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BeeKeeping Problem Solver. Alternative Bee Hives. Natural Beekeeping. BeeKeeping Tech. Other Equipment and Tools. Langstroth DIY Woodenware. How to Start Beekeeping: What's All the Buzz About? No wonder more and more folks are making a beeline for beekeeping — a single hive of these tiny, social pollinators can provide 40 to 60 pounds of golden honey per year, as well as a few pounds of ever-useful beeswax.

How to Start Beekeeping: What's All the Buzz About?

Plus, many crops need honey bees (Apis mellifera) to achieve good fruit set and high yields. This pollination benefit is becoming increasingly important because of industrial agriculture’s dependency on toxic pesticides, which poison bees’ food supplies and result in lower pollinator populations. For the willing homesteader or backyard gardening enthusiast, dedicating a small amount of time every couple of weeks to maintaining a beehive will render sweet returns indeed.

Like any livestock, bees need care and attention, though the time commitment can be far less than for dairy goats or even chickens. Tools of the Trade Start with a new hive body and frames. You’ll choose one of two hive designs. Which Bee Is for Me? The Apicultural Calendar The Sweetest Reward. Home. Beginning Beekeeping - American Beekeeping Federation.

As a public service, the American Beekeeping Federation (ABF) offers free beginning beekeeping information, which can be found as PDF files at the links below.

Beginning Beekeeping - American Beekeeping Federation

Make friends with another local beekeeper Join the ABF and a local bee club Contact your County Extension Service Consult your state or county agriculture department Visit the Beekeeping Links page of the ABF Web site Visit your public library Thank you for your interest in bees - good luck and have fun! Hive inspection sheet. Joe's Ancient Orange, Clove, and Cinnamon Mead - Got Mead? The Largest Mead Resource on the Web. This is arguably the most pervasive mead recipe on the internet.

Joe's Ancient Orange, Clove, and Cinnamon Mead - Got Mead? The Largest Mead Resource on the Web

When Joe Mattioli created this on GotMead, lo these many years ago, he had no idea how it would go viral. It’s been copied all over the internet, and millions of batches have been made, and variations tried. If you’re a first-batch newbee to making mead, this is a great mead to start with, because it tastes great if you follow it. However, be aware that the techniques used here do not necessarily work for other meads. Vicky Rowe Vicky Rowe has been active as a promoter and supporter of the mead industry since the mid-90's with, and is totally serious about seeing the mead industry take its rightful place as a popular craft beverage on the world recreational drinking stage. Latest posts by Vicky Rowe (see all) Joe's Ancient Orange, Clove, and Cinnamon Mead It is so simple to make and you can make it without much equipment and with a multitude of variations.

Ingredients Servings: gallon Units: How to Hang a Swarm TrapLetMBee Blog. When it comes time to hang traps you need to think about several things before you even head out.

How to Hang a Swarm TrapLetMBee Blog

If you haven’t read my post on Looking for Spots start there. Once you have chosen your general location you need to decide if you are going to hang the box or set it on something. I have read accounts of people having good luck setting their traps on barrels, decks and rooftops. I’ve caught two swarms by that method, both on accident when I had traps setting outside awaiting deployment. I will be dealing with hanging since that is what I have the most experience with. Materials: 5 Gallon BucketA bullet levelBottle of Lemon Grass OilA 6 to 8 foot section of #3 Double Loop Chain (Not pictured because I am currently OUT)1″ S-HooksA plastic jar with a screw-top lid (an old peanut butter jar.)cheap light duty ratchet strap. Step 1. Prior to modification 1 inch S-hooks don’t have much of a HOOK to them. Beeginners - Honey Bee Suite. Using beekeepers' real world experience to solve beekeepers' real world problems.

Honey Bee Suite, a beekeeping blog. Home - Keeping Backyard Bees.