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Braided Cable Cowl. Last week I was lucky enough to be hiking through the Yucatecan jungle.

Braided Cable Cowl

There, I found myself absolutely mesmerized by the foliage: palm fronds the size of blankets, rubber plants that incomprehensibly grew out of giant rocks, and mossy tree trunks twisting around each other as if they were plaited by Goliath hands. I wished for a way to bring a small piece of this ecosystem back with me that didn’t require stuffing a palm tree in my suitcase. I realized that the Merino Script I had packed for my trip held the answer! At jungle’s edge, I knit up this Braided Cable Cowl, inspired by the intertwined branches of trees and rambling paths of vines. Clever short rows worked into the cables give this cowl a flattering fit and elegant shape. Materials 2 skeins of Purl Soho’s Merino Script, 100% merino wool.

If you decide to start out with a Provisional Cast On for a seamless finish, you will also need… Gauge Size Adult Finished height: 10 inches Circumference at top edge: 20 inches Abbreviations. Dovetail Wrap. Of all the ways to add stitches in knitting, I favor the quiet beauty of yarn overs.

Dovetail Wrap

Like a woodworker’s dovetail joint, yarn overs are elegant engineering. They make their presence known with a whisper, not a shout, yet,surely yarn overs deserve resounding acclaim for all they do for our craft! The yarn over is not only the Dovetail Wrap’s only design element, it also carries the entire structural burden! You’ll be amazed that strategically placed yarn overs are all you need to create a triangle.

Yarn overs at the edges of the wrap wing off into garter stitch ridges that seamlessly miter at the center spine. PS- To see an Instagram photo of this project being worn click here! Materials. Flying Geese Knit Baby Blanket. When Joelle challenged me to bring patchwork sensibilities to knitting, I immediately thought, Flying Geese.

Flying Geese Knit Baby Blanket

This traditional pattern of stacked triangles seemed to me ripe for engineering a patchwork “quilt” with yarn. Herringbone Hat. The herringbone pattern is, of course, traditionally woven, yet it routinely “weaves” its way into the knitting world.

Herringbone Hat

Here on the Purl Bee, this classic zigzag has inspired chunky cowls, handsome scarves, and now a hat, too! This Herringbone Hat depends on texture for its herringbone-ness and on logical engineering for its structure. To highlight both I knit up my hats in Purl Soho’s gorgeous Mulberry Merino. A delicious blend of silk and merino, the silk reflects the light and draws attention to the riveting texture, while the merino keeps the whole thing shipshape! This particular herringbone stitch pattern is created by simple slip stitches, no fancy maneuvers or fussy tricks. PS- To see Instagram photos of this project being worn click here and here! Materials Gauge 28 stitches and 54 rows = 4 inches in stitch pattern 22 stitches and 30 rows = 4 inches in stockinette stitch Sizes. Jasmine Scarf. Notched Hem Tank Top.

It seems like indigo dye is everywhere right now, from bright blue shower curtains to saturated shirts and pillows to deep dark denim bedding.

Notched Hem Tank Top

I’m so smitten with the color I’ve contemplated setting up an indigo vat in my itty-bitty Brooklyn apartment! But since I can’t imagine my landlord or my roommates being too happy with a dye kitchen in the house, I did a little dance of joy when I saw that Habu Textiles had done the work for me. Knitted Linen in Dark Indigo glows with intensity. Finally, the rich indigo I crave, without the stained hands and sink! I used Knitted Linen to whip up this easy-fitting Notched Hem Tank Top. Materials 11 (12, 14, 15, 16) skeins of Habu Textiles’ Knitted Linen Tape, 100% linen. NOTE: Just like your favorite dark jeans, the indigo used to dye this yarn can transfer to light colored fabrics. Gauge 21 stitches and 28 rows = 4 inches in stockinette stitch, using the larger needle.

Sizes Ease: This piece is designed to fit with a 2-inch ease. Pattern Begin Back. Over-the-Top Top. Up the back, over the top and down the front… That’s how I knit my very first garment.

Over-the-Top Top

I’ve since graduated to more complicated designs, but the over-the-top construction will forever be in my knitting arsenal (see Cap Sleeve Lattice Top, Cable Back Shell, and Bamboo Shell). For this Over-the-Top Top we combined Habu’s beautiful and rustic Linen Roving with a fan-favorite, Purl Soho’s incredibly soft Line Weight merino. The pair, pulled together and worked purl side out, creates a gorgeous drape, a lovely glow and just enough complexity for a pared-down structure. I love that this sweater’s hemmed edges add to its overall simplicity. Reversible Rivulet Scarf. Until recently, I thought reversible cables were like the Loch Ness monster: mythical, much-talked-about, but probably non-existent.

Reversible Rivulet Scarf

After making many cabled scarves and always failing to feel satisfied with both sides, I went in quest of this mythical beast.