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Twitter Settles Spammer Lawsuit Case With TweetAdder - Mike Isaac - Social

Twitter Settles Spammer Lawsuit Case With TweetAdder - Mike Isaac - Social

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Support, Follow Pending Legislation In House With Facebook-Based House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) announced the launch of , a website and application based on Facebook that allows users to show their support for pending legislation in the House of Representatives. Users can search legislation by title, sponsor, or bill number, and track the status of legislation. Cantor wrote in his introduction of Apple Campus 2 floor plans take you inside the 'spaceship' We've already seen a number of renders of Apple Campus 2 — the company's proposed "spaceship" campus — that show what it will look like from the outside. But if you're curious about the inner workings of the massive building, Apple has submitted a series of floor plans to the city of Cupertino that give an inside look. The plans show the campus and its interior from multiple angles, and you can see everything from the where the campus' security line will be placed to just how many excerise rooms Apple plans on building (there's even a basketball court). Of particular interest, though, is what's going on beneath the surface — the campus will include a four level basement that features an auditorium and 4,300 parking spaces. The building has yet to be approved by the city, but if it does Apple is hoping to have it ready for some time in 2015.

Viral Philanthropy: The Impact of Crowdsourced Compassion Bus monitor Karen Klein didn't ask the world for sympathy, and she definitely didn't request money. But once Internet users watched the heartbreaking viral video of young students harassing Klein, they reached for their wallets. This is viral philanthropy, through which users of online communities, such as Reddit, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms, spread awareness and raise money for those who need it. Last month, Redditor Max Sidorov saw the video of Klein. The students' hurtful treatment reminded him of his own experiences with bullying.

A better Photoshop grid for responsive web design Posted on 20 January 2012 • 90 comments In making the move to responsive web design, one of the potential hurdles is the rather awkward maths for calculating the percentage-based widths necessary for fluid layouts. If, for example, you’re designing with a 960px grid in Photoshop and you have six columns, each 140px wide, you divide 140 by 960 to get your percentage-based width: 14.583333%. Now, I don’t know about you, but numbers like that look a little scary. It doesn’t matter that there are great calculation tools built into TextMate to do the maths for you; the point is that the final figure looks like an arbitrary number with no immediate relation to either the container’s pixel width (960) or the element’s pixel width (140).

The State of the Internet Operating System I’ve been talking for years about “the internet operating system“, but I realized I’ve never written an extended post to define what I think it is, where it is going, and the choices we face. This is that missing post. Here you will see the underlying beliefs about the future that are guiding my publishing program as well as the rationale behind conferences I organize like the Web 2.0 Summit and Web 2.0 Expo, the Where 2.0 Conference, and even the Gov 2.0 Summit and Gov 2.0 Expo.

Twitter could compete with traditional polls in future elections According to researchers at Indiana University, the link between tweets and votes in political elections could be stronger than once thought. In a study analyzing 537 million tweets from August 2010 —the largest sample of tweets ever accessible to academic researchers — the percentage of votes for Democratic and Republican candidates in the House of Representatives race correlated with the percentage of tweets that mentioned them. The interesting part is that it didn't seem to matter if the surveyed tweets were positive or negative. "We call this the 'all publicity is good publicity' finding," said Fabio Rojas, an associate professor at Indiana. "Even if you don't like somebody, you would only talk about them if they're important." The study adds to the mounting evidence that social networks are not ephemeral, spam-infested sources of information as once thought.

Facebook Has Become a Lazy Marketing Tool With over 900M users, there’s no shock that brands and marketers have turned their attention to setting up shop on Facebook. With the ability to interact with, target and market to people who are in a place prepared to be social, it’s an absolute no-brainer. However, I’ve noticed the trend of TV commercials mentioning “Follow us on Facebook” or “Visit us on Facebook” way more than mentioning a website. Remember when you couldn’t escape a 30-second commercial that ended with “Check out our website at www.”? Moving this focus to Facebook makes sense, but also leaves me with the question of “what will be next”? I ask this question because Facebook became the hip and cool alternative to visiting a boring and bland website.

Ten reforms to grow the social investment market The Origin of the Report Ten Reforms has been a long time in the making. The proposals set out in the report represent two years’ worth of detailed thought and reflection on the framework for social investment. Thirty Conversations on Design, 2010 Edition by Maria Popova Last year, we brought you Thirty Conversations on Design — an ambitious scavenger hunt for the essence of design through the minds of 30 of the world’s greatest living design thinkers and tinkerers. Now, the Little & Company team is back with Thirty Conversations on Design 2010, this time asking a new crop of 30 two pivotal questions: “What single example of design inspires you most?”

Private equity It’s the time of year when a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of deductions and write-offs. One select group of Americans, though, has a more pressing tax-season task on its mind: preserving a lucrative loophole in the I.R.S. code. The provision allows money managers at privately held partnerships—like hedge and private-equity funds—to treat most of the money they make as capital gains rather than as ordinary income.

Teen's Twitter boasts get charges upgraded to murder Sadly, bragging is a natural impulse. But as with so many impulses, the more people you brag to, the more exposed you become to unexpected consequences. 18-year-old Cody Hall of Pleasanton, Calif., was arrested after allegedly hitting two cyclists with his car, killing one. Malcolm Gladwell on entrepreneurship: history will remember Bill Gates, forget Steve Jobs The two great icons of our industry, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, came up in a talk given by Malcolm Gladwell recently at the Toronto Public Library. In discussing capitalism and entrepreneurship, Gladwell makes the point that amorality — i.e. the absence of a moral compass in making business decisions — is a fundamental prerequisite for being a successful business leader. He considers the entirety of Bill Gates' tenure as Microsoft chief to be that of "the most ruthless capitalist," which is not too dissimilar from his analysis of Steve Jobs' leadership.

The Promise of Crowdfunding for Social Enterprise Posted by Doug Rand on June 28, 2012 at 06:15 PM EDT Earlier this month, the White House hosted a briefing for the American Sustainable Business Council, a national network serving social enterprises from early-stage startups to established success stories, like Patagonia and Ben & Jerry’s. Senior White House staff took time to meet with chief executives and thought leaders, such as Seventh Generation founder Jeffrey Hollender and Stonyfield Farms pioneer Gary Hirshberg, to discuss many aspects of the President’s agenda to support overall economic growth, including the Impact Economy. As part of the conversation, the discussion focused on the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act. The JOBS Act is a bipartisan bill signed by the President into law in April that will allow small businesses and startups to raise capital from investors more efficiently, leading to faster growth and hiring.

om Below is our collection of Virtual Seminars, now available for free viewing. Digital Video: Publishing to the Web KENJI KATO, Stanford Publishing Courses New Media Group Wednesday, April 02, 11am Pacific Time How do you get the maximum exposure for your video? How do you promote your programs?

The one new nugget here is a Hastings prediction, held by many other people, that we’re moving to a world where “apps replace channels.” Hastings mentions apps nearly 3 dozen times in his essay, and makes it clear that he sees Netflix first and foremost as an app provider. Hastings figures that lots of other video services will figure the same thing out. And he goes out of his way to mention others that are already there or close to it, citing ESPN, HBO and the BBC. But those who don’t get it are screwed, he says: “Existing networks, such as ESPN and HBO, that offer amazing apps will get more viewing than in the past, and be more valuable. Existing networks that fail to develop first-class apps will lose viewing and revenue.” In the past, Netflix has tacked back and forth on whether it is competing head to head with HBO. Now Hastings is back in “we’re coming for you” mode: “The network that we think likely to be our biggest long-term competitor-for-content is HBO … They have global reach and strengthening technology capacity.” But while Netflix now has as many U.S. subscribers as HBO — and while Hastings thinks he can eventually double or triple his current 30 million — he figures it will take him a while to truly compete with HBO. “While we are passing HBO in domestic members in 2013, it will be several years before we are peers with them in terms of Original programming, Emmy awards, and international members. It wouldn’t be surprising to us if HBO does their best work and achieves their highest growth over the next decade, spurred on by the Netflix competition and the Internet TV opportunity.” But Hastings also reiterates his argument that there’s room for lots of streaming video services, just like there are lots of cable channels today. Translation: Don’t worry, Jeff Bewkes: Just because we’re coming for you doesn’t mean we’ll crush you. Also, please keep selling us Time Warner’s content! Thanks! Hastings also continues to offer olive branches to the entrenched cable guys, especially those that also sell broadband: “At times we have worried about the strategic motivations of ISPs that are also MVPDs, but the absence of cord-cutting has mitigated this concern. … Internet video services like Netflix,, iTunes and YouTube are not currently a material strategic problem for companies that are both an ISP and an MVPD.” Translation: Hey Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Verizon! It would be pretty cool if we figured out a way for you guys to bundle us along with your other video services! Let’s (continue to) talk! by jesran1991 Oct 2

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