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How Make Job Contracts according Employee Handbook – Hikari Law. British Policies and Standards of A Staff Handbook – Sprosne Legal. Leave a Comment Posted on May 7, 2016 When working as staff in the area of Britain, it is important to remember that there are certain laws and regulations you have to abide by.

British Policies and Standards of A Staff Handbook – Sprosne Legal

Staff and employees, though may be different in title, should both adhere to the same policies that the companies, corporations, and even the country has set forth so that there is no confusion how one should act or get along in a working environment. For instance, it is obvious that harassment, discrimination, and any other illegal activity would not be allowed in any job in Great Britain and doing so can have substantial repercussions. As long as you keep your common sense about you, and refresh yourself on the different rules of employment law, everyone should be okay. When You Face Discrimination at Work. The workplace should be somewhere we can spend time enjoying one another’s company and share in friendship, not a place where discrimination rears its ugly head.

When You Face Discrimination at Work

It is no secret that in today’s work, discrimination is all around us. It is even more shameful to know that it exists in the workplace, where we all share a common goal to help the business. You do have people on your side, however, if you find yourself personally affected by discrimination in any way. The British employment laws exist to help people in just this situation and give them the guidelines to follow to make sure it gets handled promptly and correctly. Follow these rules, have evidence to support your claims, and the situation will get handled immediately. Important Employment Legislation to Keep an Eye on - Speak Without Interruption. 5 Ways to avoid Employee Rights Violation in the Workplace. Observing employee rights is not an option but a mandatory obligation for employers.

5 Ways to avoid Employee Rights Violation in the Workplace

6 Reasons for an Employee Handbook. Every serious business should have well set employee-employer relations that is clear and supported by written documents.

6 Reasons for an Employee Handbook

One of these documents is the employee handbook. It entails what is expected of the employee and in return what he/she can expect from the employer. A well done employee handbook is important to any business as it helps in several aspects; Show benefits Apart from the wages or salary, employees may be enjoying other benefits that are not immediately visible to them but which could be very generous as compared to other workplaces. What to Include in your Staff Handbook. A staff handbook helps the company explain policy to employees and states what is expected of them in regards to adhering to the said policy and company regulations.

What to Include in your Staff Handbook

As well as helping employees adapt to the corporate culture, it helps safeguard the employer from frivolous suits. So what should in the staff handbook? • Company brief – This should be a brief history of the company. The philosophy behind the founders and the achievements over time. Legal update - Paternity Leave. Swindon Town Football club fined £2,500 per day. Swindon Town Football club fined £2,500 per day for pensions failings Swindon Town, the League One Football Club have been fined almost £23,000 by The Pensions Regulator (TPR) for regularly and ‘repeatedly’ failing to comply with it’s Auto-Enrolment pensions duties and obligations.

Swindon Town Football club fined £2,500 per day

Key areas of failure outlined by TPR cover enrolling staff at their staging date, paying contributions, communicating to staff how auto-enrolment would affect them and completing changes to contracts of employment. Investing in Your Business’s Growth. The Digital Age Your employees, or potential employee’s mind-set, plays a part in helping you to achieve growth within your business.

Investing in Your Business’s Growth

Therefore, making them feel confident in their role at work by giving them the right training will help them to be more productive and perform better. Having a rich and diverse team of employees also makes for a strong work-force, but regardless of age or experience you will need people who fit the new digital skillset in order to capitalise on the growth opportunities now available. Providing basic digital skills will also be something to think about if you are looking to take on an apprentice, [(take a look at our apprentice template here to get started) . British Cycling Chief in discrimination row. Shane Sutton, the Australian Technical Director of British Cycling, has been suspended because of discrimination allegations by a female team member.

British Cycling Chief in discrimination row

Mr Sutton has been suspended whilst an investigation in to comments he made to a female cyclist is completed. The female cyclist, Jess Varnish said that Sutton had made sexist and discriminatory comments towards her and on one occasion had told her to “go and have a baby”. Sutton, who has been a GB Cycling Coach for over 14 years has denied the allegations which also includes comments about Ms Varnish’s appearance and body shape. Ms Varnish’s contract was not renewed by GB Cycling as her times had slowed significantly over the past 3 years leading them to believe she was highly unlikely to win a medal. What Makes for A Flawless Hiring Process? Back to Basics: Question Time It’s the basic foundation of any learning process and there is nothing more simplified in the hiring process than asking a list of prepared questions, in order to find out the suitability of a candidate.

What Makes for A Flawless Hiring Process?

In the testing and interview phase, if you ask the right questions it can help you to gather much more insight about someone’s work ethic, personality, ideologies, priorities and so on. There are a range of ways in which you can make the interview process cost-effective, streamlined and successful. Chancellor warns companies not to ‘cut benefits’ - HR Heroes. George Osborne has this week warned companies that cutting staff benefits or perks in a way to combat the newly introduced National Living Wage.

Chancellor warns companies not to ‘cut benefits’ - HR Heroes

From April this year, the government have introduced the National Living Wage which increases the minimum hourly pay to over 25’s to £7.20, an increase of 50p per hour. The government fear that some companies may look to cut back on certain areas of their employee benefits package in order to pay for the increase in wages, however Mr Osborne warns that this will do significant reputational damage to their reputations. Mr Osborne said that profitable companies that were trying to ‘evade the spirit’ of the new employment law would face significant government pressure. What do we think? Leeds United worker 'sacked' for over using annual leave.

An employment tribunal panel was told that Lucy Ward, a former Education and Welfare Officer for Leeds United Football Club was sacked because the head coach that the Chairman planned to get rid of, ‘came as a pair’. Lucy Ward is in a relationship with Neil Redfearn, the Leeds United ex Head Coach and is claiming unfair dismissal and sexual discrimination at the employment tribunal. Leeds United deny any wrongdoing.

An Employer Should Follow Staff Handbook To Maintain Company’s Growth & Development « We Need Change Motivation. Written By: admin - Mar• 31•16 As employees are the most valuable assets for a company so employers give some extra care and effort over them. If a company is unable to handle the employed people properly then that will surely prohibit the growth of the organization. Every company needs to follow certain laws and rules so that they can satisfy their employees and in this way company can flourish their business and can grow more rapidly. What Is Staff Handbook And Why It Is Mandatory For An Organization?

Certain Employment Laws That Every Employer Needs To Follow In Uk. The Book That Dedicates Terms To The Employee – Project Legal. The Book That Provides Valid Information – Warssa Attorney. There are lots of for formalities involved after recruiting a candidate for a suitable post. The employer should file properly his copy of the appointment letter, reference letters, credentials, resume, certificates and other important documents after handing over the original appointment letter to the candidate. Human resources department always expects the employees to work and behave properly during the period of employment. Frame Your Policies And Rules In Accordance With Your Employment Laws – Way Truth Law. Today, millions of employees are working in companies and only some of the employees are enjoying their benefits. Learn The Art Of Maintaining Cordial Relationship With Your Employees.

Enjoy The Best Relationship With Your Employees And Grow Your Business – Murderpedia Legal. The working environment is the main reason for your business growth and if you do not provide the best environment for your employees, you cannot expect growth.