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HOW TO: Get all the tech news you need (in 20 minutes a day) - Valleywag

HOW TO: Get all the tech news you need (in 20 minutes a day) - Valleywag

The Razor's Edge Plot[edit] Maugham begins by characterising his story as not really a novel but a thinly veiled true account. He includes himself as a minor character, a writer who drifts in and out of the lives of the major players. Larry Darrell's lifestyle is contrasted throughout the book with that of his fiancée’s uncle, Elliott Templeton, an American expatriate living in Paris and a shallow and unrepentant yet generous snob. Best Week Ever We want to stand up today and salute the hottest arms in Hollywood. That’s right. We’re looking at you: Robert Downey, Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Channing Tatum, every guy who’s ever been in a Marvel movie… It’s about time these guys got our full appreciation for putting so much time and energy into building dem biceps.

12 SQLite Resources for iPhone Developers There are plenty of different places to get a mobile application designed. The problem is that they’re quite expensive. You might be able to figure out how to create your own, but it will probably look very basic. Instead, a good mobile application development software can make it even easier, so that you can build great looking apps all by yourself. iClock, an Instant iPhone App Here's an interesting technique spotted on W. Clawpaw's page quite a while back, using data: urls as the source of toolbar bookmarklets and iPhone apps. What you're seeing on this page isn't mine; it's lifted mostly from the Mozilla Developer Center's Basic Animations page for the <CANVAS> tag.

30+ Insanely Useful Websites for Guitarists - AUDIOTUTS The guitar is an instrument that knows no genre and no boundaries--one of the reasons why it's arguably the world's most beloved instrument. Here are over 30 incredibly useful (and often entertaining) websites dedicated to the guitar and its admirers. Must-see sites Bootstrap A lot of people stumble upon this website because they’re looking for information about developing applications for the iPhone. If this is your first time here, welcome! I have been developing applications for the iPhone since it was released (using both the Jailbreak and official SDK.) My company is currently selling several applications in iTunes. I also have many years of experience with the underlying technologies on the device (Cocoa, the predecessor to Cocoa Touch.)

Why Aren&#039;t We Shocked? - Volume 21 No. 2 - Winter 2006 - Rethinking Schools Online Become a subscriber or online account holder to read this article and hundreds more. Learn more. Already a subscriber or account holder? Chromeless Web Apps on iPhone « you really don&#039;t want to know One thing I was really looking forward to in iPhone OS 2.0 was the advent of chromeless web apps . The promise was, as a web developer, you’d be able to add a line of code to your site, and it would unlock a fancy new feature: in addition to just adding an icon to your home screen, you could now make it a standalone “app.” No URL bar, no navigation chrome, all screen real estate. Here’s the code, situated in the head tag:

gt; Quail Frenchie Dress North America If you are a European customer and want to go directly to the North American site please add to your favourites. Australia iPhone Tip: create an Apple folder - iPhone J With iOS 4, we can now create folders to group similar apps. One folder that I created on my iPhone contains the apps developed by Apple that I don't use very much. Some are apps included with the iPhone that I rarely use but cannot delete, such as Stocks and Compass. Others are apps that I sometimes use but don't use very often, like Voice Memos and Find my iPhone. Then there is the YouTube app: I almost never launch it directly; I just let the iPhone take care of launching it when I click on a movie link on a web page or elsewhere.

Easy Gluten Free Recipes: The Easiest Gluten Free Cake in the World Of all my easy gluten free recipes, this is probably the one I use most regularly. And it seriously is the easiest in the world. In fact I am teaching my seven year old daughter to make it (thus reducing my baking time – but not by much!) Jamie is also going to learn, when I can get him off the Wii Fit!! Paper Toss dev makes $500k per month iPhone games developer Backflip Studios making hay from its freemium strategy Independent mobile games developer Backflip Studios is making half a million dollars a month from in-game ads alone, and expects this to rise sharply in the next few months. "We are seeing revenues of about $500,000 a month just on mobile ads," CEO Julian Farrior tells ME. "This excludes revenues associated with premium App Store sales or in-app purchases." It's a startling figure, but Farrior breaks down the figures behind it.

Oxalis regnellii &#039;Atropurpurea&#039; Purple Oxalis -- Oxalis regnellii 'Atropurpurea' Going by whatever name you know it as, this is truly a wonderful plant. The Oxalis Genius has over 800 recognized species throughout the world. So considering the length of this article and TIME I will only talk about one, the Purple Leaf Oxalis. This particular species is native in Argentina, Bolivia, and Paraguay.

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