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[iframe src="" height="315" width="420" frameborder="0"] Back in 2008, the Washington post covered a really interesting study in which they had one of the most famous and talented musicians in the world, Joshua Bell, play some of his usual concert pieces incognito in a subway. Almost no one stopped to listen or recognized how beautifully he was playing. Within the last few weeks- Jay Baer wrote a great post about how, thanks to new media like Twitter, it is much easier to come by information but along with this new speed of information transfer is a wane in more investigative knowledge mining. The way I see it, both these touch on the same theme: as the world moves faster and faster with more and more information and stimulation, are we losing touch with what is truly meaningful? Do we now need contextual cues (ie: big names, high Klout scores, crowds etc) to see the quality of what we read and experience?

Search Twitter users by Location and Bio and Create Twitter Lists: LocaFollow Search and filter options allowing you to find people to follow depending on location, influence, number of followers, how active users are on Twitter and many more! Find the most beneficial people to target so that you can grow and increase the quality of your Twitter community. Find out your best time to tweet, discover the interests of a custom sample of users and endless extra features! To find out more about our product Your Tweeter Karma Note: There are known issues with trying to use Tweeter Karma in conjunction with Microsoft Internet Explorer. Please make sure you're using an alternate browser. Tweeter Karma is easy to use. Step #1: Allow Tweeter Karma to access your Twitter data: Successfully logged in using OAuth Step #2: Give the button a good whack!

Tackle Any Issue With a List of 100 The List of 100 is a powerful technique you can use to generate ideas, clarify your thoughts, uncover hidden problems or get solutions to any specific questions you’re interested in. The technique is very simple in principle: state your issue or question in the top of a blank sheet of paper and come up with a list of one hundred answers or solutions about it. “100 Ways to Generate Income”, “100 Ways to be More Creative” or “100 Ways to Improve my Relationships” are some examples. “One hundred entries? Isn’t that way too many?”

Followorks Followorks ◆ Followorks ◆ Features summary ◆ Download ◆ Video ◆ Screenshots ◆ FAQ ◆ Updates History ◆ Customer Reviews ◆ Mentions on Twitter Followorks Follow and unfollow from your iPhone and iPad at your finger tip, any time, any place. Now you can easily follow back your followers and unfollow people that did not follow you back. Followorks is a new application that easily allows you to follow and unfollow people by searching users that followed you or unfollowed you. Sign Up Twitter spam is a drag. What if you could know for sure that your followers are truly human, and not some bot? TrueTwit is designed to help you: Verify people from robots Avoid Twitter spam Save time managing your followers There are two versions: TrueTwit Premium TrueTwit Premium builds on the follower management in TrueTwit Basic by doing an in-depth, automated analysis of your followers and their tweets, and has the following features: No direct messaging of new followers. Access to our Follower Analysis page which summarizes the status of your followers. Free 30-day, no obligation trial.

50 Free Social Twitter Resources and Icon Sets This article is created for every Twitter addict, who enjoys to tweet, wants to be noticed – such beautiful Twitter icons are very eye-catchy, standing out from the crowd. No matter what you are blogger, web designer, graphic designer, you cannot ignore Twitter trend. I believe this is the most complete Twitter icon list for now, I tried to get all freebies and shares available and feature them here, so You can get everything in one place. List of lists of lists Some articles that consist of a list of things that are themselves about lists of things, such as the lists of lists listed below. General reference[edit] Culture and the arts[edit] Literature[edit]

Tweet-o-Meter - Giving you an insight into Twitter activity from Is it true that, "New York is the city that never sleeps!"? Do Londoners send more Tweets than New Yorkians'? Is Oslo a bigger Tweeter than Munich? Is Tokyo as much into Tweets as Barcelona? Has San Francisco calmed down after all that talk about the iPad? Tweet-o-Meter Knows!

How To Backup Your Twitter Archive With the Twitter fail whale popping up all the time, you never know when something tragic might happen. No one want to lose all of their Twitter tweets, followers, or anything else for that matter. That’s why it’s a good idea to backup your Twitter archive on a regular basis in case of a Twitter mishap. WordPress eCommerce: Pros & Cons, Resources & Tools With advances in technology, the world truly has become a global village. One of the major advancements in recent years that has brought us even closer is eCommerce; eCommerce enables individuals to purchase anything from any part of the world at any time. One just has find what they want online and from there you’re almost assured to be able to buy that item from the comfort of your own home. eCommerce can be made effective by good marketing strategies, kick-ass advertisements, great product endorsements, and awesome plug-ins. One of the leading CMS’s today for online businesses is WordPress. There are many WordPress eCommerce shopping plug-ins and themes available that you can use to build an online business in no time.