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Eco-fashion, green design, sustainable style

Eco-fashion, green design, sustainable style
The International Princess Project doesn’t just make great loungewear. The California-based nonprofit also helps rebuild lives torn apart by sexual slavery. Handmade in an after-care facility in India, its “Punjammies” offer formerly trafficked women and girls a fresh start, a place to heal, and a new trade. Each woman receives a higher-than-fair wage, housing options, medical care, and where applicable, education for her children. Even better: 100 percent of the company’s proceeds are reinvested in the program, allowing more women and girls a chance at a new life. Want to be part of this narrative of hope?

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Flood Wall Street: Photos from the Front Lines Monday, after the historic 400,000 People's Climate March (PCM) the day previous, over 4,000 students, professors, scientists, activists, journalists, and others marched on Wall Street to demand an end to capitalism. With the hashtag "FloodWallStreet" the photos and stories from this march have trended Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites all week. The protestors and their demands were simple: end the capitalistic system that is not only vastly accelerating global climate change, but disproportionately affecting members communities on the front lines of extreme energy extraction. Before the Flood, speakers included impacted front line residents like youth activist Ta’Kaiya Blaney who explained that recently in her community oil sludge trailing ponds spilled into two of the world’s biggest salmon runs.

CxC - Childfree by Choice — Faith Popcorn's BrainReserve Redefining Tomorrow’s Family The nuclear family is detonating “As American as Mom and apple pie,” the saying used to go. But now, a societal tsunami is underway, changing the way we see motherhood and questioning its primacy in the fabric of our culture. The U.S. birthrate has plunged to unprecedented lows: In the 1970s, 1 in 10 American women were childless.

British Fashion Council - Estethica - About Estethica - Introduction to esthetica The British Fashion Council founded Estethica to showcase the growing movement of cutting edge designers committed to working eco sustainably. Estethica has evolved to become the hub of London's ethical fashion industry. The success of this initiative, the internationally strongest of its kind, is evident in its rapid growth. Girl’s school tunic - Collections Online This image is All rights reserved. Please follow the Buy or license link under each image to apply to use this image. (Charges may apply) Why you need to apply for the use of this image Rights for this work may be: controlled by the artist, the artist's estate, or other rights holders; or unclear - Te Papa will do a more detailed analysis of the work’s rights history; or covered by Te Papa’s Mana Taonga principle which supports the rights of holders of traditional knowledge to determine how the image may be used.

World's wildlife population halved in just 40 years - life - 30 September 2014 Enjoy them while you can. Only half the world's animals are left compared with 40 years ago, mainly because of habitat destruction either by locals for farming or by the multinational mineral and timber trades. The biennial Living Planet Report, released this week by conservation charity WWF, tracked the fate of 10,000 vertebrate species around the world between 1970 and 2010. It found that the total population of fish, birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles has declined by 52 per cent in only two generations of humans. Latin America saw the steepest decline, with animal populations falling by 83 per cent. Surface Design + Inspiration Interiors | Pillow Talk It seems like these days the throw pillow craze has reached new heights. No longer are we looking for our couch decorations just to blend in and stay still, we have begun to ask our couch art to positively pulse with creativity. And that’s where artists like Tyler Spangler step in. His collection of vibrant and color flooded art prints are available as throw pillows on Society 6, in case your couch is looking a bit plain.

The Detox Catwalk the detox catwalk It’s time to find out which clothing companies are walking the talk to a toxic-free future. Over the past 24 months hundreds of thousands of activists, fashionistas, bloggers and consumers came together to call for fashion without pollution. From record-breaking strip teases to social media storms, people power brought about Detox commitments from 18 major textile companies.

first fully articulated 3D printed dress designed specifically for dita von teese mar 07, 2013 first fully articulated 3D printed dress designed specifically for dita von teese first fully articulated 3D-printed dress designed specifically for dita von teese by designer michael schmidt and architect francis bitonti in collaboration with 3D print specialists shapeways, new york designer michael schmidt and architect francis bitonti created the first fully articulated 3D-printed gown tailored specifically for burlesque queen dita von teese. the futuristic black gown was assembled from 17 individual pieces, has nearly 3000 unique articulated joints and is adorned with over 13,000 swarovski crystals. the piece represents the possibility to generate complex, customized fabric-like garments designed to meet the needs of a particular person. the futuristic black gown was assembled from 17 individual pieces, has nearly 3000 unique articulated joints and is adorned with over 13,000 swarovski crystals a video demonstrating the articulated fabric

Pollution May Be Promoting Lethal Tumors In Turtles Pollution from urban areas and farms in Hawaii may be contributing to a tumor-forming disease in endangered sea turtles, a new study has found. According to the researchers, nitrogen in runoff gets stored in the turtles’ food and consequently gives sleepy herpesviruses the fuel they need to cause the often fatal tumors that have afflicted sea turtle populations for decades. The work has been published in PeerJ. Fibropapillomatosis (FP) is an often fatal tumor-forming disease that affects sea turtles across the globe. Previous work identified DNA from a group of viruses called alpha-herpesviruses in these tumors, but not in adjacent healthy tissues. This suggested a viral origin of this disease, but later studies found that these viruses were actually present in every sea turtle tested, even healthy turtles.

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