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Augmented Reality Developer

Augmented Reality Developer

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Anatomy 4D Changes the Way We Learn About the Human Body Anatomy 4D, a free mobile app from DAQRI, gives students and educators the ability to explore every detail of the human body and all its systems in stunning detail. The app, which has been incredibly popular with the education community, allows users to isolate bodily systems: muscular, skeletal, circulatory and more, to see every detail and how each one works together. All you need to do is print the targets below and scan them with your phone’s camera. We’ve recently added a new target that gives a detailed, interactive look into the human heart - a learning experience previously only accessible in a gross anatomy lab. 4D embodies the way today's students can use technology to comprehend complex concepts in a much easier and more engaging way.

Search results for book box We celebrated World Read Aloud Day all week long at Van Meter by joining LitWorld's global reading movement of making a difference in the lives of others through books, sharing, and reading. All week long we brought wonderful new books, authors, illustrators, friends, students, teachers, and schools around the country into our library and school community. 21 Skype connections to be exact! Over the last two months, I have been making connections through Twitter, Facebook, and emails with others interested in connecting for WRAD. And several reached out to us too.

Goldman Sachs Has Four Charts Showing the Huge Potential in Virtual and Augmented Reality Virtual reality started making fresh headlines in 2014, when Facebook made a $2 billion acquisition of Oculus VR. Now Google Inc. has ramped up its "VR" game by focusing Clay Bavor, vice president of product management, solely on virtual reality. As Wall Street tries to calculate the possible impact on a number of industries, Goldman Sachs Group has put forth some charts laying out its assumptions for what it believes will be an $80 billion market by 2025. Here's what caught our eye. 1. Slower adoption, big potential curricular Apps based on augmented reality technology for high school students and teachers Dear Zientia user, Today we are excited to announce an important change at Zientia. After a fantastic year with you, receiving feedback about Zientia and your experience with us, we have collected all of your ideas and transformed them into a new high-quality product for education called Arloon. Arloon is our participation in the digital education revolution. We wish to share our education solution around the world, contributing to the improvement of education globally. We have started by creating unique learning experiences with our educational apps, but this is just the beginning.

What I Learned By Visiting Bookstores in Colorado Over Christmas Happy New Year, Everyone. I hope your holiday break was filled with peace, happiness, and lots of fun. And of course a lot of wonderful books and reading too. When I went to Colorado over Christmas, I looked for places with books. Libraries, bookstores, even in the lodge that we stayed at. I looked for fun, cozy, little places to read of my favorite things to do on vacations is to read and bring books back from these special visits.

Download Download EasiSlides 4.0.5 (Total Visitors since December 2007: 315859) Follow the 3 simple steps below to download and install EasiSlides v 4.0 on your PC (Version 4.0.5 - Dated 1st March 2011): 3 Steps to Creating an Awesome Virtual Museum in Class You're spending an afternoon browsing the exhibits at an art museum. If you're anything like me, you'd probably appreciate the art a lot more if you could bring someone along that could explain the history and nuances of the pieces on display. Now imagine pointing a device at the painting and seeing it morph into a dynamic video giving you all the information you wanted about the art. Welcome to augmented reality. Virtual reality replaces the real world with an artificial, digital environment.

Join the Somewhat Virtual Book Club (SWVBC) This School Year! Sep 10th, 2014 by Cathy Jo Nelson Just about three years ago, Joyce Valenza shared in her Neverending Search blog the idea that she and Shannon Miller came up with to connect their school library book clubs into a “somewhat virtual book club” for joint discussions. And, she generously invited other TLs to participate. I was one of the readers who responded asking to join in. And, in October 2011, we had our first virtual event. Enter "THE VOID": The World's First Virtual Reality Theme Park "Virtual reality theme park" might summon images of Oculus Rift-enabled roller coasters, digital carousels, and imaginary funnel cake, but THE VOID wants it to be more like a fusion of the best video games ever, The Matrix, and your favorite childhood laser tag joint. Unlike stay-at-home VR experiences, visitors enter the physical location of one of their Virtual Entertainment Centers (VECs) and don top-of-the-line headsets, programmed to match up any number of digital worlds to the structures THE VOID is occupying. A custom outfit that includes haptic vests and gloves let players pick up items, press buttons, and feel the (simulated) bullets, alien attacks, and dragon fire bursts teased in THE VOID's new trailer, which you can see above.

Kids' Lit Welcome Message Welcome to the Kids’ Lit Quiz website and congratulations to the national teams, coaches, and families! You have all gotten to this point through hard work, your love of reading, and by being team players. Movers & Shakers 2015 — Educators Fail-Safe “I think we need to teach and show students that failure is a very real part of life and learning,” says Sherry Gick, who was the librarian for Rossville Consolidated Schools in Indiana for five years before becoming the district’s K−12 library and instructional technology specialist in 2014. Gick embraces the pedagogy of “meaningful failure,” emphasizing the process of learning.

Venn Diagram The Venn Diagram app allows users to compare and contrast information and to organize it in a visually appealing way. Users can customize their circles by choosing from several color choices, and both the circle and font sizes can be altered to better align with the users' needs for each project. The finished Venn diagram can be e-mailed or saved to the device's photo album. Designed for use in the school environment, this app features a simple profile system so that multiple users can create and store their own Venn diagrams on the same device without confusion.