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Room Setup - The School Supply Addict

Room Setup - The School Supply Addict
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La maternelle de Laurène Toujours dans l'optique de la liaison grande section / CP, nous avons décidé de créer un cahier pour les GS dans lequel les mots ne seront pas rangés par lettres mais par nature grammaticale. Sans rentrer dans le détail (on va laisser le subconscient (ou l'inconscient? lol) travailler), nous allons classer les personnes et les choses (à coller sur les pages bleues) - les actions (à coller sur les pages rouges) - les mots qui disent comment est la "chose" (à coller sur les pages vertes) - les petits mots ( à coller sur les pages jaunes). Ils emmèneront ce cahier en CP, qui leur servira d'outil de base, et verront par la suite les notions de noms, verbes, adjectifs, déterminants etc... Nous y collerons les étiquettes des mots croisés dans notre vie de classe, dans les albums que nous avons travaillés etc... et les étiquettes reprendrons les trois écritures. Voici la présentation:

Vers l'Avant L'école de Julie - Classroom Reveal! {A LOT of Pictures!} Ahh, finally! I feel my room is "done enough" to share it with you! I snapped tons of pics, so sit back and {hopefully} enjoy! Let's start with the inside of my door: I blurred them out, but my new kiddo's names are on the cupcake bottoms. This is a view of the front of my room: A chalkboard stretches across the whole wall and there are cubbies beneath it. Here are some close-ups of the right side of the board: Hand signals, voice level chart, and a cupcake birthday chart. My attendance cookies sheets and birthday balloon straws. On top of the shelf are student mailboxes, and in the cubbies below are a bunch of math manipulatives. Also in the cubbies are student book boxes. I plan to keep journals, special and center folders, etc. in these bins. This angle is looking toward my teacher space: I love my little nook! Storage behind my desk: I have a bunch of craft supplies and such in those drawer units. Right above my desk I have a little wall space: This view shows my bathroom/sink area: Wow!

Educational Crafts - The Crafty Classroom The Crafty Classroom is a website is filled with crafts, activities and printables you can use in your classroom! Our crafts go alongside themes and literature resources and most of them come straight out of our personal homschool experiences! I firmly believe that children who are actively involved and invested in a project retain and recall information at a higher rate. Our thematic crafts and activities are designed to compliment your classroom curriculum and provide you with additional learning opportunities and discussions. We provide project ideas that are easy to implement, with full photo instructions and materials are specifically chosen based on what you might already have in your art supply closet. Subscribe to our Free Newsletter Anatomy Crafts for Kids We've got some great human anatomy science crafts and activities you can use alongside your lessons. Artist Crafts for Kids Learning Art History can be fun! Arctic Crafts for Kids Australia Crafts for Kids Bird Crafts for Kids

Créez des plans au sol de maison et de domicile en ligne avec Charivari à l'école Kleinspiration

De belles idées pour décorer la classe !! by marieevedemers Dec 12