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Is Your Mobile Application User-Friendly? Weigh it on These 3 Essential Factors! As quotes by a learned man, ‘Technology provides no benefits of its own; it’s the application of technology that makes business opportunities and produces ROI.‘ Over the years mobile phones have only been used as simple means of communication devices.

Is Your Mobile Application User-Friendly? Weigh it on These 3 Essential Factors!

Today, the advancement of technology, availability of high-speed data access and interactive interfaces, mobile computing has created a complete new experience for the users and undoubtedly led to one of the biggest mobile technology inventions – Mobile Applications! Mobile applications, today, are breaking down the barriers of the world of networking and have enabled communication, collaboration, and connection much smarter and simpler! The Ultimate Guide to Becoming an All-Round Mobility Solution Provider. In technology, “the only thing constant is change.”

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming an All-Round Mobility Solution Provider

Every now and then, new technologies, updates, etc. are available, presenting different challenges. Besides, the challenges, the service providers engaged in the related businesses also have to remain on their toes to be aware of what is happening around and how these happenings can affect their day-to-day business. Not long ago, the mobile app revolution created plethora of opportunities for individuals who started mobility solutions businesses. With a clear vision, the companies started well but over the course it becomes a challenge to keep pace with advances, offerings of the competitors, pricing, industry standards,etc. Here, expert iOS developers India brings you a list of aspects that focus on the industry standards and practices revolving the services that you should provide to sustain and excel.

The Essentials. 5 Things That Make iOS 10.3 A Milestone Update. With iOS 11 being speculated to launch soon, users have already set their eyes on the next big OS arrival after upgrading to iOS 10.3 update.

5 Things That Make iOS 10.3 A Milestone Update

However, it makes sense to give priority to analyzing and adapting to the present version first as the iOS 11 is still months away (and may coincide with the launch of iPhone 8). Let us walk you through the important aspects of the iOS 10.3 update by iOS developers India that make it one of the most noteworthy milestone updates from Apple in recent times: Revamped file system With iOS 10.3, Apple has introduced its own file system called the APFS (Apple File System), which will replace the hitherto used 31 year old filing system HFS+. 5 Easy Tricks to Boost iOS 10.3 Performance - IOS 10.3 is a milestone update even amongst the other milestone updates like iOS 10.2.1.

5 Easy Tricks to Boost iOS 10.3 Performance -

The most important feature of iOS 10.3 is its new Apple File System (APFS). Since iOS 10.3 contains a host of new features meant to improve the user experience, along with about 60+ security patches; the upgrade is a bulky 600Mb package. Although the performance in terms of battery life and ease of use is improved, you might experience some glitches as your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch try to adapt to the new way of functioning Let us help you with a few tips and tricks to boost the performance of iOS 10.3, and get the optimum out of Apple's latest OS: 1. Apple requires a whopping 1GB+ of free disk space before the 10.3 download and installation process can start. An instant solution is to get rid of the photos and videos that are already backed up on the iCloud. Peerlyst. All the insider information and iPhone 8 feature leaks are here!

Rumor mills are abuzz again.

All the insider information and iPhone 8 feature leaks are here!

It is the time of the year when speculations are rife about what will Apple unveil at its famed keynote events. A new iPhone, obviously; but it will not be the iPhone 8. Did we stop you in your tracks? Yes, you heard it right! Blog. Are You Aware of the Rebirth of Iconic Nokia 3310? 5 Mistakes That Enterprise App Developers Often Make. You have decided to develop an application for an enterprise and you have a list of to-do things.

5 Mistakes That Enterprise App Developers Often Make

I bet that your list will have one of the mistakes that I am going to discuss in this blog. Very often app developers underestimate the effort required in creating an app for an enterprise. This happens because they fail to have a clear understanding of the result with respect to the time at hand. But, don’t worry you are on the right page. Read on to learn about the mistakes that are often made and also the ways to avoid such mistakes. #1.

This is a strict no. What is the purpose of creating the app? Related: 2017 IoT Trends Transforming Businesses Into Digital #2. The user experience and their ease should be the first thing that matters. Users should be able to comfortably browse through the app with a single log-in or credential rather than inputting that at many levels.The loading time should be minimal. . #3. How And Why Evaluation Of VoIP Vendor Is Necessary? - GroundReport. Contracting a VoIP provider is a task and a big decision for any business as it will affect the internal interactions, client service, and communications with business partners.

How And Why Evaluation Of VoIP Vendor Is Necessary? - GroundReport

In case you fail to find the right VoIP partner for your company, you may lose hundreds of thousands of dollars with it. CollectionView in Swift - Tutorial Alert. Custom Tableview Cell With Dynamic Size In Swift. This article post shares the best knowledge about customizing TableView cell with dynamic size in Swift. iPhone app developers India have intended this post to help new developers to know easy way to customize tabelview cell.

Custom Tableview Cell With Dynamic Size In Swift

Follow his tutorial to know more. One liner: In this tutorial we create a custom table view cell with dynamic size. This tutorial is implemented in Xcode 8 and is built for iOS 10. Start by creating one single view application with product name CustomTableCellWithDynamicSize. In language field select swift language and devices field select universal. 2017 IoT Trends Transforming Businesses Into Digital. In recent time, many transformations have been seen into the Internet of Things.

2017 IoT Trends Transforming Businesses Into Digital

Every business is investing in the IoT and this helps them in implementing IoT solutions that are driving the bottom line. Companies are driving IoT transformation. More wearable devices and gadgets certainly hold a large share of the market. 3 Steps to Becoming a Successful iOS App Developer - StuffaBlog. Nothing in this world comes easy.

3 Steps to Becoming a Successful iOS App Developer - StuffaBlog

And narrowing down on the choices that we have isn’t as easy as it seems. How to Make the Use of YouTube Player in Swift? This article explains the use of Youtube Player in Swift. How To Create A Custom Dragging Views In Swift? The 10 App Ideas That We Never Thought Would Work - Nex Gen Apps. NexGen Apps: The Mania Called iPhone. Push Notification iOS 10 swift. iOS developers India are excited and would like to share this tutorial with entire development community. They would like to make people learn how to implement push notification in iOS 10 using Swift 3.0 language. Read the post and find how professionals do it at their work station. How To Implement Custom Dropdown List In Swift? Expert iPhone app developers from India are sharing this tutorial with IOS developer’s community. They have intended this post to explain the bets implementation method to the novice. Through this post, other developers can learn how to implement custom dropdown list in Swift.

One liner: In this tutorial we will learn how to implement custom Dropdown list. For this tutorial we will create small dropdown with color names and selected color will be applied to application background view. Basic Requirement: iPhone App Development India - For Better Communication. Mobiles! TouchID Authentication in iOS. Swift Facebook Log-in Integration for iPhone App Development. Why India Is A Growing Market For iPhone App Development? Migrate GCM Client App for iOS to FCM. Jul 26, 2016. iPhone 7 Reveal: Release Date, Specs & Features Rumours. According to the rumour mills Apple will bring its new addition to the iPhone family, the Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone7 plus. Key Skills Which An iPhone App Developers Must Have - Nex Gen Apps Blog. Why To Choose iPhone App Development Over Android Applications?

For more efficiency and cost reduction Building elegant Mobile Applications. Seek Only What You Need with iPhone App Development India is Known for – Nex Gen Apps. India has been seen as a great ground for offering out of the box for optimum iPhone app development, and also developing totally useful applications for iPhones and even iPads lately.

Applications Galore: Important Steps To Follow For Developing Best iPhone Application – Nex Gen Apps. Apple provides astonishing and remarkable prospects as to develop for resourceful as well as productive software by utilizing open architecture, APIs as well as file format specifications. The learning and utilizing is very simple. On your Mac, you can develop and produce iOS apps that run on iPad, iPhone as well as iPod touch. Is New iOS 9.3.1 Upgrade Worth Your Time And Attention? - Nex Gen Apps. What Are The Most Intricate Things You Should Know About Iphone App Development? – Nex Gen Apps. 5 Essential Things Every iPhone App Developers Must Know. Why iPhone Application Development is So Popular? – 5 Reasons. Why iOS App Development Company Finds Hybrid App Development So Interesting?

How iOS App Development Getting Best Response In India? IOS And APK Apps. IOSApp Development Has Made The World Small And Compact - Smart Phone App Development Blog. How Apple Will Surprise You With IOS 9 Release?