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RSS Information. -webkit CSS Properties. A few weeks back I touched on a handful of Mozilla-specific CSS properties that I found to be interesting.

-webkit CSS Properties

This week I'd like to share a few WebKit-specific CSS properties that make me all tingly inside. -webkit-touch-callout The -webkit-touch-callout property allows you to dictate what does or doesn't happen when a user taps and holds on a link on iOS. The default value is default and tap-holding on a link brings up the link bubble dialog; by using the value of none, that bubble never comes up. This would be very useful on apps that use A elements which aren't traditional links, but simply trigger AJAX / JavaScript functions. -webkit-user-drag The -webkit-user-drag property specifies that an entire element should be draggable instead of its contents: -webkit-appearance Using the -webkit-appearance property, you can make a SPAN tag look like a radio button, or textarea, or SELECT dropdown, or any of the other 50 supported properties. Wanna see this one in action? Android Has More Market Share, But Apple's iOS Sends More Traffic. At the iPhone 4S launch last week Apple CEO Tim Cook projected a slide that showed Apple dominating Android in terms of mobile Internet usage.

Upon seeing that slide, people tweeted remarks like: “Where is he getting his numbers?” Indeed, they seemed made up given Android’s surge over the past six months. Android Has Larger Share Than Apple… The data were credited to comScore, which today released those numbers and a great deal more data on smartphone and tablet usage.

The pie chart below reflects comScore’s most recent U.S. mobile OS market share data for August 2011, where Android leads Apple in market share, 43.7% to 27.3% of the U.S. smartphone operating systems out there: But Apple Sends Traffic But when it comes to driving traffic, Apple’s iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) is responsible for almost 59 % of non-PC traffic in the U.S. vs. 32 % for Android. Over 100 Million Mobile Media Users Served Email, Weather Most Sought Email: 81 million mobile users Weather: 72.7 million visitors. iOS Boilerplate - A base template for iOS apps. RestKit: Easier RESTful Web Services For iOS Apps.

RestKit is an open source Objective-C framework that simplifies interacting with RESTful web services for iOS apps.

RestKit: Easier RESTful Web Services For iOS Apps

It comes with a clean and easy-to-use HTTP request/response API with a powerful object mapping system that minimizes the amount of code to be written. The framework provides integration with Apple’s Core Data framework which allows it to persist remotely loaded objects directly back into a local store, either as a fast local cache or a primary data store that is periodically synced with the cloud. And, RestKit supports JSON via the SBJSON and YAJL parsers.

Push notification

Glossaire d’un développeur iOS. Si je vous parle d’Internet, d’e-mail, de sms, de Wi-Fi ou encore d’iPhone, normalement vous voyez à peu près ce que c’est, contrairement à mon voisin qui utilise encore le minitel et qui risque encore de me regarder bizarrement ; mais ça c’est une autre histoire.

Glossaire d’un développeur iOS

Là où je veux en venir c’est que pour certains sujets nous nous comprenons parce que nous avons un certain savoir, une expérience utilisateur et un vocabulaire commun. Sans le vocabulaire adapté, une demande, pourtant simple, manque de pertinence. Pour illustrer ce propos, voici une même idée exprimée de deux manières différentes, au sujet du développement d’une application iPhone : Version longue (38 mots) : « Quand on appui sur le bouton à droite de la barre du haut, il faudrait que les longs boutons gris les uns au dessus des autres apparaissent en bas de l’écran comme quand on veut partager une photo. » (exemple véridique )Version courte (9 mots) : « Un appui sur le rightBarItem déclenche l’apparition d’un actionSheet. »