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iPads in Primary Education

iPads in Primary Education

25 Ways Teachers Can Use iPads in Their Classroom Within Just a year and a half iPad has successed in establishing itself as a strong learning and teaching tool.This is mainly due to Apple's ingenuity in staffing their tablet with some of the best specs and apps that are of great relevance to educators. As you might have noticed here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning, we , often times , provide you with posts containing reviews of iPad educational apps , resources and guides on how teachers can use this tablet in their classroom and we will definitely continue to do so . For today's post I am sharing with you a great work realized out of a partnership between TeachThought and Edudemic. They have produced a great visual that " functions as a kind of spectrum moving left to right, from passive consumption to more active collaboration, to original producation. [Source: Teach Tought ] and Edudemic Use the code below to embed this infographic in your blog or website

Learning and Teaching with iPads iPad training for your school! Mr. P ICT Specialist LATE AVAILABILITY FOR INSET TRAINING Monday 26th and Friday 30th MayFriday 18th JulyBOOKINGS NOW BEING TAKING FOR THE ACADEMIC YEAR 2014/2015 These can be booked as whole school INSET or Cluster Bookings (Cost shared between schools) Please Email for details. Read recent feedback from INSET training. Raising standards using modern technology (iPads and Blogging) Mr Parkinson has been a Primary Teacher for 6 years where he has built a wealth of ideas for how technology can be embedded right across the curriculum. Mr Parkinson always puts learning first and looks for creative and innovative ways in which technology, such as the iPad, can be used effectively to impact on writing & reading as well as developing key numeracy skills. “Outstanding with a phenomenal use of technology and an Outstanding outcome to the lesson.” Inset training, full day courses, intensive 1 to 1 sessions, workshops/class projects and in school support can be provided to schools for topics such as:

primaryipadclassroom | Some thoughts on using iPads in a Primary School 13 Free iPad Spelling Apps to Easily Teach Kids to Spell Correctly I don't know if you share the same view or not but many people say that using technology, word editors and other online writing platforms that provide automatic spelling correction weakens our spelling skills and increases the chances of making spelling mistakes once using a paper and pen more than ever before. Well at least from my own experience as a blogger and having to always write three articles per day I do depend a lot on auto-correction and still I would get emails from people saying there are some typing ( not spelling ) mistakes in my posts ( I am sorry about this but my time constraints do not permit me to scrutinize every word I type in and I am sure you understand it ). Just to make things clear , typing mistakes are different from spelling mistakes, the latter are linguistic kind of errors and are consciously done . To help you improve your students spelling capabilities, I compiled a list of some great iPad apps that can perfectly do the job .

Introducing School-Wide Digital Citizenship Practices with iPads An elementary school in our district recently got 30 iPads and asked for some advice implementing them with students and teachers. In addition to suggesting some starter apps, I recommended that we have conversations with kids around the appropriate use of these devices. While almost every child has used an iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone, the exciting learning opportunities these mobile, Internet-connected, media creation devices create also open the door to new challenges. Cyberbullying or inappropriate web publishing happens more through the camera than regular computer use does; the mobility of the device combined with the reality that multiple users are using the device with no personalized, password-protected, network-tracked accounts makes it more challenging to keep track of who is doing what with the device or that the device itself is safe. Rather than tell the students how they should and should not use iPads, I felt compelled to involve the students in the conversation.

Home - The iPad in the Classroom Should we use iPads in schools? We are good teachers precisely because we don’t have one tried-and-true method, says Guy Claxton... Many people seem to think education is like medicine, and ought to be ‘evidence-based’ in the same way. We should figure out plausible ideas about ‘what works’ in classrooms, and then submit them to large-scale randomised control trials to see if our method is better than some ‘control group’. But I don’t think this is either possible or desirable. First of all, this model assumes there are simple cause-and-effect relationships waiting to be discovered. But we can and do make experiments in our own classrooms all the time, and we are better teachers for it. But though all kids are different, every class quickly develops a mood or a culture which comes to narrow the bandwidth of the children’s diversity. So no, we shouldn’t try to be Researchers with a great big R.

The Top Educational iPad Apps Every Teacher and Student should Know about ( 100+) When it comes to searching for educational apps to install on your iPad it feels like you get drowned in an avalanche of apps and resources from which you emerge empty-handed. Everyday new apps go viral and to keep up with the updates in this field is really a daunting challenge. Thankfully, there are many trusted educational resources ( this blog is one of them ) where educators and teachers can get to discover and learn about new useful apps to use in education. Another trusted resource is Langwitches whose images I am sharing with you below. Langwitches has done a great job in coming up with a list of great educational iPad apps organized into categories with different headings. The only thing that is missing in his work and which if he had paid attention to would have made his work even way greater is to make the app images clickable.