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Android App of the Week - Best Android Apps

Android App of the Week - Best Android Apps
by Antonio Wells Apr 6, 2010 12:00 PM – A cool feature of our Android App Review website users love is the “App of the Week” on the home page. We are dedicating this page to keep a history of all apps we deemed cream of the crop, the big cahoona, top dog, best of the bunch, Best Android Apps… You get the point! Check out these Android Apps, we’ve included the QR barcode to scan to conveniently buy & download from Google Play. (Must Play Game) Escape the Mansion!Free, Offers in-app purchasesEscape the Mansion is brought to us by the creators of the 100 Doors series of puzzle games where you must strain your noddle to figure out how to escape each room. (Must Play Game) Lightomania - stealing light bulbs has never been so fun! (Must Play) Ringgz - crazy good twist on classic brick breaker game! (Must Download) Kingsoft Office - a fully featured Microsoft Office & PDF solutionFreeKingsoft Office is an alternative office documents app that is fully-featured and completely free! (Must Play!)

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Android Market updated to 3.3.11; Default auto-update, Update over Wi-Fi only and more Goodies The Android Market app appears to have just gotten an update, bringing it to version 3.3.11. We’ve got an .APK file for you, thanks to the good folks over at AndroidPolice, but I do want to warn you: this version isn’t playing well with Honeycomb tablets — we’re getting reports that there are a ton of glitches on that end, but it should be okay for phones. After the break, you’ll find all the info you’ll need. Screenshots, download links, and random disclaimers telling you that we’re not responsible for any apocalypse that might come as a result of you installing the app. Download:Android Market 3.3.11 [Mirror] What’s changed?

Top 8 Android Apps for Education Alright, time to put down the Angry Birds and put your Android to better use. Whether you're currently in school or just seeking a little self-improvement, a plethora of Android apps are just waiting to enhance your knowledge base, expand your skill sets, improve your memory and more. We've picked a few of the top applications in a number of categories, including math, music, geography, astronomy. Take a look at these apps, and in the comments, let us know which ones you already use to keep your most powerful organ in top shape. (And to all you teens trying to convince your parents that buying you an Android smartphone is a good idea, you're welcome.)

How to Get Better Battery Life from Your Android Phone "You don't need a task killer." I have a Sprint HTC Evo 4G, and Sprint's bloatware likes to start automatically on my phone and suck battery life. There is also no way to uninstall these apps unless I root my phone (which will happen very soon). The Best Text Messaging Replacement for Android open application settings and select messaging and clear defaults [On Android 2.2.1 on Samsung Droid Charge] Tyler, I think your instructions don't apply to some phone/versions - or you weren't clear enough for me to follow what you mean. I don't know of any "Application Settings". Although I think I remember seeing such a thing on my old 2.1 Droid. I looked at my system Settings app and there are categories like "Wireless and network", "Sound Settings", "Call Settings", "Display Settings", "applications" (which leads to "manage aopplications where you list, delete and otherwise handle apps) and "accounts and sync".

Dolphin Mobile Browser Gets Voice-Control Feature for Android Dolphin Browser for mobile devices received a voice-control feature on Wednesday for Android users, allowing them to search the Web with just their voices. The new feature — called Dolphin Sonar — allows you to open new tabs by speaking to the browser, and it can even search within sites. For example, saying "Facebook Justin Bieber" will display his Facebook profile. 12 stunning Icon Packs for Android Phones Uploaded By@nicque Uploaded By@ratikant9 Uploaded By@sevimlibrad Uploaded By@laostia Uploaded By@lolo Uploaded By@noahsarc

Microsoft releases Hotmail app for Android; people stuck in 1999 begin rejoicing - Cell Phone News and Reviews - IntoMobile You can tell a lot about a person by the domain name attached to their email address. If it ends with, chances are the poor soul using that email account doesn’t know the difference between the power button on their laptop and their asshole. If it’s, run away fast because it’s an old man posing as a teenage girl from Florida looking to hookup. All the cool kids use Google’s email service because it’s got threading, the search is incredible, and the storage space is practically unlimited. You’d think that because Gmail offers such a superior experience, everyone would be using it, right? Well, you’re wrong.

Skitch for Android Update: Maps, Save to SD Card and More Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 29 Feb 2012 Comment We have a great Skitch for Android update for you today (1.4). The latest version adds the ability to annotate a map, save sketches to your SD card and more.