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On Startups by Dharmesh Shah

On Startups by Dharmesh Shah
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Facebook Launches Its Location Features [LIVE] Facebook Places is almost here, and we're about to find out just what geolocation concoction Facebook has been cooking up for the last few months. We're here live at Facebook's headquarters in Palo Alto, California, for a press event. The world's largest social network is expected to unveil its new geolocation features, dubbed by most "Facebook Places." How will Facebook handle geolocation? What will it do to protect user privacy? Will it integrate other checkin services? We're about to get all of the answers. Facebook Places Live Notes All posted times are in Pacific Standard Time 4:30 PM: We're waiting here at Facebook's offices on Page Mill Road in Palo Alto with the rest of the media. 4:50: Facebook decided to change its plans; they've stuck us on two shuttles to its California Street offices so they can make its announcement to its employees at the same time. 4:58: We've arrived. 5:06: We're now waiting in another lobby... 5:23: Zuckerberg has taken the stage. 5:49: More partners!

Startup Marketing Blog - By Sean Ellis Startup Personality Type 1N - The Social Transformer - Startup Genome Im Sommer stellt sich manchmal die Frage, was man denn für Schuhe anziehen soll. Für Sandaletten wäre das Wetter angenehm, doch an manchen Tagen kommt es auf absoluten Komfort an. Diesen Komfort will man aber nicht auf Kosten des perfekten Outfits genießen. Ist man länger unterwegs, schwellen die Beine jedoch manchmal an, was bei manchen Sandaletten schmerzhafte Stellen zur Folge hat, an denen die Riemen in die Haut einschneiden. Wer auf der Suche nach einem gebrauchten Motorrad ist, kann sich natürlich an einen Motorradhändler vor Ort wenden. Herrensandalen genießen keinen sonderlich guten Ruf. Trachtenmode kann in unterschiedlicher Qualität gekauft werden, was sich letztendlich auch auf die Pflege und die Reinigung auswirken kann. Bis man sich wirklich länger auf der Terrasse aufhalten kann, vergehen schon einige Wochen im Frühjahr, in denen das Wetter zwar sonnig, nicht aber warm genug ist.

Change the World Startup Company Lawyer The Free Beer Movement Venture Hacks - Good advice for startups Market Research Guide Research Primer What's market research? And why must you do it? Sources and Techniques for Your Strategic Planning Efforts Perform the market and competitive studies that are necessary to equip your team with the information it needs to make good decisions. New to the Market Research plays a key part in knowing which of your new business ideas will fly in the marketplace. Hitting the Market To be successful, you have to know your potential customers inside out. Introducing New Products Increase the odds of a successful launch for your product. High Concept: Tapping a New Market Will new features and pumped-up distribution enable a niche product to reach the masses? Bootstrapping You don't need big bucks to do a little research. Market Research on the Cheap Using students to determine whether to launch a new product was a cheap and effective form of research for this bootstrapping entrepreneur. I'm starting a business but have no market research budget. Feedback A Do-It-Yourself Customer Panel

Blogstring Pitchers Hit Eighth :: An Unofficial St. Louis Cardinals baseball blog – Realtime Search for the Realtime Web A few weeks ago, a small team from @WalmartLabs visited the offices of OneRiot in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. OneRiot has developed some pretty nifty technology that analyzes social media signals from popular networks like Twitter and Facebook to deliver ads that are relevant to consumers’ interests. As our teams debated the finer points of Big Data, Fast Data, and machine learning technologies, it became clear to us that we could find no better colleagues than the guys at OneRiot. As a part of Walmart, we're continuing to work with the intensity of a technology startup. As I have written before, here at @WalmartLabs we’re doing some amazingly interesting and impactful work at the intersection of social, mobile, and retail. It gives me great pleasure to welcome Tobias Peggs and the OneRiot team to @WalmartLabs!