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The future of your creation. Trend Bible | Home & Interior Trends | Trend Consultant | Kids Lifestyle Trend Expert. News: We are recruiting! We are recruiting! We’re looking for a full-time Junior Trend Researcher to join us at our Newcastle-based head office. The ideal candidate would be a pro-active, organised, hard-working, committed individual with excellent written, verbal and visual communication skills. Trend Bible is a home and interior trend forecasting agency producing trend publications and delivering bespoke trend insight and strategy through consultancy relationships. Our trend publications sell in 22 countries and our consultancy work spans recognised brands in the UK, Europe, USA and South Africa. Key Responsibilities Skills and Experience Attributes Qualifications Degree and/or Masters in Marketing, Communications, Design or related industries.

Interested? Email your CV to Deadline for Applications 16th January 2015 How to get the most out of a trade show Attending a trade show can be an overwhelming experience. Free Festive Download Spring Summer 2015 Trends 75% off* iGNANT. POST-DEMOGRAPHIC CONSUMERISM. Fashion industry news & fashion trends | Drapers. Trend Boutique trends, industry interviews & jobs for students in the design & creative industries. David Report. Future Timeline | Technology | Singularity | 2020 | 2050 | 2100 | 2150 | 2200 | 21st century | 22nd century | 23rd century | Humanity | Predictions | Events.

K-HOLE. Most Viewed. Latest news, sport and comment from the Guardian. Plenty of colour. Cargo - Gallery. Blog | Pattern People | Surface Design + Inspiration. Interiors | Pillow Talk It seems like these days the throw pillow craze has reached new heights. No longer are we looking for our couch decorations just to blend in and stay still, we have begun to ask our couch art to positively pulse with creativity.

And that’s where artists like Tyler Spangler step in. His collection of vibrant and color flooded art prints are available as throw pillows on Society 6, in case your couch is looking a bit plain. – Julie Rose Color | Iridescent Melt Dominique Gaucher | Federico Kenis | Veronique Branquinho Sparkle and shine. Pattern Report | Big Cat Love Leopard prints cover every surface of these looks for summer 2014. - bekah hilleson Art | Shattered View via here. Photos of sunsets take on a new life when reflected through broken mirror in this series, Broken Mirror/Evening Sky by photographer Bing Wright. -Claudia Brown Profile | Amelia Graham Where do you look for inspiration? Architecture, art, science, and nature. Any design tips you’d like to share? CxC - Childfree by Choice — Faith Popcorn's BrainReserve. Redefining Tomorrow’s Family The nuclear family is detonating “As American as Mom and apple pie,” the saying used to go.

But now, a societal tsunami is underway, changing the way we see motherhood and questioning its primacy in the fabric of our culture. The U.S. birthrate has plunged to unprecedented lows: In the 1970s, 1 in 10 American women were childless. Today, the number is 1 in 5. Childlessness is soaring across all racial and ethnic groups, with women as young as 15 knowing that kids will not be a factor in their future. “I don’t want children, never have. In America, the 2 million women who are bypassing babies are an ever more vocal group, with books, blogs, Facebook pages, and even drinking games: Swallow a shot every time someone says, “It’s different when they’re your own!”

Millennial-focused media is just beginning to recognize this emerging mindset. Celebrities are popularizing and glamorizing this path, too. I don’t have time to raise a child - Chelsea Handler CxC Communities. Ecouterre | Eco-fashion, green design, sustainable style. TreeHugger | Your source for green design & living news, commentary and advice.

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Home | i-D. Rookie. Still figuring it out: Tavi Gevinson at TEDxTeen. Peclers is the leading trend, style and innovation consulting agency. Generation X, Generation Y, Baby Boomers, Generation Z, Alpha. A beginner's guide to fashion trend forecasting with Geraldine Wharry - Inspired by... blog. I recently interviewed fashion forecaster Geraldine Wharry who has worked with and for major brands including trend forecaster WGSN. I asked her about the art of trend forecasting, and what's next for 2013/14. Tell us a little bit about yourself…I've been a fashion designer for 13 years and have always had a strong eye for trends so I naturally evolved into trend forecasting when I moved to London after living in Los Angeles and New York. I was born, raised and studied fashion in Paris but my mother's a New Yorker and my father is British.

When I finished design school I immediately went to NY so I'm multi-cultural, have lived in the main fashion capitals and basically understand the global aspect of design. Can you give us a summary of how trend forecasting works? Whilst gathering facts, at the root of it is also a personal intuition and an eye for what's next, that can't be taught or necessarily explained. What are the big trends for autumn winter 2013/14? Trends Section by The Trend Boutique. 2012-13 Autumn Winter Trend Reports FREE CONTENT - Trend reports for the current season covering our 'Fragility', 'Sharp' 'Radical' and 'Remote' themes predicted 18 months ago. 2013 Spring Summer Trend Reports SUBSCRIPTION ONLY - Trend direction for the season including our directional themes 'Nouveau Riche', 'Repair', 'Converge' and 'Carnival' 2013-14 Autumn Winter Trend Reports SUBSCRIPTION ONLY - Insight into the latest trends for the season covering our themes of 'Reflection', 'Dark Clash', 'Honest' and 'Tomorrow'. 2014 Spring Summer Trend Reports SUBSCRIPTION ONLY - Early direction for the season highlighting the latest trends 'Sacred', 'Heart+Mind', 'Fraternity' and Lux-craft.

Archive Trend Reports FREE CONTENT - Take a look at some of our previous trend reports & directions predicted in the past that still provide some great reference points for now & the future. Recent Articles Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Trend Report - Sacred on 10/9/13 Autumn Winter 2014-15 Colour Direction on 7/9/13. S Trend Briefing covering "7 Consumer Trends To Run With In 2014" Growing numbers of consumers can no longer escape an awareness of the damage done by their consumption: to the planet, society, or themselves. But a mixture of indulgence, addiction and conditioning mean that most can’t substantially change their consumption habits. The result? A never-ending guilt spiral. Which creates exciting opportunities for brands that combine tackling this guilt spiral with consumers’ endless status seeking (still the driving force behind all consumer behavior). Indeed, GUILT-FREE STATUS will be the ultimate indulgence in 2014. Known by all. Visibly guilt-free.

Warning: this trend is NOT about GUILTWASHING. Tesla Guilt-free status symbol goes global The Tesla Model S sedan luxury electric vehicle began shipping to Norway, Switzerland and the Netherlands in August 2013, with right hand drive models scheduled for March 2014. Nudie Old jeans become limited edition rugs Liberty United Firearm jewelry fights gun violence (BBMG, GlobeScan and SustainAbility, October 2013)

CONSUMER TREND CANVAS. International Trend Interpretation Agency | Our-trends | Societal-trends. Babyboomers are the biggest, wealthiest and most dominant generation. They are still very active, especially when compared to the generations before them. Kids start moving out, careers and working hours are toned down and self exploration is high. They have time, money and the network to optimally profit from their new free time. Boomers also spend a lot of time and effort in trying to stay healthy, by eating the right products and keeping up maintenance.

This generation has always been able to adjust their lives the way they wanted to, and now they are trying to get their death aligned. | Consumer trends and insights from around the world. The leo is all in the mind. Envers du Decor. Runaway Gypsy. Studio 903. KnitGrandeur. But does it float. Dezeen - architecture and design magazine. Trend Tablet. ‎

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