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95 Old School Games You Can Play Online | AMOG - Alpha Males of the Group Remember the classic video games? The 8-bit masterpieces of our sweaty-palmed youth. Inviting some friends over for a Maniac Mansion all-nighter, huffing asthmatically into a cartridge to clear out the dust, or the thrill and crushing disappointment of rescuing a princess, only to discover you’ve really just saved a fungus. These games aren’t lost forever. (1 through 4) 1941: Counter Attack, 1942, 1943 Kai, and 1943: The Battle of Midway Perhaps kicking off gamedom’s WWII fetish, this series drops you in the pilot’s seat of a fighter jet. I recommend checking out all four of these games, but don’t try to wrap your mind around the titles (1941 came out after 1942 and 1943? 1941: Counter Attack Released: 1990 Popularity around release date: 4/5 Difficulty: 3/5 Fun: 4/5 Uniqueness: 3/5 Sound: 3/5 Graphics: 4/5 Released: 1984 Sound: 4/5 Graphics: 3/5 1943 Kai Released: 1987 1943: The Battle of Midway (5) Alley Cat Released: 1983 Popularity around release date: 3/5 Difficulty: 2/5 Fun: 3/5 Uniqueness: 5/5 Contra

Sobees - Home Heyzap Vies To Become A ‘YouTube For Flash Games’ There are countless Flash games on the web, but weeding through them to find the one you’re looking for can be a challenge. Heyzap the first company out of Y Combinator‘s latest batch of startups, is looking to offer users a comprehensive database of the web’s best games, along with the ability to embed those games wherever they’d like. In short, they’re looking to become a YouTube for Flash gaming. But unlike YouTube, founders Immad Akhund and Jude Gomila say that Heyzap isn’t necessarily meant to serve as a destination site, but is instead focusing on its widget (which has an integrated catalog of available games) as well as forming partnerships with publishers looking to integrate Flash games into their sites. The widget itself seems fairly well designed, with games sorted into categories like “Sports” and “Puzzles”. This isn’t Immad Akhund’s first run at a Y Combinator company – he co-founded Clickpass, which was recently acquired by Synthasite.

Play free flash games on whosegame Adesso gioco The West Statistiques et Outils | Create your own widget, using any data feed! The Best Sites for Game Previews and Reviews | What is the role that internet plays in our lives? What is the internet, really? Ok, nearly 90 percent of the internet is filled with various forms of adult entertainement, but what about the other 10 percent? The internet forms, besides various other things, a nearly unlimited source of information. Now, it gets easier by the day to access information. Of course, everyone of you is familiar with the big daddy’s of information, like Google, Yahoo or Wikipedia. We’re going to peek at gaming-related sites. One of the first things I do before I go out to buy a game, is look for reviews. Besides reviews of the sporadical free games, which you’ll find here at MakeUseOf, there are tons of great places for game pre- and reviews. Game Rankings is a great site for those of you who prefer to look at the ‘game scores’ above all else. This site indexes all ratings, from nearly all sites that are worth to mention, and then calculates the average score ratio for the game. Visit GameSpot @

Pix'N Love Editions SimSchool Citoyens, hors de la ville... Prudence !

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