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How To Use Augmented Reality In Education When you were a kid, did you watch RoboCop and totally love the heads-up display? What about the fascinating visuals in Minority Report or Iron Man? They’re basically a form of augmented reality (AR for short). Augmented reality is not something limited to just Hollywood blockbusters though. Octalysis: Complete Gamification Framework - Yu-kai Chou This post is a high-level introduction to Octalysis, the Gamification Framework I created after more than 10 years of Gamification research and study. Within a year of publication, Octalysis was organically translated into 9 languages and became required literature in Gamfication instruction worldwide. Click the “Continue reading –>” link below to learn about Octalysis. Gamification is design that places the most emphasis on human motivation in the process.

BPM, Space and Gamification nostalgia: the year is 1984 and I am Mostly Harmless In 1984 a bit of a phenomenon hit the scene. It had nothing to do with Big Brother or Orwell’s vision of a dysfunctional future but everything to do with business, process and gamification. And Space. Elite, a space trading adventure game hit the streets and immediately swallowed up weeks of my childhood when I was supposed to be studying for exams. Armed with an Amstrad CPC-464, green screen monitor, Atari joystick and endless cups of tea I quickly had my first taste of business in the space lane. Smartphone of the future will be in your brain In 5 years: After the Patent Wars in which Apple emerged victorious, rivals embrace triangular forms. In 15 years: Smartphones evolve into Smartglasses, which provide a constant stream of content and advertisement directly into the user's field of vision. In 25 years: Extreme miniaturization turns phones into single use, disposable devices. In 50 years: Wearable phones are trendy again, with the "wristwatch" style becoming all the rage. It includes voice activation and holograms.

Unequal Universes Winter is coming. People face imminent environmental disaster. The public servants sworn to protect them from the supernatural horrors that walk in the ice and snow are severely underfunded and face crippling labor shortages. Meanwhile, social elites engage in endless political bickering, vying for control in a faraway capital while creating a sovereign debt crisis and using the public purse to line their own pockets. Life on MARS: Location-Independent Augmented Reality GPS-based Augmented Reality is great for a mobile game like Ingress, but it won't help you fix your car. New software from PAR Works has a visual take on Augmented Reality, bringing the benefits of the concept to an entirely new class of applications. It might even work its way into gaming, too.

Gamification 15 Ways to Integrate Gamification Features into Your SEO Strategy On Thursday I presented on Gamification with Jeff Coughlan from at SAScon in Manchester. Jeff’s presentation (which I hope gets published online) was fantastic and really gave the audience a core understanding of what Gamification is, and is not. It was an honour to be in the presence of a games coder with 20+ years in the field. After Jeff spoke, I covered Gamification from the perspective of an SEO. Most insightful talk of the day from @Matmi & @SEOgadget on #Gamification, got us thinking, thanks guys #SAScon…

[FR] Serious games : à quoi joue-t-on, sérieusement ? -, web-tv communautaire rich media You are a lecturer, journalist, blogger, speaker and you need the source video file? You can buy: Fee: 1800€ Video file command Are we headed for a smartphone zombie apocalypse? Even the undead have to text sometimes. iReporter Anita Cassini shot photos of an October 2011 zombie walk in New York. Columnist Dean Obeidallah got huge reaction to column about going without his cell phoneMany readers say it's easy to go without their phones for a few hoursSome have gotten rid of their mobile devices and cell service (CNN) -- If you're looking for a harbinger of the zombie apocalypse, look no further than all those people on the street pecking at their tiny, handheld windows into a private world. So say a good portion of the commenters reacting to a semi-satirical article by comedian-columnist Dean Obeidallah, who noted the difficulty he had spending a day without a cell phone. It had become something bordering an addiction, he said, or at least a strong habit. Some readers were taken aback.

The Collapse of Western Civilization - Speculation on Our Future January 12, 2015 - "Science fiction writers construct an imaginary future; historians attempt to reconstruct the past. Ultimately, both are seeking to understand the present." Thus begins "The Collapse of Western Civilization: A View From Our Future" by Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway, a tiny paperback that is really a 52-page essay, a work of fiction, set in the 24th century and looking back at us in the 21st.

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