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A home 3D printer to turn your ideas into real objects

A home 3D printer to turn your ideas into real objects

What is 3D Printing? An Overview. You’ve heard of 3D printing from newscasters and journalists, astonished at what they’ve witnessed. A machine reminiscent of the Star Trek Replicator, something magical that can create objects out of thin air. It can “print” in plastic, metal, nylon, and over a hundred other materials. It can be used for making nonsensical little models like the over-printed Yoda, yet it can also print manufacturing prototypes, end user products, quasi-legal guns, aircraft engine parts and even human organs using a person’s own cells. Fantastical? We live in an age that is witness to what many are calling the Third Industrial Revolution. 3D printing, more professionally called additive manufacturing, moves us away from the Henry Ford era mass production line, and will bring us to a new reality of customizable, one-off production. Need a part for your washing machine? Each of these printed layers is a thinly-sliced, horizontal cross-section of the eventual object. It Begins with a Digital File

Form1 - Kickstarter Are you frustrated that low-end 3D printers don’t have the quality to make the true beauty of your designs real? Do you dream of having the power and resolution of a truly professional machine on your desktop? We’ve created an easy-to-use system that rivals the output of high-end printers at a fraction of the cost. Our reason for starting this project is simple: there are no low-cost 3D printers that meet the quality standards of the professional designer. We’ve been hard at work for over a year, and with your help, we’re ready to take the Form 1 into full-fledged production. We’ve gone to extraordinary lengths to design a complete 3D printing experience: The Form 1 printer is engineered to produce high resolution parts with the touch of a buttonForm software is intuitive and simple to use so you can spend less time setting up prints and more time designingThe Form Finish post-processing kit keeps your desktop organized so that you can easily put the finishing touches on your masterpiece

3D Printers & 3D Production Systems | Stratasys Products The Stratasys Idea Series levels the playing field by bringing professional 3D printers to individuals and small teams, accelerating creativity. Making the leap to world-class 3D printing at such a low cost is a revolution on its own. If you’ve ever taken a 3D prototype for a test spin before production, you already know its impact. Cut turnaround time and increase quality by building prototypes right under your own roof with Stratasys Design Series 3D printers. Rethink the factory from the floor up. The Stratasys Production Series is built to streamline manufacturing while maximizing your possibilities — handling the largest prototypes and accurate low-volume parts with agility. Because Stratasys believes the future of dentistry is digital, we’ve designed a 3D printing solution for almost every dental need. Learn about 3D Printing 3D printing is a way to create physical objects directly from digital files. Technologies

Votre design 3D devient réalité avec l'impression 3D Form 1 - article TechCrunch The Form 1 3D printer, which you may recognize from Kickstarter, has topped $1.4 million in pre-orders in just under a week on the crowd-funding platform. With nearly 1,000 backers already, the FormLabs team has sold out of all their early-bird pledge packages, so anyone who backs the project now is only ahead of the official website sale shipments. Mad Kickstarter success always comes down to demand. Disrupt runner up gTar walked away with 3x its funding goal because it made learning the guitar fun and easy. The Form 1 is no different. There’s a massive gap, and Form 1 aims to fill it. I caught up with co-founder Maxim Lobovsky (once again) to ask about momentum. Lobovsky tells me that FormLabs is being as realistic as possible with quantity. To avoid this, the total amount that FormLabs can raise on the site is around $2.8 million, so that the company is able to ship on time to its loyal backers.

Formlabs - High Resolution Desktop 3D Printer 3D Printers 2013 | Best 3D Printer | Compare Home 3D Printers - TopTenREVIEWS Mojo Discover the Magic of Mojo A 3D printer so brilliant, it could have designed itself. No need to leave your chair — Mojo prints professional-quality models at your desk. It’s as simple to use as a document printer, yet powered by Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Technology to build spot-on, functional concept models and rapid prototypes in ABSplus thermoplastic. The ready-to-run Mojo 3D Print Pack arrives equipped with everything designers, engineers or educators need to start 3D printing: The Mojo Desktop 3D Printer Startup supply of materials and bases Mojo Print Wizard and Control Panel software WaveWash 55 support removal system Image Gallery Materials and Bases Mojo uses QuickPack Print Engines, which contain and deliver the model and support materials to build your 3D printed parts. Modeling bases provide a smooth surface on which your models grow. More Stratasys Idea Series 3D Printers Mojo Product Specifications Support material: SR-30 soluble Layer thickness: 0.178 mm (0.007 in.)

Printcraft : le Minecraft de l’impression 3D Princraft est un serveur du jeux vidéo Minecraft dédié à l’impression 3D via un serveur Minecraft. Un bon moyen de simplifier la conception de modèles 3D tout en s’amusant. Printcraft – Quand Minecraft et impression 3D se rencontrent Minecraft, qu’est-ce que c’est ? Le concept de Minecraft, c’est que le joueur peut modifier le monde qui l’entoure à volonté en y ajoutant ou supprimant des cubes. WesterosCraft – un serveur Minecraft collaboratif pour créer le monde de Westeros Printcraft est un projet d’impression 3D utilisant le moteur de Minecraft. Ouvrir Minecraft et se connecter au serveur Printcraft : pour l’Union Européenne ou pour les États-UnisConstruitre quelque chose avec les blocs de Minecraft dans un espace dédiéAppuyez sur le bouton “Print” pour capturer la construction et ouvrir une page de modèle Printcraft. Un guide complet des instructions à suivre est disponible sur Makerbot : ici. Printcraft au travail Printcraft rajeunit les makers

Eventorbot Eventorbot! Open source 3D printer.The Mission and challenge behind Eventorbot, was to build a rigid, low cost 3d printer. Using less parts, easy to assemble, and is capable to self replicate most of its parts. It is 100% open source project, and all plans are available for anyone interested. Since 80% of the Eventorbots parts are printable. Once you build your first machine, you can make it even more affordable for friends, family, or the community. Facebook page for updates and more images: Link to download plans and build from scratch (If you are pledging for parts on kickstarter, please only use this link for build): Tutorial videos: Video of eventorbot printing and its print quality: Behind Eventorbot.My name is Duy, from IL, USA. 3d printer? Open source? Update : Eventorbots current print size is 8"x10"x6"After many request, it is now official.