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Room Setup - The School Supply Addict

Room Setup - The School Supply Addict

Paper snowflakes fir tree for the window You can make all this with the help of ten A4 sheets of paper and scissors! I was so impatient to take a picture of it and to show it when it got ready – its awesome! The kids were impressed to by our new lace fir three on the window. It is beautiful during the day and at the evening. This is how we have made the snowflakes. classroom set up It's only a few days late, but my room is as ready as it's going to be! It took a TON of work to move it cross country, repurchase and remake so much stuff! But I'm loving the way it is all coming together. Enjoy...and get ready for picture overload, and I was armed with my good camera this time! The BIG, overall picture: My classroom library/reading nook (with a view) Discipline by Design Here are eleven techniques that you can use in your classroom that will help you achieve effective group management and control. They have been adapted from an article called: "A Primer on Classroom Discipline: Principles Old and New" by Thomas R. McDaniel, Phi Delta Kappan, September 1986. 1.

Educational Crafts - The Crafty Classroom The Crafty Classroom is a website is filled with crafts, activities and printables you can use in your classroom! Our crafts go alongside themes and literature resources and most of them come straight out of our personal homschool experiences! I firmly believe that children who are actively involved and invested in a project retain and recall information at a higher rate. Our thematic crafts and activities are designed to compliment your classroom curriculum and provide you with additional learning opportunities and discussions. We provide project ideas that are easy to implement, with full photo instructions and materials are specifically chosen based on what you might already have in your art supply closet.

The anarchic experimental schools of the 1970s Image copyright Gerry Fletcher In the 1970s, idealistic young activists created a wave of experimental schools - no compulsory lessons, no timetables, no rules. So what happened to the kids who attended these free-for-alls? You wait an age for the green man to let you cross Liverpool's Scotland Road.

Classroom Tour 2012-2013 It's time for the reveal of the new classroom theme! Chevron Floral Mix! The goal was to modernize my existing colors while calming the environment and making it feel like a home. 5 Fun and Mathematical Ways to Teach Your Child About Money This is a guest post by Troy Edwards who writes for the “What is Economics?” blog. For many of today’s students, having to take and master math has as much appeal as a visit to the dentist. For this reason, the savvy parent recognizes that a little “creativity” and fun can go a long way. It can be considered the equivalent of a mother administering a little honey with a spoon of medicine to make it more palatable.

The Best Montessori Printables - Racheous - Respectful Learning & Parenting Montessori Printables are everywhere online now. But finding good quality, affordable printables can be difficult. I asked on my Facebook page whether you would like to see my favourites and the result was a resounding yes – so here we go!