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Mgmt pro tips. Employee Onboarding at Startups Is Broken – Here’s How to Fix It. You’re greeted at the pearly gates to heaven by St.

Employee Onboarding at Startups Is Broken – Here’s How to Fix It

Peter who asks where you’d like to spend eternity. “Well, heaven of course!” You say. Peter replies: “You have to check out hell just to see what you think before you commit.” Disappointed, you shrug but agree. You go back to Peter: “I didn’t think I'd ever say this, but I think I’d rather go to hell,” you say. This is Carly Guthrie's one HR joke. “There’s this dark alley knife fight for the best talent in the tech industry right now,” says Guthrie.

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Tools. 25 of The Best Free Newsletters for Entrepreneurs and Startups — Startups, Wanderlust, and Life Hacking. You probably receive too many emails.

25 of The Best Free Newsletters for Entrepreneurs and Startups — Startups, Wanderlust, and Life Hacking

And, for some of us, our inboxes are already overwhelming. But the fact remains that email is still the most manageable way of consuming the best content on the web. If you are not subscribed to any of these yet, try one or two. These are some of the best newsletters you’ll be excited to open every week. Marketplace KPI Dashboard. By Angela, July 13, 2015 A few months ago, I wrote about the questions that we typically ask when evaluating a marketplace opportunity.

Marketplace KPI Dashboard

Now, inspired by our friend Christoph Janz at Point Nine Capital who created a KPI dashboard for early-stage SaaS, we have put together a KPI template for marketplaces. We recognize that every marketplace is different, but each one is also similar at its core: each marketplace has a seller (supply) and buyer (demand) side, and acts as an intermediary to bring them together. We hope that our version of a Marketplace KPI dashboard helps founders manage their business and pre-empt those due diligence questions in a fundraise. Below are some screenshots of the template which you can also access via the Google doc here (make a copy of it and then you can edit away). Screen shot of Marketplace KPI Google Spreadsheet There are plenty of notes within the dashboard itself but here’s a high level overview. Overall Marketplace Metrics GMV = # of Transactions * AOV.

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SaaS news/tools/market/blogs. MoneyTree Home. Cool startups/side projects. Productivity Tools. SDR work. Open Startups: Real time revenue metrics of transparent startups. SaaS Analytics for Stripe MRR Customers The easiest way to publish on social media A simple, powerful publishing platform Time tracking software with screenshots, activity levels, timesheets & reports Email marketing for professional bloggers A dead simple store locator widget The most powerful NPS platform built to drive growth & eliminate churn Real-time error, feature & log reporting for your applications.

Open Startups: Real time revenue metrics of transparent startups


The Startup Sales Guy blog. Startups. Slack List. All Technology Business Gaming Television Design Movies Music Social A Slack community for iOS developers with 400+ members and counting.

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Join the group A slack group by the gaming community to chat and play video games...and watch cat GIFs. Join the group HackerX is chat community of hackers and makers from all over the world to facilitate networking, Q&A's, feedback and more. Drew Spitzer's Personal Website on Strikingly. Free Failed Startups eBook. Failure sucks.

Free Failed Startups eBook

You may have heard of the famous startup maths: nine of out 10 startups fail. The bitter truth about failure hurts but the most important thing is that most entrepreneurs move on to do something else. It’s not over until you give up. There are a ton of startups trying to make it, and a lot of them just don’t make the cut. Whether it’s poor budgeting, lack of excitement, or bad management, startups fail all the time. 3 other books you will find useful. Growth Hacking Today.

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eShares - Cap table management, subscription 409a valuations, ASC 718, and electronic stock certificates and options. BizDev. Dave McClure Startup Metrics Dashboard. Founder Weekly: A Free, Weekly E-mail Newsletter for Entrepreneurs and Startup Founders. Startup Equity Calculator. Shared Office Space. - discover trending content relevant to your audience and share or schedule updates. Rent a Meeting Room or Event Space - Muck Rack - Journalists on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and social media. Best Books For Entrepreneurs. Work In Startups. Cjbarber/ToolsOfTheTrade. Co-Founder Equity Splitting. Improve pitching ideas with our free pitch-training tool.

Animated Explainer Videos l LaunchSpark Video. PitchMonitor.


Killer Tech Tools That Make My Business Better Than Yours. Serial entrepreneur Jason Calacanis reveals his four favorite productivity tools that can boost a business quickly for less than $1,000.

Killer Tech Tools That Make My Business Better Than Yours

May 02, 2013 When I started building companies in the '90s, the only tools designed to help startups grow were "productivity apps" like Microsoft Office and Quickbooks. They were helpful, but they only solved very basic problems like math, bookkeeping and letter writing. They didn’t address high-level stuff like ideation, analytics, hiring, CRM (customer relationship management), time tracking, project management, customer feedback and—gulp! —employee motivation and feedback. Today? Insane! Here are my four favorite startup tools:

Creating a product Rebekah founded Right-Hand Partners (RHP) based on her own experiences as an entrepreneur seeking start-up capital.

During those years, she attended and presented at venture conferences, built out a team, developed the products, and hired consultants and professional service providers. Even after spending thousands of dollars and hours, she was often unsatisfied with the results for her money and time. She found very few providers that produced deliverables that proved they could see through the eyes of the entrepreneur. Therefore, Rebekah decided to be THE "solution" for entrepreneurs... someone that could be counted upon as a "right-hand partner": to often make the first move on behalf of her clients, to facilitate critical introductions, and to catalyze business transactions that will catapult them to the next level. RHP has done just that, working selectively with cutting-edge startup companies and leading venture capital and angel groups throughout the SF Bay Area. The Right Way to Grant Equity to Your Employees.