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Startup-Resources. Startup-Listing Platforms. New Media Business Models. The 5 Most Popular TED Talks of All Time. #StartupChats - Choosing the Right Online Marketing Channel - Startup Canada. About This Event “Stop trying to sell with marketing… instead, use marketing to help customers buy.” ~ For many startups in Canada today, it’s not only desirable to market online, it’s imperative.

#StartupChats - Choosing the Right Online Marketing Channel - Startup Canada

As we move toward a global economy (you know, the whole “world is your oyster” view), businesses need to put a lot more consideration into where to spend their marketing budget to be effective with their marketing dollars. Mark Zuckerberg responds to criticism: 'We fully support net neutrality' Mark Zuckerberg took to Facebook to defend against claims the program conflicts with net neutrality, saying the two principles "can and must coexist.

Mark Zuckerberg responds to criticism: 'We fully support net neutrality'

" In the lengthy post, Facebook's founder and CEO said he supports net neutrality and reiterated the value of providing Internet access — even if it's limited — to people in developing countries. Zuckerberg's remarks come just days after made headlines when a number of prominent Indian companies withdrew their support for the program. is Zuckerberg's wide-ranging plan to bring Internet access to developing countries where the majority of the population may not yet be online.

The service provides limited Internet access by making content from certain websites and services — Facebook, BBC News and Wikipedia, for example — available to mobile devices for free, with no data charges to the customer. "To give more people access to the Internet, it is useful to offer some service for free," Zuckerberg wrote. by Facebook. Start-up Tools. Markus Hübner sur Twitter : "Great Collection! Awesome Free Things for #Entrepreneurs and #Startups. Awesome Free Things for Entrepreneurs and Startups. Senior Software Engineer- Test Automation @fitbit Boston. What we are about: Fitbit empowers and inspires you to lead a healthier, more active life.

Senior Software Engineer- Test Automation @fitbit Boston

99interns sur Twitter : "RT @wealthbits: You only live once #startup #entrepreneur @pixcapp... Finding Web Apps Made Easy! ShareThis Copy and Paste. Finding Web Apps Made Easy!

The Runaway Train of Late Stage Fundraising. Every morning, it seems like a startup raises a massive growth ground.

The Runaway Train of Late Stage Fundraising

In fact, the data proves the point. In 2014, there were 251 working days and 249 $40M+ growth rounds - just about one per day. In contrast to the frenetic private market, there were 15 US IT venture-backed IPOs with offerings greater than $40M last year, slightly more one IPO per month in 2014. Private market rounds were 16x as common as IPOs in 2014, compared to the 2004-2007 era, when IPOs were about as equally common as large private financings.

39 of the coolest startups founded by women - Business Insider. Memphis Startup Musistic Will Never Stop! [sxsw] - Nibletz. Brian Wentzloff is part musician, part developer, all entrepreneur and he happens to live in Memphis Tennessee.

Memphis Startup Musistic Will Never Stop! [sxsw] - Nibletz

A few years back he was working with Cardinal Health, a multifaceted organization that supports a variety of health care providers like doctors offices, pharmacies and hospitals. Wentzloff was a consultant that specialized in application development which is at the core of the tools Cardinal Health provides for it’s clients. Cardinal Health had office space at the Emerge Memphis Incubator, which is where Wentzloff met Eric Mathews the former Director of Emerge. How The Apple Watch Will Change Office Life. With the introduction of Apple’s new smartwatch earlier this week, many are speculating if we'll soon be able to just glance at our wrist rather than keeping our phones on the table during every meeting.

How The Apple Watch Will Change Office Life

Forty-five percent of consumers are expected to strap a smartwatch to their wrists in the near future, digital marketing company Acquity Group reports. Here’s a look at how wearable smart technology will change our productivity, office policies, and daily routines. We'll Likely Struggle To Stay Engaged If we were cyborgs programmed to make the most efficient use of new hardware, working with smartwatches would be like downloading a new piece of software to help make us more efficient.

But we’re humans, and we're easily distracted. 5 Good Reasons to Start Your Own Business - Ben Kubassek's Blog. Dream BIG, Start Small, Begin Now!

5 Good Reasons to Start Your Own Business - Ben Kubassek's Blog

Much of what we achieve and accomplish in life is a result of our choices and the decisions we have made. As humans, we like to blame our condition or our results in life on external circumstances. It may be our lack of education, our poor parents, our lack of connections, and etc. It’s true…much of what we experience is as a result of the choices our parents made. The fact is, some things we need to accept the way they are, since we can’t change them. How-to-start-a-business-720x340. 5 Ways the 'Lean' Approach Can Help Your Startup Grow. You’ve got a great idea, secured investment and have taken your product to market.

5 Ways the 'Lean' Approach Can Help Your Startup Grow

You may have even experienced early success. But before long, cracks appear: The numbers are heading in slightly the wrong direction and unnervingly, things aren’t working out quite the way you had so confidently predicted following that early eureka moment. It’s surprising how many founders think that the first version of their product will also be the final one. In reality, further refinement is nearly always needed. This happened to me too. Oxygen Startups sur Twitter : "What has our #accelerator #startups been up to? We're taking a look back at their #headlines! Oxygen Digest 2014 - Oxygen Accelerator.

Can You Guess the 'Smartest' City in the World? Barcelona has long bragged about the athletic prowess of its football (soccer) club, but now it can also brag about being the smartest city in the world.

Can You Guess the 'Smartest' City in the World?

Smartest, in this context, meaning boasting the most efficient, technologically connected infrastructure. Being able to collect and analyze data from buildings, roads and bridges ostensibly allows officials more efficient processes and distribution of resources. Blueseed – the startup community on a ship. DEMO sur Twitter : "The correlation between where #startups are located and how well they succeed: via @PopSci. The Correlation Between Where Startups Are And How Well They Do. Y Combinator Moves to Assist Startups Making Hardware - Venture Capital Dispatch. Susan Jones sur Twitter : "How do you know if you have a great business idea? #startup...

How do you know if you have a great business idea? 18inShare I spent a good deal of my time last week listening to business proposals – 28 of them in fact. It was the end of semester and my University students were presenting the business ideas they had been developing for the last 12 weeks. Markus Stoisser sur Twitter : "@cleeb spricht über österreichische Kleinkarriertheit, wenn es um Start-Ups in Ö geht... #startup #thinkbig #doing.

Helfink sur Twitter : "@cleeb on emotional motivational support for #startup in Silicon Valley versus Austrian alpine valleys... Btcintro. #StartupDay Program - Startup Canada. 7.45am – Registration & Refreshments Register from 7.45 am – 8.30 am and receive your pass for the day and delegate pack. Join us for morning refreshments and networking with our partners for the 2014 Startup Canada Day on the Hill. Twitter. 59 Free Twitter Tools and Apps That Do Pretty Much Everything. 2.2K Flares 2.2K Flares × Twitter is a fascinating adventure of relationships, entertainment, education, and fun. Now imagine layering on a few dozen powerups. That’s how it feels sometimes when you find just the right Twitter tool. And there’s a tool for practically every desire or whim.

Tools for productivity, for efficiency, for research, and so much more. At Buffer, we tend to come across a fair share of social media tools. (If we missed any good free Twitter tools, let us know in the comments!) Awesome, Karin Brauneis and Cosmin... - Christian H. Leeb. Relaunch_06_20_kathy_brunner. Startup catapult from Europe to Silicon Valley. Image uploaded by @IBeaglecat. MakerSQR, the community for your idea. Being a part of a community is sharing a particular attribute or living according to the same principles. The idea of people freely sharing opinions and spreading inspiration across a table in a bar or across the internet seems awesome to us. It’s the exchange of information that constantly feeds our desire for building something on our own, by also boosting our confidence.

Watching online tutorials and “how-to” videos in order to develop new skills has turned into a cool phenomenon that is life-changing. Called DIY, the movement isn’t something totally unique. The culture existed even in the 60s, but it didn’t have a specific name. Moving on to a similar area, there’s another subculture that people show a lot of interest in. If you take a look at Etsy and eBay, you’ll see two great makers’ communities. Rethinking The Now - The Blog Stories. My blog is now available as an easy to read and convenient PDF: "Rethinking The Now - The Blog Stories" It's now available for all my awesome subscribers for FREE under this link: This book contains all posts that have been published on my blog since I started writing in the summer of 2013. Here's the table of contents. Startup catapult from Europe to Silicon Valley.

Accelerate. Octonius helps you manage your files across all clouds in one place adding a timeline to your workflow and creating a unified experience. Cosmin Ciobanu, CEO Cristian Ivan, CTO. Poshpeep : How it began #poshpeep #startup ... Cleeb : Testing @poshpeep with my Twitter... Rainerdechet : Testing @poshpeep with my Twitter... About. Rainerdechet : Testing @poshpeep with my Twitter... 42Angelitos - Palo Alto - Startup. 42angelitos - startup catapult from Europe to Silicon Valley. Téléchargements mobiles - Christian H. Leeb. About. EVM Angel Panel 42Angelitos. Vor allem Hochqualifizierte wandern aus Österreich ab - › Bildung. Wien - Vor allem junge Österreicher zwischen 25 und 35 Jahren mit hoher Qualifikation verlassen ihr Heimatland.

Das zeigen Zahlen der Statistik Austria, für die erstmals Bildungsregister und Wanderungsstatistik miteinander verknüpft wurden, so der Vizerektor der Uni Wien, Heinz Faßmann, bei einer Pressekonferenz am Dienstag in Wien. Bereits seit Jahren übertreffe die Zahl der Abwanderer mit österreichischer Staatsbürgerschaft jene der Rückwanderer. In den vergangenen zehn Jahren seien durchschnittlich zwischen 20.000 und 25.000 Österreicher pro Jahr weggezogen - vor allem nach Deutschland, in die Schweiz, die Türkei (durch Rückzug eingebürgerter Gastarbeiter im Pensionsalter), nach Nordamerika und Großbritannien.

Zurückgekommen sind im Schnitt lediglich rund 15.000 Österreicher pro Jahr. Das ergibt unter dem Strich einen negativen "Wanderungssaldo" von 5.000 bis 10.000 Personen pro Jahr. GetHppy. 6Wunderkinder-Investor nimmt Startup-Artikel der Wirtschaftswoche auseinander. Teamstory - A Community for Startups and Entrepreneurs. Christian H. Leeb. New Business / Account Manager at RebelMouse in Greater New York City Area - Job. Rockstartaccel : How #startups are revolutionizing... How startups are revolutionizing 3D printing. How startups are revolutionizing 3D printing Friday | January 3 2014 3D printing has been recently evangelized as a turning point in human history.

MakerSQR. The Lab for Curious Makers and Explorers ... makerSQR brings together people, tools and projects to create new knowledge. Investing. Investing. Make or Break: A Maker’s how-to Guide to World Maker Faire. The World Maker Faire is just around the corner and presents a great opportunity to catch a glimpse of some of the latest and greatest innovations and chat with their creators. Sept. 21-22, World Maker Faire lands at the New York Hall of Science to give New Yorkers an annual taste of what’s up and coming. Whether it’s getting exposure to new ideas, meeting talent in the NYC area, talking to experts, gauging a sophisticated early adopter market and taking stock of what’s hot, or just having a fun and educational day with your family, Maker Faire is worth checking out.

Startup Europe - A manifesto for entrepreneurship and innovation to power growth in the EU. Why Startups Need Angelitos. I have been in the startup business for over 10 years now. I incorporated several companies in Austria and Germany, I helped others with advice and visionary thoughts. I learned more and more Silicon Valley style and incorporated there, too. Ibeam. 1m1m – One Million by One Million » Free Public Roundtables. Free Public Roundtables As part of the 1M/1M initiative, Sramana Mitra offers free online strategy roundtables for entrepreneurs looking to discuss positioning, financing, and other aspects of a startup venture.

"Becoming an Entrepreneur" Infographic Book by Anna Vital » Infographic T-Shirts for Enterpreneurs and Richard Branson. Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship. Lean Startup Resources. Term sheets.

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Hot start-ups. Lean Startup Resources. Why Startups Fail - 20 Top Reasons Gleaned from 32 Startup Failure Post-Mortems. Interesting Startups. Automatisiere deine Dropbox.