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Mitä jos puhelimen voisikin korjata itse? Valmistajat tekevät korjaamisesta vaikeaa, mikä nostaa huollon hintaa – HS vertaili hintoja Helsingissä - Talous - Applen iPhone-älypuhelimen etupaneelissa, aivan latausportin vieressä, on kaksi ruuvia.

Mitä jos puhelimen voisikin korjata itse? Valmistajat tekevät korjaamisesta vaikeaa, mikä nostaa huollon hintaa – HS vertaili hintoja Helsingissä - Talous -

Jos haluaa avata puhelimen, ne pitää ensin kiertää varovasti auki. Ruuvinkannat ovat viisisakaraisen tähden muotoisia, eikä sellaisia käytä mikään muu yritys kuin Apple. Virallisesti niiden avaamiseen tarvittavia työkaluja ei edes ole kelle tahansa saatavilla. Eikä Apple suinkaan ole yksin: pienelektroniikan valmistajat pyrkivät innokkaasti vaikeuttamaan laitteiden korjaamista. Tämä häiritsee paitsi kotikorjaajia, myös itsenäisiä korjauspajoja. Yrittäjä Tapio on korjannut matkapuhelimia vuodesta 2011. Noiden kuuden vuoden aikana puhelimet ovat Marjasen mukaan muuttuneet vaikeammiksi korjata: elektroniikka on muuttunut pienemmäksi ja monimutkaisemmaksi, mutta myös erilaisten erikoisosien määrä on kasvanut.

Työkalujakaan ei aina ole saatavilla. ”Ajoittain erikoistyökalut on joutunut, etenkin uusien mallien kohdalla, tekemään itse”, Marjanen sanoo. Mansnerus peesaa. Steelie FreeMount Car Mount Kit.

Näyttösuojat - kotelot

Lataus - varavirta. AViiQ Mini USB Cable. Apple TV — Everything you need to know! Live journal: WWDC week with the iMore team!

Apple TV — Everything you need to know!

We're in San Francisco all week for Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference. Follow along with us! There's a lot to see, do, and talk about beyond the doors of Moscone. After Apple's keynote, Rene, Peter, and myself are off into the wide world of WWDC 2015 week, speaking at Layers and... Everything you need to know about Apple TV and HomeKit Inside your home, you control your HomeKit accessories with Siri. How to set up your accessories with HomeKit Just picked up a HomeKit-compatible gadget? It's time to unleash the Apple TV Unlike the iPhone and the iPad, the Apple TV is deeply bound to its content Yet being bound to content is both a blessing and a curse: It makes the hardware dependent not just on engineering and design, but also on the capriciousness and myopia of Hollywood. Apple TV lineup goes into the jungle with NatGeo TV Fans of National Geographic will now be able to get their favorite NatGeo TV shows on the Apple TV.

Nite Ize Steelie holding system. Logitech Keyboard for iPad Mini. Travel Clothing. Interior Pocket PadPockets™ These spacious pockets are designed to hold larger items like an iPad®, Kindle®, books, maps, magazines and travel documents.

Travel Clothing

Quick Draw Pockets Control your phone through the crystal clear material, located on the interior of the handwarmer pocket. A simple rotation of your hand while in the pocket puts the phone clearly into view. Exterior Pocket Bottle Holders A wide, elastic loop located in the handwarmer pocket that holds a bottle upright to prevent spillage.

BudBuckets™ Earbud PocketsSmall pouches located inside just below the front collar on each side. Key Holder You'll never lose your keys again. Personal Area Network (PAN) Our patented system for the wiring of third-party electronics into garments. Removable Sleeves Zip-off sleeves make the SeV perfect for just about any and all conditions: indoor, outdoor, spring, summer or fall. Weight Management System. Satellite Wireless storage. The Seagate Satellite™ device lets you take your media library on-the-go and stream it wirelessly to your iPad®, Android® tablets, and smartphones.

Satellite Wireless storage

Take more than 300 HD movies on-the-go* Stream media over Wi-Fi to 8 devices at the same time Automatically sync media and documents from your PC or Mac computer Easily access and stream your media using the free app or your device’s web browser Up to 7 hours battery life** * Quantitative usage examples for various applications are for illustrative purposes. Actual quantities will vary based on various factors, including file size, file format, features, and application software. ** Exact battery life subject to product model, normal usage conditions and configurations. ADATA Wireless DashDrive Air AE800 HDD. On Tuesday, ADATA announced that it will be launching the company’s second foray into wireless storage with the release of the DashDrive AE800.

ADATA Wireless DashDrive Air AE800 HDD

The hard disk drive (HDD) will be designed specifically to work with smartphones and tablets incorporating wireless connectivity allowing the drive to serve data to multiple mobile devices, while also functioning as a power bank and a wireless hotspot. The AE800 offers 500GB of storage and will be able to stream data directly to iOS and Android mobile devices via the free downloadable DashDrive Air Elite App (available on Apple App Store and Google Play). The AE800 will also compatible with wireless enabled desktop and notebooks and can transfer data without the need of transmission cable. Additionally, in wireless mode the device can stream 1080p to three devices simultaneously or stream 720p video to five devices simultaneously. The AE800 also operates as a wireless hotspot with support for 802.11 b/g/n wireless networking.

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