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Community Currency Future - Could ‘resurrection plants’ be the future of food? When she was a child, Jill Farrant, a molecular physiologist based at the University of Cape Town, came across an unusual plant. It seemed dead, yet when the rain fell from the sky, it sprung back to life. Her father didn’t believe her. What Farrant saw was a “resurrection plant”, which can survive with no water for months to years. Seeing how quickly the plants recover is remarkable sight (Watch a timelapse in the video above at 1:30). Now Farrant hopes to tap these abilities to transform food production. The video above is part of a series called The Genius Behind: The most amazing and sometimes little known technological and scientific breakthroughs of modern times, and the innovative minds behind them.

Your Money or Your Life – Official Website – Vicki Robin This Amazing Village in India Plants 111 Trees Every Time a Little Girl is Born Every culture has its own traditions surrounding the birth of a child. While we celebrate newborn girls by sending pink dresses and dolls, in the village of Piplantri in Rajasthan, India, they celebrate by planting 111 trees. That’s right, every time a little girl is born in Piplantri, 111 trees are planted in her honor! In most Indian villages, the birth of a daughter was historically considered a burden for a family. Violence against women derived from these attitudes is still a heated topic in India. In juxtaposition, the tradition of planting trees to welcome the birth of female children in Piplantri seems to completely reject these historical constraints, fostering hope that attitudes towards women can change. This amazing custom was started by former village leader Shyam Sundar Paliwal to honor his daughter who passed away when she was young. When a girl is born, village members band together to raise a sort of “trust” for the girl. All image source:

About Us Shareable is an award-winning nonprofit news, action and connection hub for the sharing transformation. What’s the sharing transformation? It’s a movement of movements emerging from the grassroots up to solve today’s biggest challenges, which old, top-down institutions are failing to address. Behind these failing industrial-age institutions are outmoded beliefs about how the world works – that ordinary people can’t govern themselves directly; that nonstop economic growth leads to widespread prosperity; and that more stuff leads to more happiness. Amid crisis, a new way forward is emerging – the sharing transformation. New and resurgent solutions are democratizing how we produce, consume, govern, and solve social problems. The sharing transformation shows that it’s possible to govern ourselves, build a green economy that serves everyone, and create meaningful lives together. We at Shareable can say this because we’ve experienced the sharing transformation ourselves. So join us.

Sustainable Human This video was produced as a gift to humanity by Sustainable Human ( Visit us to find out how you can support and create videos like How Whales Change Climate in collaboration with a global team of volunteers. Together, we can change the story of the world. Visit the official landing page for more information on this incredible story:­-change-climate "When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe." - John Muir When whales were at their historic populations, before their numbers were reduced, it seems that whales might have been responsible for removing tens of millions of tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere every year. Credits: Editor: Steve Agnos ( Producer: Chris Agnos ( Narration: George Monbiot Music Credits: Cylinder 2 - Chris Zabriskie ( Dramatic Film Strings (Cinematic Movie Soundtrack) – Ramazan Yuksel ( Film Credits:

35+ Social Lending Platforms Around the World I’ll be giving a presentation on ‘the future of money’ in a few months, and am trying to wrap my head around all the emerging disruptive tools and services that are shaking up the financial industry. I plan to do a few posts covering these areas, and hope we can have some interesting discussion about what it means and where we’re going. In the meantime, here’s a general resource of social lending platforms/marketplaces across the globe. If you’re aware of any I’ve missed, please let me know! Thanks. Social Lending Social Lending, or peer-to-peer lending, essentially brings individuals together to lend and borrow money directly from each other, cutting out the middle man (the bank). 1. Twitter: @auxmoney Facebook: auxmoney-GmbH Location: Germany 2. Location: Italy 3. Facebook: Cashare Twitter: @cashare Location: Switzerland 4. Twitter: @communitylend Location: Canada 5. Twitter: @Comunitae Location: Spain 6. Location: India 7. Location: Korea 8. Location: Brazil 9. 10. Location: Finland 11. 12.

עולם ללא שוטרים: חמש חלופות מעשיות למשטרה - הכל שקרים לא תמיד היתה משטרה. אנשים הממונים על אכיפת החוק אמנם קיימים בצורה זו או אחרת כבר זמן רב, אבל המשטרה המודרנית כפי שאנחנו מכירים אותה כיום נולדה רק עם עליית יחסי הקניין המודרניים לפני 200 שנה, ובעקבות "הפרות סדר" של עניי הערים. בדומה למוסדות אחרים שמלווים אותנו מהיום שנולדנו, גם פרדיגמת השיטור יוצרת רושם שאין לה תחליף, ושהיא הדבר היחיד שמונע מהחברה האנושית להתדרדר למצב של תוהו ובוהו. צוותי גישור והתערבות בלתי חמושים אנשים שהוכשרו לכך, לעיתים קרובות עברייני אלימות לשעבר בעצמם, עורכים סיורים בשכונות שלהם ומצליחים למנוע מקרים רבים של אלימות – למרות שהם עצמם אינם חמושים. להסיר את ההיבט הפלילי מכמעט כל העבירות חלק זעיר מהמעצרים שמבצעת המשטרה נובעים מעבירות אלימות, ובכל זאת לא מתקיים דיון של ממש סביב השאלה מה נחשב לעבירה פלילית ומה לא, ואיזו הצדקה יש לחברה לכבול או לכלוא מישהו. צדק מאחה דמוקרטיה ישירה ברמת הקהילה צמצום האלימות אינו עניין רק של שליטה חברתית. סיורים קהילתיים בקהילות שבהן הפושעים האמיתיים הם השוטרים, סיורים של חברי הקהילה יכולים לשמש כתחליף ראוי.