an affordable price. (Affordable 3D printer)

Tools manages a facility for making and measuring things on length scales from atoms to buildings. Rather than requiring user fees, it is funded by CBA’s , with additional available time shared with collaborating programs. The tools are grouped by capabilities. Nano (nanometers) Printrun Printrun is a set of G-code sending applications, written by Kliment. It consists of printcore (dumb G-code sender), pronsole (featured command line G-code sender), pronterface (featured G-code sender with graphical user interface), and a small collection of helpful scripts. Together with skeinforge or Slic3r they form a powerful printing toolchain. GNU/Linux & Distros Dependencies

legobot 3D printer made entirely out of LEGO jul 16, 2013 legobot 3D printer made entirely out of LEGO legobot 3D printer made entirely out of LEGOall images courtesy matstermind A 3D printer built with MakerSlide A simple, stable, and scalable 3D printer proposal. Barton Dring (bdring) of Buildlog.Net fame recently designed a 3D printer based on the multifunctional MakerSlide beams. MakerSlide, another of bdring’s projects, was designed to provide a standardized linear bearing for CNC digital fabrication equipment. teams up with Microsoft HoloLens We are very excited to announce we’ve been working with Microsoft as an official partner of HoloLens, along amazing organizations such as NASA, Disney, Unity and Autodesk. The HoloLens was unveiled in January of this year. This device lets you bring virtual objects and scenes into your own environment, the best of both worlds between VR and AR.

Liste des équipements disponibles This section lists the equipments and the components available to students for prototyping Ambient Intelligence applications. France (avec bons de commande) Electronique Lextronic (F): distribue Sparkfun, Cool component, ... en France et pour les grands comptes. Farnell Radio Spare Mouser bons de commande ??? Go Tronic à essayer !!!! Getting started with Cura : 3D Genius – The Home of 3D Printing Download it hereCura is a freely-available program for slicing models to G-Code format. It’s optimised for the Ultimaker 3D printer, but it works fine with any printer based on the RepRap model – and that includes just about all the ones that squirt molten plastic. Cura is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Cura is much faster at slicing than most other programs, and the latest version provides both a handy set of tools to visualize your printable object and a dual-user mode – Quickprint, which offers preset options suitable for most everyday print jobs, and Full setting, which gives you the chance to tinker.

3D printed bionic ear - electronics and biology converge aug 10, 2013 3D printed bionic ear - electronics and biology converge 3D printed bionic ear – electronics and biology converge earlier this year, we reported on a group of scientists and physicians at cornell university who engineered a 3D printed ear to treat children born with a congenital deformity called microtia. read more about that on designboom here. andrea chin I designboom Mendel90 updates It has been a long road but I am now in a position to sell complete kits for Mendel90. My original plan was to use laser cut acrylic but the companies I got quotes from could not guarantee the holes sizes would be accurate enough to be tapped. I also found out that 3mm Dibond is stiffer than 6mm acrylic as well as being a lot lighter and cheaper. The downside is that the polyethylene core is too soft and the aluminium wall too thin to tap a thread into reliably. That meant replacing all the screws with nuts and bolts, which made the machine fiddly to put together.

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