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Health tech start-ups showcase innovations for efficient care and healthy lives. Health apps connected to medical journals for real time recommendations.

Health tech start-ups showcase innovations for efficient care and healthy lives

E-health tool for frequent health check-ups. Platform for an individual´s health related information.

Working w Corporates

Home. TechnoPolis. Blackbox's Startup Genome Compass Uses Science To Crack The "Innovation Code" Decentralized Autonomous Organizations: Ethereum Sparks Up Googles of Tomorrow. The recent rise of Ethereum has brought a wave of new users and enthusiasm into its possible applications.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations: Ethereum Sparks Up Googles of Tomorrow

While smart contracts and their benefits are nothing new to the community one of the more disruptive use cases, DAOs have not been explored to the extent they deserve. Zero corruption, transparent government For those who never heard of DAOs before “A DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization, is a digital company with its by-laws set immutably within the Blockchain: its governance is transparent, its finances can be audited by anyone, it suffers zero downtime and corruption is impossible,” according to, a company which is planning to launch their own DAO in the near future. Distill Ventures. Funding the future: Can alcoholic drinks makers copy the tech industry? WIRED's 100 Hottest European Startups 2015: We round up the rising stars in Europe's tech scene. Uk.businessinsider. Getty Images Roughly three European tech companies a year have been sold or floated on the stock exchange, or otherwise valued by investors, at $1 billion or more since 2000, according to data from British investment bank GP Bullhound.


But since April 2014, Europe has added 13 companies to its list of "unicorns. " (Three firms — London-based online fashion retailer, Spanish online travel company Edreams, and British mobile money firm Monitise — dropped off.) The continent now boasts forty $1 billion dollar-plus companies. GP Bullhound's report also sets out which tech firms we're likely to see reach billion-dollar valuations next. Weekend Ventures. Europe’s 2015 Tech Startup Landscape. Silicon Milkroundabout: the London tech jobs fair. Global Startup Industry Map – StartupBlink.


PearStarter presentation. HCL United. Corporate Banking for Technology, Media, Telecoms. Developing Next-Generation Companies. Potential sponsors. Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Cities. Innovation and entrepreneurship are vital to the future of cities.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Cities

High growth companies are creating the jobs of tomorrow. Startup Ecosystem Report 2015 Website (by Compass formerly the Startup Genome) Strategies For VCs To Increase Startup Success Odds. Editor’s note: David Teten is a partner with ff Venture Capital and founder and chairman of Harvard Business School Alumni Angels of Greater New York.

Strategies For VCs To Increase Startup Success Odds

Follow him on his blog or on Twitter @dteten. Lots of venture capitalists claim to add value to the companies in which they invest. But how do they do it? The Valuable Startup Equity That's Not Captured in Your Cap Table. I met a founder a few days ago who captured the idea of building brand equity really well.

The Valuable Startup Equity That's Not Captured in Your Cap Table

He said something along the lines of, “Every time we provide a magical experience to a customer, we invest in our brand equity. What are some of the patterns of success VCs look at when funding startups (please see details)? - Quora. The Rise and Future of the New York Startup Ecosystem. Like many who have been active in the New York startup ecosystem over the past decade, I am optimistic about its future.

The Rise and Future of the New York Startup Ecosystem

The last 10 years have seen an increasing number of startup successes in New York — Shutterstock, Tumblr, AppNexus, Gilt Groupe, MongoDB, Etsy, Buddy Media, Warby Parker, Kickstarter, Gerson Lehrman, and OnDeck Capital to name some, with many others on the rise. How Chinaccelerator wants to turbocharge Chinese startups. A lot of people around the world are now taking notice of Chinese web giants like Alibaba and Tencent.

How Chinaccelerator wants to turbocharge Chinese startups

Startup Valuation: How Much Is Your Company Worth? Part of my job description involves prepping startups to raise capital.

Startup Valuation: How Much Is Your Company Worth?

Gotham Ventures » VentureOutNY, NYCEDC, and iCatapult Bring European Startups to NY. By João-Pierre S.

Gotham Ventures » VentureOutNY, NYCEDC, and iCatapult Bring European Startups to NY

Ruth – 5/7/13 The campaign to attract more startups to New York is reaching across international borders. Last night a coalition of private and city organizations introduced a group of 15 startups from Europe to the New York tech and investor community. The mission was to build local business connections for these companies and the event organizers say some of these entrepreneurs plan to relocate to the city. The startups included Austria’s 4sqwifi, which helps users find venues with Wi-Fi, and Hungary’s, an Airbnb-style boat sharing service. The event was part of a New York City Economic Development Corp. program to encourage investment and trade between New York and cities in Eastern and Central Europe.

VentureOutNY teamed with iCatapult and NYCEDC to present these startups to the city’s innovation and funding community. In VC deals, Price Doesn't Matter - But The "Promote" Does. VCs have an unfair advantage when it comes to financings. They simply have more experience doing deals. 9 Quick Tips Learned While Raising $33 Million In Venture Capital. FinTech_Sponsor_2014.pdf. How to nurture tech startups. California may be the world’s largest and best-known technology hub, but it is not alone in fostering innovative startups. In fact, such firms are emerging – almost unnoticed – everywhere, from Asian megalopolises like Singapore and Shanghai to small European cities like Espoo in Finland and Dwingeloo in the Netherlands. Many international startups – including Sweden’s Spotify, Estonia’s Skype, Israel’s Waze – and, most recently, China’s Alibaba – have gained billion-dollar valuations. Clearly, the key features of Silicon Valley that foster innovation and entrepreneurship – a dense concentration of human talent, a competitive spirit, easy access to capital, and a supportive regulatory environment – can be replicated in and adapted to a wide variety of contexts.


Top 11 tips for LA startups according to Techstars' David Cohen. Less complex than the large hadron collider, the London startup accelerator scene needs demystifying. Le Top 20 des Entreprises de services du numérique en France. Le point sur les parts de marché des principales entreprises de services du numérique en France. Un tableau comparatif issu d'une étude du cabinet Xerfi. Fort d'un chiffre d'affaires de 2,5 milliards d'euros réalisé en France en 2012, IBM demeure le leader des entreprises de services du numérique (ESN) dans l'Hexagone.

Les groupes français Capgemini et Atos arrivent derrière, avec respectivement 2,2 milliards et 1,5 milliard d'euros de chiffres d'affaires en 2012. "Le géant américain IBM a inauguré en juin 2013 un nouveau centre de services à Lille qui comptera à terme 700 salariés", constate Xerfi dans sa dernière étude sur les services informatiques en France. Un document dans lequel le cabinet dresse le top 20 des ESN sur le territoire (cf. le tableau ci-dessous). Autre constat de Xerfi : pour faire face à la montée en puissance du cloud computing et des solutions en mode SaaS, les SSII recomposent leur offre. Source. Belgian Tech Startup Scene Accelerates. Swedish Startups Competing In Launch: Silicon Valley, The World Cup Tech Challenge. Last week, Launch Silicon Valley 2014 – The World Cup Tech Challenge just announced that Relation Desk, Plotagon and Shortcut Labs are the companies competing for Sweden. Startup100 - The hottest startups from Finland.