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Willpower Part III: How to Strengthen Your Willpower and 20 Ways to Conserve It In the first post in this series, we discussed the nature of willpower, noting that is a real mental energy. In the second post, we explored the way in which this mental energy is a finite resource and how it can be depleted through the exercising of self-control and the making of decisions. Now if willpower is a real, finite energy, the question that naturally arises is this: What can I do to strengthen, conserve, and harness this force to help me reach my full potential? The answer to that question is what we will be diving into today. How to Strengthen Your Willpower While there are many ways to conserve your willpower, there’s really just one way to strengthen it. By working on any goal or habit that exercises your self-control. Remember when we talked about how willpower is like a muscle, and that just like a muscle, you have to exhaust it in the short-term in order to build its strength in the long-term? How to Conserve Your Willpower 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. What happened to you in there?

lillielemon comments on Yes I am racist. No I am not ashamed How to Cure Neurasthenia (Restlessness) At the turn and beginning of the 20th century, life was changing rapidly for Americans. People were moving from the farm to the city and taking jobs in the new industrial economy. Consumerism as we know it today really began to take root in society. New technology was being developed every day, and life was moving at a faster pace than ever before. Even those who didn’t feel they were suffering from neurasthenia’s physical symptoms felt plagued by a sense of “unreality.” Modern “Neurasthenia” While the cause of neurasthenia was never agreed upon and it’s no longer considered officially recognized as psycho-physical condition, the feelings associated with it are quite real and seem to be experiencing a resurgence these days. The Symptoms Do you feel lost, restless, or shiftless? Do you feel like there’s this great life you should be living but you just don’t know how to make it happen? Do find yourself wishing that life would finally start for you? The Causes The Cure Take small steps.

goodreads: Book recomendations Defining Your Core Values When I look at photos of men from my grandfather’s and even my dad’s generation, I can see a sense of purpose in the eyes of those men. Yet when I look at men today, I often don’t sense that kind of steely focus. Instead, I see dudes who are just sort of drifting along whichever way life pulls them. I’ve heard a lot of men my age complain of a sense of shiftless. They don’t have the drive, purpose, and ambition that our forbearers had, and they feel adrift. And this isn’t some sort of cranky old man observation about “kids these days.” There are numerous factors why men are just sort of drifting by today. The Importance of Clearly Defining Your Core Values Defining our values gives us purpose. Defining our values prevents us from making bad choices. Defining our values makes life simpler. How to Discover Your Values Your task for Day 1 of our 30 Days to a Better Man Project is to discover, clearly define, and write down your core values. 1. 2. 4. 5. 6.

The Futurist: The Misandry Bubble - by Imran Khan Why does it seem that American society is in decline, that fairness and decorum are receding, that mediocrity and tyranny are becoming malignant despite the majority of the public being averse to such philosophies, yet the true root cause seems elusive? What if everything from unsustainable health care and social security costs, to stagnant wages and rising crime, to crumbling infrastructure and metastasizing socialism, to the economic decline of major US cities like Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore, could all be traced to a common origin that is extremely pervasive yet is all but absent from the national dialog, indeed from the dialog of the entire Western world? Today, on the first day of the new decade of '201x' years, I am going to tell you why that is. This is a very long article, the longest ever written on The Futurist. The Cultural Thesis As far as selective anecdotes like voting rights go, in the vast majority of cases, men could not vote either.