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Preorder Snap Flying Camera. Infographic - Futurethink. Audience Interaction Made Easy. Trendhunting Boutique. Libera el planificador de eventos que hay en ti: Promueve, vende y gestiona todos tus eventos. Tréssor - Paquetes. CuentasOK. CONNEX Pre-Order / Lightning Type — MOBILE ACCESSORY PROJECT. Modern, functional and fun, CONNEX is looking to change the cables that power our devices (compatible with all modern apple or android devices) The CONNEX™-cable, is a smart cable that improves on the design of existing cables, being shorter (which prevents tangles), but not so short as to make it difficult to use.


Thanks to the Silicone's elasticity and physical strength, it can stretch and gives you a great deal of flexibility to connect devices at a distance and awkward uneven port level, and immediately returns to its original form! Data Transfer (Phone, Tablet, Camera, Speaker, Navigation Device, Laptop, Mac, PC, etc.)Device Charging (Phone, Tablet, Camera, Power Bank, Speaker, etc.)Mitigating Hassles (Tangles, Irritations, Frustrations, and so on)

Your Shopping Cart – ForeverSpin. How to find the faster horse. New way of looking at the Business Model Canvas. Collaborative Economy Honeycomb 2.0 (Dec 2014) Books - Gijs van Wulfen. The Innovation Expedition AMAZON Top 3 Bestseller on innovation Gijs wrote the inspiring innovation bestseller ‘The Innovation Expedition’, a practical toolkit to start innovation.

Books - Gijs van Wulfen

In this book he presents the FORTH innovation methodology, a structured method to start innovation, combining design thinking and business excellence. FORTH is an acronym found in the first letter of each of the 5 steps: Full Steam Ahead, Observe & Learn, Raise Ideas, Test Ideas and Homecoming. The methodology is implemented around the world by organisations and companies. Home - Jeff Walker. Jessica Hagy. Genial — Inspiración. Creación. Admiración. The Team Canvas. What's it about?

The Team Canvas

The Team Canvas is Business Model Canvas for teamwork. It's a free tool for leaders, facilitators and consultants to organize team alignment meetings and bring members on the same page, resolve conflicts and build productive culture, fast. It's based on Alex and Mitya's years practical experience with creating, leading, supporting and facilitating teams. For more information on theory behind Team Canvas, visit: Here are some stats suggesting how fixing teamwork can help with productivity and effectiveness, let alone creating awesome culture to work in: Only 46 out of 100 workgroups within organizations create value for their companies. According to venture capitalists, more than 60% of the reasons why startups they invested in failed are team-related.

Only 17% of all teams tend to be high performance. Team Canvas is a tool that helps make teamwork more effective. Emma: Acompañamiento con propósito. Renta de Oficinas - HomeWork Mexico Las mejores oficinas en renta en mexico df (distrito federal) – Homework Mexico te ofrece renta de oficinas privadas – escritorios privados – espacios coworking – salas de conferencias – estacionamiento – internet de ba. Strategic Innovation Canvas. Tweet What is Disruptive Innovation in Six Words — and Win a Prize! - Vorkspace Blog — Vorkspace Blog. Igniter6Word Game is back.

Tweet What is Disruptive Innovation in Six Words — and Win a Prize! - Vorkspace Blog — Vorkspace Blog

To all the innovators out there (and I know that every single one of you are innovative), Tweet What does Disruptive Innovation mean to you and Win a Prize. What does futures holds in terms of disruption? How is the world going to change for better or worse in the coming years. What is the next big wave which is going to disrupt the existing markets and create new markets. Xponente. - For students. By students. - Aprendizaje efectivo en grupo. Blank Canvas. - Financiación sin intereses para proyectos de impacto social o medioambiental. El Colchón premium a un precio honesto. - Servicio de lavandería y tintorería a domicilio en Ciudad de Mexico - Lavadero. Plataforma para la donación de sangre. The first wearable camera that can fly. The most popular talks of all time. Phonebloks.

Dave Hakkens started in januari 2013 on Phonebloks 1.


Show we want this phone Completed Sept 2013 We want to gather as much people as possible and the show the world there is a need for a phone worth keeping. On the 29th of October 2013 we spread all your messages at the same time using Thunderclap. 979,260supporters 381,772,413social reach 518,385social followers 21,313,422Youtube views 2. Completed Okt 2013 Off all the interest we got from different companies all over the world we want to collaborate with the best suited companies. 3. Completed Nov 2013 To get the entire world involved in this project we want to set up an online platform, a place where we will share our development progress and where you can share, post and discuss ideas for it. 4.

In progress Together with our partners and the input from the online community we want to develop the first prototype of this modular phone, by sharing this online and using your feedback in the development. Econduce - scooters eléctricos. Tu scooter - Econduce. Blog - EL PLAN DEL HÉROE. Pamela Figueroa: gamer, mujer y boliviana. INCmty. UP Global - Home page. 6 MINS FOR THE NEXT 60 YEARS OF YOUR LIFE - A RANT. Software de POS gratuito. Startup weekend Education. TaskRabbit connects you to safe and reliable help in your neighborhood. El secreto para un pitch perfecto. Transformación digital [infografía] ¿Qué es la transformación digital, para qué sirve y cómo conseguirla?

Transformación digital [infografía]

Estas son tres preguntas que me hacen comunmente en conferencias, esta fue la razón por la que todos en ClowderTank nos reunimos a pensar cómo expresar la importancia de transformar una empresa de forma digital. Al final, decidimos que lo haríamos a través de una infografía. En una era donde la mayoría de los usuarios son digitales y buscan servicios en línea, las empresas no pueden darse el lujo de seguir esperando que sus clientes los encuentren a través de los medios tradicionales. La transformación digital no sólo tiene beneficios en ventas, también en administración de recursos, de cargas de trabajo e incluso de cultura, no es lo mismo tener empleados felices de trabajar de forma remota que tenerlos encerrados en una oficina durante 9 horas diarias.

Established in 2005. Prototyping since back then. The first Crowdfunding platform in Mexico. Crowdfunding en Indiegogo es fácil - Indiegogo. Somos una organización que busca redefinir el concepto de la mujer actual. How to Start Your Pitch? Focus on the Problem. Deciding on how to start your pitch is hard.

How to Start Your Pitch? Focus on the Problem

Why not start by telling your audience a story. Identify the problem first, then provide the solution. Many entrepreneurs want to sell you the solution first by talking about their product. But they never even state what the problem they are trying to solve. It’s normal and we might do it because we think it’s natural. What if the audience never understood the solution then your pitch is just another confusing pitch.

Dave McClure calls this “emotional context” with the audience (see point 2, but the whole article is super useful!). Coming up with a solution is the easy part because you are going to do that anyways. 8 canales de YouTube para emprender. Seguir el ejemplo de estas marcas y youtubers puede generar ganancias para tu empresa; de acuerdo con, el gasto en la industria de anuncios de video online podría alcanzar los 9,800 mdd en el mundo en 2015.

8 canales de YouTube para emprender

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