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Learning Sauvegarder et transférer son profil de développement Au cas où l’on souhaiterait développer des applications iOS sur plusieurs machines différentes, il est nécessaire de sauvegarder et de transférer son Profil de développement Le Profil de développement contient les Profils d’approvisionnement, les Certificats et les Clés privées nécessaires pour faire fonctionner ses applications sur un périphérique. Ce pas-à-pas explique comment effectuer cette démarche consistant à exporter et à réimporter son Profil de développement Exporter son Profil de développement depuis Xcode Partons du principe qu’une machine est déjà proprement configurée pour développer et faire fonctionner vos applications iOS sur un périphérique, qu’elle contient donc tous les éléments vitaux comme les Certificats, clés privées et autres profils d’approvisionnement. Sur cette machine, dans l’application Xcode, fenêtre Organizer: Sélectionner le Team dont vous faites partieExporter Réimporter son Profil de développement sur une nouvelle machine Ceci ouvre le Profil dans Xcode.

10 Must Have Online Tools for Web Development There was a time when web development was an extremely tough and time consuming task – a developer had to spend days and nights to create a simple element as they had to create them from scratch all by themselves. Now times and techniques both have changed, new languages and tools have made web development quite easy and quick. These tools help a developer create really awesome stuff just in a few clicks and very quickly. So if you are a web developer looking for some really cool and glitch-free tools that will prove to be useful in your work then you are at the right place as today we are going to share a list of 10 Must Have Online Tools for Web Development. Here goes the list… Google Hosted Libraries Google Hosted Libraries provide you with a huge collection of the most amazing, popular and open-source JavaScript libraries which you can take advantage of while developing. ProCSSor – Advanced CSS Prettifier Tableizer CSS Typeset Frame Box Simpless FavIcon Generator CSS Generator

Enhancing a Photo App with GPUImage & iCarousel This tutorial will teach you how to use GPUImage to apply image filters in real-time as the device's camera feed is displayed. Along the way, you'll learn how to automatically populate images within a carousel controller and how to resize images with UIImage+Categories. Project Overview Tutorial Prerequisites This tutorial builds on a previous post entitled "Build a Photo App with GPUImage". The previous lesson demonstrated how to use UIImagePickerController to select photos from the device's photo album or camera, how to add the GPUImage library to your project, and how to use the GPUImageFilter class to enhance still camera frames. Step 1: Import iCarousel This project will make extensive use of an open-source project called iCarousel in order to add stylish display of selected photos. In order to include iCarousel in your project, go to the official GitHub page and download the source code as a zip file. Next go to ViewController.m and add an import statement for iCarousel: Wrap Up

Engineering at Kiip This week marks the one year anniversary of Kiip running MongoDB in production. As of this week, we’ve also moved over 95% of our data off of MongoDB onto systems such as Riak and PostgreSQL, depending which solution made sense for the way we use our data. This post highlights our experience with MongoDB over the past year. First, some numbers about our data to give context to the scale being discussed. Build an Air Hockey Game – Adding Interactivity In this tutorial series, you'll learn how to create an Air Hockey game. The objective of the game is to hit the puck using the paddles to raise the score. Read on! Tutorial Teaser Step 1: Start Button Listeners This function adds the necesary listeners to the TitleView buttons. Step 2: Show Credits The credits screen is shown when the user taps the about button. Step 3: Hide Credits When the credits screen is tapped, it'll be tweened out of the stage and removed. Step 4: Show Game View When the Start button is tapped, the title view is tweened and removed, revealing the game view. Get the Full Series! This tutorial series is available to Tuts+ Premium members only. Joining Tuts+ Premium. . . For those unfamiliar, the family of Tuts+ sites runs a premium membership service called Tuts+ Premium.

MongoDB vs PostgreSQL for Ruby on Rails | I compared MongoDB(NoSQL) and PostgreSQL(SQL) databases for developing a Ruby on Rails app. I wanted to better understand the process of developing and deploying a MongoDB Rails app. So I built two twitter clones based on Michael Hartl’s Ruby on Rails book. The first clone used the PostgreSQL database. The second clone used the popular NoSQL database, MongoDB. I then deployed these two apps on to Heroku. If you want to avoid hiccups with third party tools (i.e., gems), pick PostgreSQL If you want to avoid hiccups deploying to most cloud providers, pick PostgreSQL If you have experience with deploying and developing with NoSQL, stick with MongoDB. Structuring Data This app, like Twitter, allows users to follow the recent tweets of other users by following them. One the other hand MongoDB implementation of this is relationship is much simpler. In the MongoDB version of twitter, we store the ‘follow’ and ‘following’ relationships in the User’s table itself. Deployment to Heroku

Tutorials Eric Meyer: CSS CSS Work Books by Eric Including Smashing CSS, CSS: The Definitive Guide, Third Edition, CSS Pocket Reference, and Cascading Style Sheets 2.0 Programmer’s Reference, among several others. Articles by Eric Local copies of CSS articles, as well as other writing I've done. Inline model document A terse, but hopefully complete, description of how the CSS inline box model really works. Color equivalents table All 147 SVG-derived color keywords permitted in CSS3 in a sortable table showing the keywords with their equivalents in both hexadecimal notations, both (non-alpha) RGB notations, and non-alpha HSL. CSS Module Timelines A visualization of the activity of the CSS Working Group by plotting draft publication dates and W3C statuses over time. CSS Module Editors Leaderboard A bit of a goof wherein I score the editors of various CSS modules and present the results as a leaderboard. CSS Tests A fairly large collection of test files I’ve accumulated over the years. W3C CSS2 Test Suite Prototyping Offsite

Build an Air Hockey Game – Interface Creation In this tutorial series, you'll learn how to create an Air Hockey game. The objective of the game is to hit the puck using the paddles to raise the score. Read on! Also available in this series: Step 1: Application Overview Using pre-made graphics, we will code an entertaining game using Lua and the Corona SDK APIs. The player will be able to hit a puck by dragging the paddle on the screen. Step 2: Target Device The first thing we have to do is select the platform we want to run our app within, this way we'll be able to choose the size for the images we will use. The iOS platform has these characteristics: iPad: 1024x768px, 132 ppiiPhone/iPod Touch: 320x480px, 163 ppiiPhone 4: 960x640px, 326 ppi Because Android is an open platform, there are many different devices and resolutions. Google Nexus One: 480x800px, 254 ppiMotorola Droid X: 854x480px, 228 ppiHTC Evo: 480x800px, 217 ppi Step 3: Interface The interface graphic resources necessary for this tutorial can be found in the attached download.

lorempixel - placeholder images for every case Build a Photo App with GPUImage This tutorial will teach you how to apply Instagram-like filters and special effects to images with the incredibly powerful GPUImage project. Along the way, you'll learn how to build a simple camera application capable of either taking new photos or accessing existing images from the photo album. Project Demo The above is a collage of image filters applied with the app this tutorial will teach you how to build. Step 1: Start a New Xcode Project Launch Xcode and create a new application using the Single View template. For this tutorial, we'll use both Storyboards and Automatic Reference counting, so be sure to select both boxes. Step 2: Create the Application Interface The application interface will consist of a UINavigationBar for the app title on the UIView and save button, a UIToolbar for the album, camera, and filter utility buttons, and a UIImageView set to aspect fill for viewing and modifying selected images. Open the MainStoryboard.storyboard file. We'll need that later. Almost done!