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Up! 3D printer

Up! 3D printer

Mataerial VeryCool Build A last minute note to direct people to the other page where I showed building the NEW hot-end for this printer. Other than that, this project is finished. — COMPLETE — I solved my problems of the plastic not sticking to the table by a light cleaning of the table top with fingernail polish remover. What is available here now is not acetone as it used to be. It is mostly alcohol. Ethyl acetate to be more specific. :-) See also my page on making an all-metal hot-end for your 3D printer, which goes along with this page: After several people engaging in much chatting on the Shout Box about making 3D printers, I was finally hooked and decided to start on one myself. Despite all the hassles you may run into, remember the words of Winston Churchill when he said to "─never, ever, ever give up." The first point I want to make is that I am happy with the printed parts deal I got to start this project off. My motors Is a trial.

<€3.500 printers 3D Refiner by by Ross Yeager ******NOTE: For INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING, please refer to FAQ section at bottom****** *** Click the Picture below for a enlarged version hosted at *** We are two masters of engineering students at UC Berkeley in their last year and avid 3D printers (almost obssesed... we're always looking for an excuse to use 3D printing in a class). The 3D Refiner came to be from our pain of having to wait for 3D prints AND all the time spent after printing to clean the part and make it presentable. We figured why not 3D print at the lowest resolution and with the highest speed... you get the print in a fraction of the time, but they looked horrible and the plastic layers were very prominent. So we tried different methods to improve the prints finish and still save a ton of time. In our last three months at Berkeley, we have been able to secure lab space exclusive for the 3D Refiner, which is where we will produce and assembled most of the finished product.

tot €50.000 The Buccaneer® - The 3D Printer that Everyone can use! by Pirate3D Inc Manufacturing timeline and Stretch goals sections are at the very end for those who just want to go there. FAQ is also at the back, do check it out in case the questions you have are already answered there. Hi everyone! We have had many requests to see the internals of our 3D printer while it is printing. We ripped out the mechanics from our final casing and placed them into our prototype casing (which is transparent) for all of you to see! It's a bit messy because our prototype box doesn't have the compartments for proper storage but it looks great either way. The item printed is the Cute Octopus from Makerbot, Created by Jason Bakutis and is a creative common. We at Pirate3D are creating a full 3D printing solution for home consumers. Here is what we offer: Easy and Intuitive set up, The Buccaneer is built to be as easily set up as possible. Cloud Printing like pulling information directly from our store (Treasure Island) into your Buccaneer. Here is our baby, The Buccaneer. Summary Why?

<€500 OpenBeam Kossel Pro - A new type of 3D Printer by Terence Tam Update: High Resolution shots of the printer's output here: History: About a year ago, I designed the OpenBeam Construction System as a low cost way to rapidly build mechanical prototypes. 3D Printers are great, and we have been involved in the 3D Printing community for a very long time. Design Philosophy of the OpenBeam Kossel Pro After Johann developed the ground breaking work behind the Rostock 3D printer, I donated some material to him to work on the next generation deltabot, code named: "Kossel". We will be designing our parts for maximum interchangeability between the Kossel and the Kossel Pro. Specifications: Build Area: Cylindrical Build Area of 250mm Diameter x 250mm HeightLinear Actuator resolution: 0.2mm / full step, 1/32 Micro steppingExtruder: OpenBeam designed Dual Use extruder body. Specifications are only part of the story. Giving back: OpenBeam is committed to being a good member of the Open Source Hardware community. Acknowledgement and Special Thanks: