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Employers ignore almost everything on your application–except this. How Top Designers Tell Clients That Their Taste Sucks. 2013 Startup School. Inside Warby Parker's Inner Circle, They Master The Live-And-Work-Together Lifestyle. Crowdfounding. The Body Language Of Creative Thinkers. You can tell a lot about a person's mental state just by looking at their body language.

The Body Language Of Creative Thinkers

Why the Best Designers Don’t Specialize in Any One Thing. Mustafahacalaki/Getty The digital world is at an inflection point, and the implications demand that organizations—from big companies to startups to marketing agencies—hire designers who are smart generalists.

Why the Best Designers Don’t Specialize in Any One Thing

Think about the moment we’re in: mobile, big data and personalization are converging to drive truly novel user experiences across countless new channels and in real life. In this post-screen world, the lines between the physical and the digital blur, and everything from your heartbeat to your thermostat connects to everything else. It’s a world of experiences, less and less dependent on any one platform, device, interface or technology. How To Not Come Home From Your Next Vacation, And Start A Business Instead. In 2009, Bianca Forzano made the decision to give up her high paying job with Price WaterhouseCoopers to kite surf around the world.

How To Not Come Home From Your Next Vacation, And Start A Business Instead

Originally from Rome, this adventurous Italian soon found herself in the sun soaked kite surfing mecca of Cabarete, in the Dominican Republic. She decided to stay and set up shop. When Forzano first arrived, she started working for a friend’s kite instruction business. Trendviz. CLEVER°FRANKE - Data visualization. 5 Simple Office Policies That Make Danish Workers Way More Happy Than Americans. You will often see Denmark listed in surveys as the "happiest country on the planet.

5 Simple Office Policies That Make Danish Workers Way More Happy Than Americans

" Interestingly Danes are not only happy at home, they're also happy at work. According to most studies of worker satisfaction among nations, the happiest employees in the world are in Denmark. The U.S.? The New Subtle Sexism Toward Women in the Workplace. The firing of Jill Abramson from the New York Times brought renewed attention to the topic of gender workplace bias, at least for a fleeting cultural moment.

The New Subtle Sexism Toward Women in the Workplace

Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. insists the matter had nothing to do with gender, which may well prove true. Still, there's some measure of comfort to be taken in the topic receiving more notice for whatever the reason, because the danger of modern gender workplace bias is that too often it can seem like no problem at all. Not so long ago, overt gender bias was a perfectly acceptable office practice. (Think every single episode of Mad Men.)

The Dead Simple Way Google Ventures Unlocks Great Ideas. When the partners of Google Ventures work with a startup, helping to remake a product over the course of a week-long design sprint, they simply don't have time to mull over ideas or debate which design is best.

The Dead Simple Way Google Ventures Unlocks Great Ideas

So how does the team reach consensus? It comes down to an endless supply of dots. Sticky dots. Google Ventures is the venture capital arm of Google. But it's different from most venture firms in that Google Ventures works side-by-side with its portfolio companies, running Extreme Home Makeover-esque design sprints to iterate their products. These Are The 46 Companies Creative Freelancers Would Kill To Work For.

Creative freelancers have a unique perspective on how the culture of their profession differs across companies.

These Are The 46 Companies Creative Freelancers Would Kill To Work For

Beyond the obvious--the quality of the work produced--they know which companies grind their employees to dust, which ones pay their bills on time, have the best stocked kitchens, and are just places that people want to be, day in and day out. So when creative employment community Working Not Working asked its network what it would take to give up the freelance life for a full-time gig, it's worth paying attention to the results.

Out of 187 agencies, brands, studios, networks, magazines, publishers, and startups mentioned by members, WNW picked the 46 most popular choices. The companies include tiny, new creative agencies, multinationals, and almost everything in between. 5 Simple Office Policies That Make Danish Workers Way More Happy Than Americans. The Best Way To Remember Something? Take Notes By Hand. Headed into an important meeting?

The Best Way To Remember Something? Take Notes By Hand

Grab a pen. Taking notes longhand will help you remember information better than typing them out, according to new research from a pair of psychologists from Princeton University and UCLA. The study, published in the journal Psychological Science, compared how well more than 300 students retained information after taking notes on 15-minute TED Talks either by hand or with a laptop. Across three different experiments, the researchers found that taking notes with a laptop can be detrimental to learning.

Both groups performed about the same when recalling facts from the lectures half an hour later, but longhand note-takers were much better at recalling concepts. Studio Visit: Amelie Mancini. How To Get Rid Of Toxic Office Politics. Office politics are a fact of life with which most employees are unfortunately intimately familiar.

How To Get Rid Of Toxic Office Politics

The employee who was just promoted might not do the best job, put in the most hours, or have the most developed skills, but they certainly knew how to play the game. While a great deal of workers feel office politics hurt productivity, a 2012 survey by Robert Half International shows 56% of workers feel politicking is necessary to get ahead in their career. The 10 Best U.S. Cities To Launch Your STEM Career.

So you’ve picked up on today’s economic trends and realized that a career in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) may be the safest and most lucrative choice.

The 10 Best U.S. Cities To Launch Your STEM Career

Now you just have to find a place to live. And guess what? How To Master The Art Of Self-Promotion. “Politics is a direct-response business,” declares the digital director of President Obama’s re-election campaign. “People do things if you ask them to do it, and ... don’t … if you don’t ask.” Exactly! In fact, this is true not only in politics, but also in social media. If you want your readers to click “like” or “retweet” or “reblog” or “pin” or “plus,” you gotta ask for it. Not for nothing do two of the web’s most popular sites--BuzzFeed and Mashable--serve up big buttons at the top of each article, beseeching you to “share me now!” My Year At A Standing Desk And Why I'll Never Go Back. Solve creative challenges - together.

Creative Professionals Worldwide.


Startups. How To Choose An Ethical Career (With Help From Oxford Philosophers) If you need help choosing a career, there are aptitude tests, counselors and shelves full of best-sellers to help. But if your primary goal is moral achievement—as opposed to personal fulfillment—you might be better off asking a philosopher. That’s what I did. 80,000 Hours is a small, student-run organization with a not-so-small goal: to change the world by guiding young people into maximally ethical careers. Co-founder and philosophy Ph.D. student William MacAskill emphasizes that this doesn’t mean simply seeking out jobs with maximally ethical organizations. The 4 People You Need For An Awesome Network. Watch: A Peek Inside The Apple Recruiting Process.

Apple’s marketing, and no doubt, even Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs biography, may lead you to believe that the iPad was made by two guys mulling over a CNC machine in a secret lab. Creative jobs will be "mechanised and outsourced just like car manufacturing" News: automated tools threaten to make designers redundant as machine algorithms replace human creativity, the Mayor of London's former cultural strategy manager has claimed.

As a result, Britain's creative industries could suffer the same fate as the country's eroded heavy industry and manufacturing sectors, argues Tom Campbell in a recent post for the culture and creativity consultancy BOP. Building The Perfect Instagram Portfolio. Douglas Friedman walked into a meeting at a major, well-respected advertising agency in Los Angeles, carrying a large portfolio of his work. 8 Of Google's Craziest Offices. How Can I Learn Skills For A New Field Without Going Back To College? This 4,400-Square-Foot Desk Creates Hiding Holes For An Escape Within The Office. Sé un experto en administrar tu tiempo. Blog. The Weirdest Interview Questions Hiring Managers Ask. Glassdoor on Friday released its list of the top 25 oddball interview questions, which were compiled by its data science team based on tags and community feedback.

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The Job Interview Research You Didn't Know You Needed To Do. A Brief Manifesto For Misfit Entrepreneurs ⚙ Co. 6 Work-From-Home Snafus. The Psychology Of Why Being Really, Really Weird Can Get You Hired. Daniel Libeskind Is No Architect. Do You Have Imposter Syndrome Or Are You Actually Qualified For Your Job? All Grown Up: Kickstarter Announces Big Management Changes. Seis países reconocerán los títulos colombianos - Noticias de Salud, Educación, Turismo, Ciencia, Ecología y Vida de hoy. 9 Rules For Running A Productive Design Critique. BeTrip. El pasado oscuro del curriculum. The Best Businesses For Workers, And The Perks They Offer. Movie with Hella Jongerius on working with different brands.


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