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Apple iPhone 7 Modern Features and Specifications. Most of rumors eager to wait for iPhone 7, finally apple announced iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus comes with next generation features with more powerful technology included.

Apple iPhone 7 Modern Features and Specifications

Retina HD Display Talk about iPhone 7 retina HD display, cinema standard colors, wide color gamut, 3D touch, temperature maintain and many more feature included it. Every criteria included your great experience with your iPhone 7 comes on its display. Modern Camera Everyone known iPhone is most popular for his advance camera technology in globally. Now iPhone 7 modern camera technology attach like as 12 MP camera, advance optical image stabilization, 7MP front face camera, iPhone 7 2x optical camera.

Powerful Battery Life Now more powerful and longest battery life ever on iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus. Storage Capacity Now coming iPhone 7 available on 32 GB replace of 16 GB, 128 GB and maximum storage of 256 GB storage space capacity. Untitled. Tech-geeks - Tutorial for making swift calculator in iOS application development. In this article, iOS application development team is sharing DIY tips to create a universal app- simple calculator.

Tech-geeks - Tutorial for making swift calculator in iOS application development

It will have all common features like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. You can make your own calculator by following this tutorial. In this tutorial we will create a universal app - simple calculator, with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division functionality. Starts with creating one single view application with product name “Swift Calculator”. In language field select swift language and devices field select universal. To design user interface open Main.storyboard file. Next, add buttons for one to nine digits, plus, minus, multiplication, division, equal to (=) sign and C (Cancel/back press/delete) button in main view, set respective titles and create required IBAction as shown in below screen shots.

NumberTap method: This method will be called when user press any number button. Please check below screen shot for more info. Blog. Nexsoftsys - Professional IT Solutions Do you know the fact why security focused organizations love to use IPhone devices mainly finance, banking and education sectors?


Actually, number of android devices is increasing day by day in mobile market but IPhones are still considered most reliable and safer among all. Here's The Crucial Step Explain To Apple's Marketing Success. The time for exceptional expansion of Apple may over - James Blog. The mobile market in last few years has been driven by technology, innovative gadgets, and applications.

The time for exceptional expansion of Apple may over - James Blog

But unfortunately apple market is expected to grow negatively in near future. People have started losing interest in Iphones due to same designs and repeated features. In this situation, it would not be saying wrong that exceptional expansion for apple may be over in coming years. iOS Development. iOS & App development. Nexsoftsys - Build Full-Featured Apps for iPhone & iPad. iOS Apps Development. Nexsoftsys - Apple’s most wonderful invention that only few people know about. How to Pair Apple Watch to a New iPhone Connects Together. iOS 9 Release Pushes Excitement Bar for High Buzzing Users.

Every time when Apple officials release new software app, it creates hype among online iOS users who later go to web to see the next update from live site. iOS is leading the mobile industry since few time and each time a new update or release is issued, developers get more reasons to stick to iPhone mobile application development.

iOS 9 Release Pushes Excitement Bar for High Buzzing Users

Smart phones, wearables, laptops and tabs get smarter and helpful for users. iPhone 7 Release Date Rumours, Features, and News. Apple iPhone 6s Plus Review : Setting up, and Discovering 3D Touch - TechnoDirect. Wi-Fi assist in iOS 9 may result into voluminous Internet bills - TechnoDirect. iOS 9 has introduced new feature i.e.

Wi-Fi assist in iOS 9 may result into voluminous Internet bills - TechnoDirect

Wi-Fi Assist that may accidentally lead voluminous internet bills for customers. The information has been shared by most experienced iOS application development after research and acquiring accurate data from different iPhone users. According to this feature, You iPhone will automatically switch to cellular mode in case Wi-Fi signals are not available.

It clears that data packets browsed in cellular mode will be added into your phone bills that will be delivered to you at the end only. Every time you rely on “Wi-Fi assist” feature then you have to keep a close eye on data usage of your phone and also check Wi-Fi connectivity in between. Please note that this is not an assumption only but many users have complaint about massive bills generation due to this problem. Wi-Fi assist is on by default in case of your iPhone. The problem arises at those places where Wi-Fi connectivity is spotty or really poor. With iOS 9, Apple Introduces News App - TechnoDirect. With IOS 9, Apple has introduced News app where you can browse all type of news at one stop only.

With iOS 9, Apple Introduces News App - TechnoDirect

There is quick access for latest articles, blogs or news you wanted to check frequently.News app is the most noticeable feature that people were looking from years. In previous versions, it was irritating for users to switch between different news websites. But News app has been organized everything beautifully in more clear way. At the time of launch, people would be able to access news in USA only. We are still unsure why news has been restricted to limited areas but network will expand surely in coming years. iOS application development team is also adjusting algorithms continuously to enhance the news readability experience for users.When you will access the new app, you may select the favorite topics from which you wanted to access articles.

Unlike music, news will be update frequently and rapidly. Apple's iOS 9 (Monarch) : Improvements Over The Previous Version - James Blog. The release of iOS 9 (Monarch) version has been announced by Apple on 8th June 2015 in a conference at San Francisco.

Apple's iOS 9 (Monarch) : Improvements Over The Previous Version - James Blog

The latest version includes significant improvements over the previous version with intelligent spotlight, improved SIRI, Notes app, news app, Google Maps, Wallet app etc. it can also be best utilized along with iPhone, iPad, and iPod for robust functionality and improved performance highlights. The official version released on September 16, 2015 after the launch of iPhone 6s event. After release, iOS 9 available to download for supported devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod etc. Google’s iOS app development team have been put maximum efforts and dedication to make this version even better and more efficient. IOS 8 vs. IOS 9 – Which one is best companion for your Apple phone?

iOS 8 vs iOS 9, which one is best companion for your Apple phone, is hot topic of discussion these days.

IOS 8 vs. IOS 9 – Which one is best companion for your Apple phone?

Experts have different opinions based on their performance and features. The popular debate has triggered us to write this infographics where we have been compared both operating systems on different parameters. It will help you in deciding on your best companion for your smart phone within seconds. iPhone Developers Leveraging Social Media for iPhone App Development - James Blog.

Iphone device was launched by Apple in 2007 and got wonderful response from users across world.

iPhone Developers Leveraging Social Media for iPhone App Development - James Blog

Today, Apple is enjoying good market share in market where most of high profile people love to use iPhone device. The best iPhone features offered by iPhone app development team was a huge success in apple’s history by now. Social Media and iPhone All small, medium or large sized businesses got benefits from Iphone app development. Marketing experts are still testing social media platforms on different strategies to achieve the success. How to handle your wet iPhone? - TechnoDirect. For the wet iPhone to dry, speed comes first. At first switch off your phone to avoid major damage to your phone. You should not shake phone strongly otherwise water can enter to circuit board and it will harm your iPhone device vigorously. You should not use dryer or keep it is dry place to move away excess water. You should not freeze it even.

If you want to give it home treatment then warm is better than too cold or too hot. Innovation in Technology, News & Articles: Can I remove iOS 9 from my iPhone, and reinstall iOS 8? If you don’t like iOS 9 on your IPhone and wanted to downgrade to iOS 8 version again then here is expert advice by iOS application development team at NexSoftSys. Everything is discussed and explained to help you in easy steps. Let us have a quick look on process how it works actually.

iPhone 6S Hands-on review : Should I Upgrade? As you are very well known about Apple's previous series and also we have experienced with all those devices which are Apple's 1st Gen, iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4s, iPhone 5, 5C & 5S, iPhone 6 & 6S. Now Apple launched new generation iPhone 6s and 6s Plus that being much popular due to its 3D touch technology.

We have seen different features and functionality about new evolution of Apple 6s and 6s plus, Second generation finger print scanner or touch ID Innovative beneath 3D touch Innovation in photography and visualization HD Video resolution Most advanced desktop class architecture Breakthrough design Stunning retina HD display Apply pay touch ID. iPhone app development- the most revenue making business for smart people by Deepak Patel. By iMOBDEV Technologies iPhone : Android : iPad App Development One of the leading Smartphone manufacturers, Apple, is indeed hell bent on dominating the Smartphone market. iPhone is a great discovery of Apple Inc. Today, it is the ruler in the smart phone device market. Its fame and sales volume is very high in comparison to other mobile devices. How To Develop Custom Marker In Ios And Iphone App Development.

Jun242015 Custom marker is an iOS based map application intended by iOS app development team of NexMobile. The app is useful to find nearby locations or places, such as ATMs, hospitals, schools, etc.