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What Happens In An Internet Minute?

What Happens In An Internet Minute?

Why you need Empathy to Succeed in B2B Lead Generation Marketers constantly send marketing messages into their target market either to establish themselves as a thought leader or to genuinely help businesses by offering solutions to common industry problems. But among the thousands of blog posts, news articles, whitepapers, slides and infographics that circulate on the web on a daily basis, how can one get the attention of prospects – those who are really in the market to acquire services or products? The answer is empathy. Now, empathy is more than just saying ‘I understand you’ or ‘I know exactly what your business is going through’. So how exactly can you do that? “If there has been one thing that’s been instrumental for me in becoming a more effective marketer for our own agency and for clients, it’s making a daily effort to try and think of things from the audience perspective,” says Lee Oden of TopRank Online Marketing Blog. For Oden, not everyone knows what they want. “Always ask: What do they care about?

B2B Lead Generation: What are the most important metrics to track? In business, you can’t define success if you don’t know how to measure it. Hence, metrics are important in giving marketers an idea as to how their efforts are faring. The only problem is that there are a lot of metrics that could be measured; so which ones really need attention? Before you answer that, it’s important to know why you need to identify the right metrics to track. You wouldn’t want to spend a lot of time and effort in computing and analyzing data which in the end wouldn’t be able to help you improve anyway. Although there are no standard metrics across all business types, there are those which must be tracked under any circumstance. Below is an excerpt from a cheat sheet released by Marketo entitled 5 Lead Generation Metrics Every Marketer Should Track: 1. Marketers must acknowledge that not all leads are created equal. 2. All marketers have limited resources. 3. 4. As a lead gen marketer, your job is to determine what programs to run. 5. White Paper courtesy of

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