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What is the advanced features in iOS 13 released? Brief about Face Detection using Vision framework. Superb secrets to amplify the performance of your iPhone in 2019. If there are any challenges with the current Serverless framework? Top trends for becoming a cult IOS developer in 2019. Developing iOS App Widgets for Better User Experience. Is Apple finding it difficult to sustain competitive pressure or something else? Apple will announce release date and new features of iOS 13 for iPhone, iPad.

5 iOS 12 bugs that are the bane of the life of the Apple users! Microsoft Updates Outlook for iOS with Major Designing Changes - Dark Mode Also Coming Up. 7 Technical Reasons why apple store rejected your app. Is Mobility the New Business Trend? iOS 12.1 isn’t really a can of worms! Advanced security and privacy features of the iOS platform. 5 Strategies to Reduce the Cost of Your iOS App Development. Get stuff done quickly with automation tools and shortcuts in iOS 12! iOS App Development Trends 2019. How iPhone App Development Company Has Influence the Life of Its Users? – Nex Gen Apps.

With the latest technologies influencing us, they are becoming an important part of our lives.

How iPhone App Development Company Has Influence the Life of Its Users? – Nex Gen Apps

Today, every tech enthusiastic is crazy over high-end gadgets especially iPhone. It has changed the way we live completely that you can’t even think a day about your Smartphone. The availability of the Internet in your pocket, sending emails anytime anywhere, talking to your loved ones, video chat and many more features have made our lives easier than ever. So now here the question is – how iPhone affects human behavior? Makes us more Productive Perhaps, many people have a negative set of eyes when it comes to the latest technology.

Smart Home iPhone allows you to broadcast live videos any time. Privacy of Data Perhaps, iPhone is a great help in securing important data. iCloud Apple offers iCloud service that enables iPhone to share contacts, photos, music, and data with other Apple products like iPads, iPods, and Mac computers. Can Enterprise Mobility Soluti… Welcome to kiwiboxWe're happy that you are part of our community.

Can Enterprise Mobility Soluti…

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How to decide upon the best iPhone App Development Company by Rosina De Palma. App Store says no to app download after upgrading your Apple device to iOS 11.4.1? How to Create a Ruler Control with Swift Part -1. 10 Best iOS app for boosting your Business. What happens if you upgrade iPhone 5S to iOS 12? 5 Top iOS Apps that will not lose their touch soon. 5 iOS 12 bugs that are the bane of the life of the Apple users!

5 mindboggling iOS 12 features to put your eyes on stalks! 10 reasons why apps get rejected by the app store. Earth shattering iOS 12 features that will completely revamp your iPhone and iPad! How to make a cut as a successful iOS developer? What are Apple aficionados expecting from iOS 13? What’s up with the Beautygate effect and quality of selfies in iOS 12.1? Ultimate guide of using Apple iPhone. 4 New iOS hacks make the master instantly for better performance! Upgraded iOS 12 - gets better performance with various features. What's new in upcoming update of iOS 12. iOS technology: why it’s the only option to choose in this world of infinite choices?

Importance of iphone app in business operations. The best part about technology is that it opens new paths for businesses and it also provides means through which you can make the most out of the new venture.

Importance of iphone app in business operations

If we look at how the smartphone industry has grown and empowered service providers and product manufacturers to expand their reach, it technology caters to both the aspect of providing better offerings and improving means through which these can be enhanced. iOS Application Features and Security. Protect the iOS Platform with Advanced Security Features. List of Top and hidden features of iOS 12. Security Features of iOS Platform - Experts Guide on IoT platforms, Cloud computing,Mobile Technologies. Join our list Subscribe to our mailing list and get interesting stuff and updates to your email inbox.

Security Features of iOS Platform - Experts Guide on IoT platforms, Cloud computing,Mobile Technologies

Thank you for subscribing. Something went wrong. Are you an iPhone user? Do you know the security standards of the iPhone you are using? Code Signing- A Runtime Security Feature Being runtime security feature of iOS platform, it (code signing) helps in the prevention of unauthorized applications that are running on the devices. 9 Tips for iPhone App Development in India. Android users may outnumber iPhone users by thousands, but iPhones app development is still one of more lucrative of the two.

9 Tips for iPhone App Development in India

How to Choose iOS developers in India – WowYar. The iPhone 8 – Rumored Designs and Specifications. Use Your Great Optimization Skills To Get Found In App Store - Blog. Have you ever wonder how in a search engine all the content you need comes out similar to whatever you type to search and most of the time search doesn’t need to be based on your past searches.

Use Your Great Optimization Skills To Get Found In App Store - Blog

Where as in an app store if you type a few words there comes a result similar to your past searches first and while searching an app for a particular reason i.e. music : first few would be the ones you have downloaded in past or from the iOS developers from whom you already have some app installed in past. Here comes the basic difference between SEO and ASO. Being good in App Search Optimization depends on a few technical facts of how you take things as they are. Image- Significant technical facts that help you in app search optimization ONE of the starting points is Keywords and their research. Read Before You Select the Mobile App Development Platform. Apps are practically everywhere and there is an app for almost everything we need.

Read Before You Select the Mobile App Development Platform

From simple information on how to cook to complex gaming apps, the market is filled with exemplary apps. However, the app development is a never-ending phenomenon. The apps that have been developed need to be constantly updated and creatively modified. The apps that are in creation are required to make use of the versatile technology that is constantly changing. In this scenario, it becomes difficult for decision-makers to keep the business decisions and developers’ ease on the same page resulting in conflict of interest. The Point of Interest Organization and developers often have different expectations from processes. iOS 11 bringing major advancements to your iPad and iPhone. Top standout features coming up with iOS 11 include siri improvements, new app store, control center changes, and more other stuff.

iOS 11 bringing major advancements to your iPad and iPhone

Apple officials have recently announced the latest mobile operating system known as iOS 11. You will get a chance to explore its features this fall. Currently, the update is going through testing; yet from our great sources, we got to know about major changes that iOS 11 will bring and alter development and user experience. The Benefits of Using IOS devices in the Healthcare System. Thanks to the booming consumer demand for iPhones, doctors now prefer and recommend IOS devices to various IT departments.

The Benefits of Using IOS devices in the Healthcare System

IT departments have always preferred Android devices due to their lower cost and efficient custom app deployment through Google Play store or the hospital’s mobile device management. Moreover, they are purpose-built, with integrated barcode scanners and durability. However, iPhone does provide the needed long-term support in terms of its price, and the apps will last longer up to three years. They also come with enhanced barcode scanning, great battery and other features. Apple Pay, Siri Translations and More Features Available in iOS 11.

This Is What Developers Should Know About iOS 10 - Blog. It is nothing new for companies to frequently update their Software and application or release new versions.

This Is What Developers Should Know About iOS 10 - Blog

Very often, the new releases come and go without anyone making a big deal out of it mostly because of the number of releases and the lack of significance in our day to day lives. But, the release of iOS 10 does not fit any of those reasons. With the simultaneous release of iOS 9.3 and iOS 10, Apple has made significant changes to the operating system which will benefit both the users and the iOS developers India. Is Your Mobile Application User-Friendly? Weigh it on These 3 Essential Factors! As quotes by a learned man, ‘Technology provides no benefits of its own; it’s the application of technology that makes business opportunities and produces ROI.‘ Over the years mobile phones have only been used as simple means of communication devices.

Today, the advancement of technology, availability of high-speed data access and interactive interfaces, mobile computing has created a complete new experience for the users and undoubtedly led to one of the biggest mobile technology inventions – Mobile Applications! Mobile applications, today, are breaking down the barriers of the world of networking and have enabled communication, collaboration, and connection much smarter and simpler!

But developing an application is just not enough, there’s a long way to go! The Ultimate Guide to Becoming an All-Round Mobility Solution Provider. In technology, “the only thing constant is change.” Every now and then, new technologies, updates, etc. are available, presenting different challenges. Besides, the challenges, the service providers engaged in the related businesses also have to remain on their toes to be aware of what is happening around and how these happenings can affect their day-to-day business. Not long ago, the mobile app revolution created plethora of opportunities for individuals who started mobility solutions businesses. 5 Things That Make iOS 10.3 A Milestone Update.

With iOS 11 being speculated to launch soon, users have already set their eyes on the next big OS arrival after upgrading to iOS 10.3 update. However, it makes sense to give priority to analyzing and adapting to the present version first as the iOS 11 is still months away (and may coincide with the launch of iPhone 8). Let us walk you through the important aspects of the iOS 10.3 update by iOS developers India that make it one of the most noteworthy milestone updates from Apple in recent times: Revamped file system With iOS 10.3, Apple has introduced its own file system called the APFS (Apple File System), which will replace the hitherto used 31 year old filing system HFS+. 5 Easy Tricks to Boost iOS 10.3 Performance -

IOS 10.3 is a milestone update even amongst the other milestone updates like iOS 10.2.1. The most important feature of iOS 10.3 is its new Apple File System (APFS). Since iOS 10.3 contains a host of new features meant to improve the user experience, along with about 60+ security patches; the upgrade is a bulky 600Mb package. Peerlyst. All the insider information and iPhone 8 feature leaks are here! Rumor mills are abuzz again. It is the time of the year when speculations are rife about what will Apple unveil at its famed keynote events. A new iPhone, obviously; but it will not be the iPhone 8. Blog. Are You Aware of the Rebirth of Iconic Nokia 3310? 5 Mistakes That Enterprise App Developers Often Make. You have decided to develop an application for an enterprise and you have a list of to-do things. I bet that your list will have one of the mistakes that I am going to discuss in this blog. Very often app developers underestimate the effort required in creating an app for an enterprise.

This happens because they fail to have a clear understanding of the result with respect to the time at hand. How And Why Evaluation Of VoIP Vendor Is Necessary? - GroundReport. Contracting a VoIP provider is a task and a big decision for any business as it will affect the internal interactions, client service, and communications with business partners.

CollectionView in Swift - Tutorial Alert. Custom Tableview Cell With Dynamic Size In Swift. This article post shares the best knowledge about customizing TableView cell with dynamic size in Swift. iPhone app developers India have intended this post to help new developers to know easy way to customize tabelview cell. Follow his tutorial to know more. One liner: In this tutorial we create a custom table view cell with dynamic size. 2017 IoT Trends Transforming Businesses Into Digital. In recent time, many transformations have been seen into the Internet of Things. 3 Steps to Becoming a Successful iOS App Developer - StuffaBlog. Nothing in this world comes easy. And narrowing down on the choices that we have isn’t as easy as it seems. How to Make the Use of YouTube Player in Swift?

This article explains the use of Youtube Player in Swift. How To Create A Custom Dragging Views In Swift? The 10 App Ideas That We Never Thought Would Work - Nex Gen Apps. NexGen Apps: The Mania Called iPhone. Push Notification iOS 10 swift. How To Implement Custom Dropdown List In Swift? iPhone App Development India - For Better Communication. TouchID Authentication in iOS. Swift Facebook Log-in Integration for iPhone App Development. Why India Is A Growing Market For iPhone App Development? Migrate GCM Client App for iOS to FCM. iPhone 7 Reveal: Release Date, Specs & Features Rumours. Key Skills Which An iPhone App Developers Must Have - Nex Gen Apps Blog. Why To Choose iPhone App Development Over Android Applications? Seek Only What You Need with iPhone App Development India is Known for – Nex Gen Apps.

Important Steps To Follow For Developing Best iPhone Application – Nex Gen Apps. Is New iOS 9.3.1 Upgrade Worth Your Time And Attention? - Nex Gen Apps. What Are The Most Intricate Things You Should Know About Iphone App Development? – Nex Gen Apps. 5 Essential Things Every iPhone App Developers Must Know. Why iPhone Application Development is So Popular? – 5 Reasons. Why iOS App Development Company Finds Hybrid App Development So Interesting? How iOS App Development Getting Best Response In India? IOS And APK Apps. IOSApp Development Has Made The World Small And Compact - Smart Phone App Development Blog. How Apple Will Surprise You With IOS 9 Release?