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Zero Waste Skirt Tutorial We haven’t heard from zero waste extraordinaire Frankie Campbell in a little while. She’s been a busy bee working on a new, exciting collection! Hopefully we’ll see more of that in the coming months, but for now, here she is with a fabulous zero waste skirt for you to sink your teeth into. Fabrics Suitable for lightweight fabrics, cotton, georgette, silk, bamboo. (It gets a little too thick on the waist otherwise.) Three killed in Bangladesh textile factory fire Posted A fire in a textile factory in Bangladesh has killed three workers and left five injured, police say, in the latest incident to cast a spotlight on the country's hazardous garment industry. Key points: At least three workers are dead after fire engulfs fabric manufacturer outside DhakaFire and accidents are common in Bangladesh's billion-dollar garment industryAccidents have declined since global brands and government pursued safety reforms A Pakistani technician was among those killed in the blaze in the sprawling complex belonging to fabric manufacturer Mom Tex in Narsingdi, just outside the capital Dhaka. Police officials said the fire started on the ground floor of a seven-storey building where chemicals and dyes were stored, trapping workers who were resting before their shift.

Boston Artist Transforms Homeless' Signs Into Works Of Art Update, 5:00PM: Since this story aired Monday morning, WGBH News has learned that Michael Lehman is listed on the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board as a Level 3 offender. In an email to WGBH, Signs for the Homeless' Christopher Hope said he was not aware of Michael Lehman's status as a Level 3 sex offender: "The mission of Signs for the Homeless is to raise awareness around homelessness through hand painted signs and sharing the homeless's narratives around the world. The new information does not change our commitment in neutrally sharing the stories of the homeless." Maybe you see a homeless man sitting on a bench, or a woman holding a sign on a street corner. Maybe you strike up a conversation, give a few bucks.

Exciting Breakthrough In Recycled Cotton Fabric Have you heard the news? The textile industry is abuzz with a miraculous new fibre. Lenzing, a company well-known and respected for its sustainable innovations, has just launched a new product combining their groundbreaking wood-based fibre, Tencel, and cotton waste fibre. Known as the “Next Generation Tencel Fibre”, it is being heralded as the most eco-friendly fibre on the planet. This is a huge development for the environment and responsible design around the world.

Hundreds of Bangladeshi factories to shut indefinitely Updated Hundreds of Bangladesh garment factories will be closed indefinitely in the wake of a building collapse that killed more than 1,100 people. Rescuers are wrapping up the search for bodies in the rubble of the collapsed Rana Plaza complex on the outskirts of the capital. Why Are You Wearing Dirty Oil? Image: “Clothing Spill” by Savers. Credit: Ecouterre Co-Authored by Kathrine Nasteva CEO Lozena The reason I care about sustainable fashion isn’t that my wife is the founder of the eco and ethical fashion brand Lozena (although that helps).

More than 45 million people trapped in modern slavery with two-thirds in Asia-Pacific region, report finds Updated More than 45 million people are living as modern slaves around the world, according to the 2016 Global Slavery Index, with two-thirds reported in the Asia-Pacific region. Key points: India, North Korea reported as key offendersAustralia listed among countries taking most action to tackle modern slaveryResearcher says new report takes into consideration all forms of slavery The index, by human rights group Walk Free Foundation, increased its estimate of people born into servitude, trafficked for sex work, or trapped in debt bondage or forced labour to 45.8 million from 35.8 million in 2014.

Espadrilles - Alohas Sandals PRE ORDER - Back Strap Black Size Guide PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS STYLES ARE ON PRE ORDER ONLY. WE WILL CHARGE YOUR CREDIT CARD NOW AND WE WILL SHIP THE SANDALS ON THE 1st WEEK OF JUNE (5th-9th) Back Strap... Fast fashion: International chains turn to green initiatives as alternative labels pop up Posted Warwick Levy was so miserable, anxious and unhappy while studying a construction course at university that he quit to start a t-shirt label in 2010. Key Points Australians spend an average of $2,288 on clothing and footwear each yearAround $500 million worth of fashion clothing was dumped in 2013An average cotton t-shirt takes over 2,700 litres of water to produce

Australian fashion companies fail to disclose supply chain, risk worker exploitation, report says Updated Australian companies such as Oroton and Seed have been criticised for failing to publicly disclose where they source their clothes from. Key points Garment industry employs more than 40 million people in Asia PacificMany Australian fashion companies still don't know suppliers and where the raw materials come fromReport shows improvements since the 2013 Rana Plaza building collapse in Bangladesh Two reports, authored by Baptist World Aid and Oxfam, and obtained by 7.30, disclose which companies have knowledge of their complex supply chain. Oroton was graded a "D", while Seed, Best and Less and Lorna Jane were graded an "F" by the report.