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Home - Healthy Spaces & Places Download: for all practitioners and decision makers who are working within the built and natural environment, who can help tackle some of Australia’s major preventable health issues by – walking, cycling and using public transport – every day. But it’s also for everyone who can make a difference to the overall health and wellbeing of Australians – design professionals, health professionals, the property development industry, governments and the community. Healthy Spaces and Places supports and complements planning and design initiatives throughout Australia. This website includes: design principles that are the foundation stones of healthier more active communities different development types where these principles can be applied information about how to make planning for healthier communities happen Australian case studies that show what is achievable and which have potentially wider application, and links to the health and planning research.

let the children play What is education for sustainability? / EfS in the curriculum / Home - Education for Sustainability Education for sustainability is about learning to think and act in ways that will safeguard the future wellbeing of people and our planet. What will my students do in education for sustainability? Many contexts, topics or issues that students could explore have a connection to education for sustainability. There are opportunities in most areas for students to examine how the resources we use and what gets left over from living how we do affects the Earth. Teachers can introduce students to attitudes and values towards the environment and create opportunities to explore their own. What do I teach in education for sustainability? Education for sustainability includes learning about: the environment – water, land, ecosystems, energy, waste, urban living, transportation the interactions between the natural environment and human activities and the consequences of these the choices and actions we can take to prevent, reduce or change harmful activities to the environment. Concepts Return to top

Irresistible Ideas for play based learning Environmental Education in Early Childhood - Victoria - Home Page joran Poisonous plants | Kids Health @ CHW Disclaimer: This fact sheet is for education purposes only. Please consult with your doctor or other health professional to make sure this information is right for your child. Lots of plants are poisonous or capable of causing highly allergic reactions. Some will also pierce you with their sharp spines. Few actually do lasting harm but some should be treated with care and respect. Who's at risk? Children that are crawling or toddling, particularly around twelve months of age, are most at risk of eating strange bits of plants. Teach children not to eat anything straight from a plant or bush.Fence off or remove known poisonous or dangerous plants (see list).Keep the Poison Information Centre phone number 13 11 26 near your phone. Symptoms to recognise Symptoms of poisoning from plants can include: vomiting.stomach cramps.irregular heart beat.burning to the mouth.convulsions (fits). First Aid If you suspect a child has been exposed to something poisonous or harmful, first aid measures include:

After Effects region of interest After Effects CC 2015 (13.5) is now available. For details about what’s new and changed in After Effects CC 2015 (13.5), see this page. IMPORTANT: Before installing the new version of After Effects, please read this page about the default behavior of the updater, which is to remove all previous versions of the application, and this page about why you might not want to do that. The biggest piece of work for After Effects CC 2015 (13.5) has been a complete re-architecture of how rendering occurs, specifically regarding separating the main render thread from the thread that controls the user interface. Because of this very large change to the fundamental workings of After Effects, most plug-ins needed to be updated; this includes the hundreds of plug-ins included with After Effects, as well as the thousands of plug-ins provided by various third parties. Please, check with the vendors of your third-party plug-ins for updates that are compatible with After Effects CC 2015 (13.5). Boris FX

Outdoors Victoria :: Adventure Activity Standards TOTAL PHOTOSHOP (tut. video immagine ecc.) Up&Up è il nuovo, spettacolare, video dei Coldplay Il gruppo britannico ha pubblicato sui propri canali ufficiali il video del nuovo singolo Up&Up ottenendo, subito, moltissime visualizzazioni. Posto che i Coldplay possono piacere o non piacere, siamo qui per suggerirvi di dare un’occhiata (ed anche più di una) alla clip. Si tratta infatti di un video ricco di effetti speciali, una delle nostre grandi passioni, e di contenuti e rimandi all’attualità davvero sconvolgenti. Up&Up – Due parole sui registi Non ce ne voglia chi non è appassionato del settore e chi è abituato a spegnere la televisione quando compaiono i titoli di coda, ma non possiamo non dedicare almeno due parole a chi ha realizzato questo capolavoro. Up&Up – Messaggi subliminali Come già accennato, questo video porta con sè una serie di immagini che richiamano ad argomenti di attualità, vediamone qualche esempio. Un muro collocato in una splendida spiaggia blocca l’accesso al mare. Up&Up – Come hanno fatto? Up&Up – Il video

Rethinking Childhood | Website for Tim Gill DC000074 Australian Association for Environmental Education joran hut