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Android App of the Week - Best Android Apps

Android App of the Week - Best Android Apps
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Android Market updated to 3.3.11; Default auto-update, Update over Wi-Fi only and more Goodies The Android Market app appears to have just gotten an update, bringing it to version 3.3.11. We’ve got an .APK file for you, thanks to the good folks over at AndroidPolice, but I do want to warn you: this version isn’t playing well with Honeycomb tablets — we’re getting reports that there are a ton of glitches on that end, but it should be okay for phones. After the break, you’ll find all the info you’ll need. Screenshots, download links, and random disclaimers telling you that we’re not responsible for any apocalypse that might come as a result of you installing the app. Download:Android Market 3.3.11 [Mirror] What’s changed? Get this baby installed, let us know what you think, and enjoy! Source: AndroidPolice About the Author Tony Simons Android addict would be the two words I would use to describe myself. More articles by Tony Simons+ »

Best Android Apps Review Top 8 Android Apps for Education Alright, time to put down the Angry Birds and put your Android to better use. Whether you're currently in school or just seeking a little self-improvement, a plethora of Android apps are just waiting to enhance your knowledge base, expand your skill sets, improve your memory and more. We've picked a few of the top applications in a number of categories, including math, music, geography, astronomy. Take a look at these apps, and in the comments, let us know which ones you already use to keep your most powerful organ in top shape. (And to all you teens trying to convince your parents that buying you an Android smartphone is a good idea, you're welcome.) Interested in more Android resources?

How to Get Better Battery Life from Your Android Phone "You don't need a task killer." I have a Sprint HTC Evo 4G, and Sprint's bloatware likes to start automatically on my phone and suck battery life. There is also no way to uninstall these apps unless I root my phone (which will happen very soon). Read my original article on task killers. While it may kill the bloatware (which you really should root and uninstall), it can cause all sorts of other problems. Bloatware is a huge problem, but task killers are not the solution. Great, so if I root because you said I should, are you going to cover the warranty that Sprint will tell me I've voided? In a few months the warranty will end and I'll have incentives to change phones. I'm not saying everyone has to root. You want Watchdog. I too have an EVO and I use Advanced Task Killer. I dont want NASCAR or Qik or any one of a dozen apps that I never use or use maybe once a week open all the time. WHAT REAL AND TANGIBLE PROBLEMS DO TASK KILLLERS CAUSE?! And don't tell me to root.

FreeTethering - Android Market Tether your Android phone to your PC over USB WITHOUT rooting! Klink only needs a data plan and works without a tethering option. NOTE: Please try the free demo version ("Klink Demo" on the market) to test compatibility before buying. - Does NOT require rooting - One-time purchase fee -- upgrades are free via the Market. - Uses USB for longer battery life and greater speed - Supports Windows (XP/Vista/7/32-bit/64-bit), Mac OS X 10.5 (or later), and Ubuntu/Linux (32-bit and 64-bit) - Written in C (NOT Java) for efficiency, speed, and lower power consumption. * Handles hundreds of simultaneous connections. - Can transparently rewrite "User-Agent" headers so that your PC browser will look like a mobile device when browsing web pages. - Designed so that network traffic effectively originates from the phone. After installing and running Klink, please tap "Set up your Computer" and follow the instructions. Keep in mind that Klink's consumption of data depends on usage.

i2theme v12.1 - ADW i2Theme Crystal v2.2 for CM7 ThemeChooser: now on market! (Update 10/17/2011) CM7 Crystal Theme by DaRk_dOg Quote Crystal is a mix of cyan/transparent and carbon-like textures and colors. Also please.. DaRk_dOg Themed Applications: Themed Standalone widgets: -Norton Mobile Utilities (Beta) -Audiogalaxy -Myphone Explorer -Calculator Widget Themed Launcher icons: =================================================Installation: 1)Download Crystal theme from the market or here 2)Launch Theme Chooser application 3)Choose Crystal Theme 4)Hit "apply" 5)Reboot 6)Enjoy! You can find the theme's wallpapers here, the HDPI morph here and the MDPI one here ================================================= Few Notes: Crystal Theme will receive updates every Sunday (due to my work)Looks better with dark wallpapers Future updates will include more themed apps, launcher icons, morphs for lockscreens etcIt can also be applied in MDPI devicesChangelog: v2.7 Credits (or some words of gratitude): Disclaimer1: This theme contains several themed icons from various applications.

Dolphin Mobile Browser Gets Voice-Control Feature for Android Dolphin Browser for mobile devices received a voice-control feature on Wednesday for Android users, allowing them to search the Web with just their voices. The new feature — called Dolphin Sonar — allows you to open new tabs by speaking to the browser, and it can even search within sites. For example, saying "Facebook Justin Bieber" will display his Facebook profile. The speech recognition feature is available for free in the Android Market via the Dolphin for Android version 7.4 update. To activate the feature, tap the microphone icon at the bottom of the screen or shake the device, and start talking. “Our gesture-based browsing function was a game-changer in terms of the way people browse on their mobile devices, and Sonar is the logical next step,” said Yongzhi Yang, CEO of MoboTap, the makers of the Dolphin Browser. SEE ALSO: Dolphin Launches Gesture-Based Browser for the iPad Dolphin Sonar is not yet available for iOS devices. Have you tried the Dolphin browser?

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